My main diagnosis was liver fibrosis. I permanently felt unpleasant sensations in the right-sided ribs. In addition, I was concerned about chronic fatigue, discomfort, and insomnia.

There was a feeling of muscle tension all over the body. It seemed as though I had a stiff body. In the course of the treatment, from the very first day I began to feel the effect. My arms and legs were slightly numb and there was a nagging pain in my left arm, beginning from the shoulder. Throughout the body, there was heat then fever. Pain in the arm has gone on the third day, and numbness passed on the sixth day. The muscle tension throughout the body has completely gone. I had a deep sleep. Waking up in the morning, I had a good night’s rest and sleep. My health condition has considerably improved. Sensation of heaviness in the liver has gone, and I feel like I came alive again.

Yermek Suleymenov 51y.o., Semey, Kazakhstan, November 2017

As soon as I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev, I immediately realized that it was about some oversophisticated and unusual thing.

It was interesting to experience this first-hand and then to send my relatives and friends with major health problems to Berik. On-treatment, I did not feel heat or fever, but I sensed the effect on the first day. Previously, I had some discomfort from excessive night sweating while sleeping. Even no sooner I lay down on the sofa to watch TV, than I had sweat soaked pillow. Suddenly, after the first day of treatment by Berik, I awoke the next morning and found myself with no sweating any more. I was very pleasantly surprised and happy. Now I sleep much better. Overall, I had a feeling of lightness, vitality, and good mood. I am very glad that I have had a chance to experience this treatment first-hand and see the immediate result. It was really an instant gratification!

Sergei Balandikov, 50y.o. Tobolsk, Russia, November 2017

The doctors diagnosed me with a mitral stenosis and aortic insufficiency. Two valves in my heart did not work well but at the same time,

I never complained of the heart. The doctors were constantly warning me of the problems and referring to surgery. Back in 2013, a rheumatologist issued me a referral to the surgery, foreseeing that I expected major heart problems in the future. At that time, due to circumstances I could not go under the knife, and four years later, in summer I suffered from severe dyspnea. I had severe bendopnea, as was not able even to bend over to put on shoes not to speak of a walk. I associated breathlessness with bronchitis but the doctors again confirmed the heart problems and insisted that I should undergo an operation. Over four months I still could not collect the documents to undergo a surgery as if something impeded it. Finally, one day my niece asked me why no I visit Berik Zhangirbayev, as he specifically cures heart diseases. I knew about him for many years, and thought about visiting him. Now, as chance would have it, I attended an appointment with him. Just over the first days of treatment, severe dyspnea disappeared. Now I can safely do domestic chores, sometimes while walking and being out of line I force the pace but I am not breathless as before. This gave me a boost of confidence that now I can go out to the city unaccompanied, without fearing for my life as before. Surprisingly, with all this in the course of treatment, I initially did not feel anything though I had the obvious improvements in my condition. Only on the eighth day of treatment in the region of heart, there was a fever. From time to time, I felt pain in the heart but only in process and not so long. Gradually, I began to experience unusual sensations, like an overflow in the heart, literally feel the blood flow from one section to another. My spirits revived, and I am satisfied with the results. I realize that may be the higher forces showed me the way to Berik Zhangirbayev.

Marfuga Anarova 63y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 2017

I came for treatment because of severe headaches. Over the past ten years, I suffered from abdominal migraine.

I had persistent headaches over three consecutive days accompanied by nausea. The pills were ineffectual. Perhaps it was due to low blood pressure at 90 by 60 and cervical osteochondrosis. I had a severe cerebral blood supply disturbance. The heart functioned with an increased load. The heartbeat made 90 beats per minute. As Berik Zhangirbayev warned me, the treatment began with disease recurrence. On the first day I felt a strong fever in the region of the heart, there was a heaviness in my head. I was sleepy and when I got home, I immediately fell asleep and slept soundly for several hours, although I did not use to sleep in the daytime before. Since that time, my sleep has normalized. On-treatment, the fever gradually turned to a constant equalized heat, which remained in that state. Over ten days of treatment, the headache has completely gone. The blood pressure rate normalized up to 115 by 75. I feel better and very satisfied with the result!

Tatyana Zinovieva 59y.o. Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 2017

I visited Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev because of severe dyspnea. It was hard for me to go up even to the first floor. This caused great inconvenience, I was always feeling weakness and in a state of exhaustion.

Now, on treatment completion, I feel much better. Dyspnea has gone on second-third days of treatment. I live on the third floor and I have had dyspnea at rest while going up the stairs. I gained in strength and energy. My dyspnea was related to a weak heart or more exact to a flabby heart, as Berik said. His treatment helped to restore the elasticity of the heart muscle. On-treatment, I consistently felt heat in my heart and through this heat, Berik has "collected" my heart. In addition, I noticed that the pains in the liver have gone off. They were not severe pains rather I had discomfort in the right side. I realized it was the problem with liver and it had its effect on me that must not be. Upon treatment completion all my hardships stopped. I even forgot about the liver’s whereabouts. I feel regenerated and very happy to get rid of these problems!

Sakhibzhan Bekenova 68y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 2017

I brought my 19-year-old son for treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev. Over the last 4-5 years, he was complaining about his health condition.

He had fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, general weakness, his arms and feet felt cold, and his palms were excessively sweating and damp all the time. Sometimes it looked as if he had just washed his hands and not wiped. He was so weak to such an extent. His pulse made 120-125 beats per minute in a calm state. In July, he underwent a complete examination, and the doctors could not make a specific diagnosis but said he had needed either a surgery on heart muscle or valve replacement. The heart ejection fraction made 32 per cent. It was high-risk operation. We had a horror of the knife, and when we learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, we made an appointment with him in advance. On-treatment, I was by my son all the time. I was amazed when just on the first day of treatment, in five minutes at the beginning of the procedure, the son said that he felt the way his hands and feet warmed up, and his palms became dry in a moment. The pulse of the heart dropped to 90 beats per minute. Later, he told me that every day on-treatment, he felt the heat and fever in the heart and liver, which then gradually spread all over the body. It was amazing. I was convinced that the treatment of Berik Zhangirbayev could not be compared with anything else. This is something completely new, real, tangible and very effective. I saw the result immediately. My son’s appetite has increased. He was in good cheerful mood. The palms stopped sweating as before. Hands and feet are now permanently getting warm. The heartbeat stabilized and the blood pressure rate leveled to 110 by 70.

Raman Abilkasym, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, November 2017

I had health problems since I were 17 years old. I suffer from vegetovascular dystonia, cervical vertebral osteochondrosis,

and cerebral vascular constriction on the right side, which resulted in disorder of cerebral circulation. I often had headaches, and for all this time, no matter how I was treated, nothing helped me. The doctors said that it was a chronic without cure case, and that I can only rely on relief. Having learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, about his method of treatment, I immediately realized that it was exactly what I needed. I failed to attend an appointment at once, and waited my turn. As soon as I came to treatment, from the very first minute I experienced a real miracle! Immediately I felt fever in my heart, then it transferred into my head. I was feeling blood vessels delating, my face burning, and along with that, I had a tingling in the liver. Blood pressure rose to 129 by 80. I must note that usually I had a lower blood pressure at 100 by 70, and when the pressure rate rises to 120, I get sick, and have headaches. Now, I did not even sense these changes. As soon as I left his office, I realized that my stiff neck has gone. It was easier for me to turn my head in different directions, and to look back. It suddenly struck me that whatever I have been tortured with for years had stopped. This is an incredible and unexpected effect! On the third day, my blood pressure stabilized up to 120 by 80. After receiving three days of treatment, I gained advanced relaxation and calm. What I received from Berik Zhangirbayev was a chance to start a normal and fulfilling life, and it is priceless!

Anna Sokolova, 36 y.o., Astana, Kazakhstan, September 2017

Two weeks ago, on September 12, I suddenly felt bad. Coming home from work, I realized that I were out of breath.

Then, I had shortness of breath and cough. I called the ambulance, and the next day they checked me into hospital for cardiological surgery. It turned out that I had a heart attack, which led to cardiac enlargement, and the heart worked only by 35%. The blood pressure rose up to 147 by 120 with pulse rate 120 beats per minute. They said it needed an immediate cardiac pacemaker, prescribed medicine, and prohibited me from active movements. My heart ached so badly that I was not able to get into bed. I had to sleep almost in a sitting position. We came to Berik Zhangirbayev for treatment in an extra hurry. The very thought of surgery frightened me. I had scarcely undergone the first treatment procedure when I was just delighted. Breathlessness disappeared, my heart stopped aching, and I felt lightness. Due to rush of blood to the head I felt a little but pleasant head rush. As soon as he began the treatment, I felt heat in the heart area, then it turned into tingling, and then I felt a complete coating fever around my heart and liver. The heat continued a little at this level, and then fully spread over the whole body. Before the treatment, I barely walked a few steps. The dyspnea used to be as hard as I had to stop every two minutes to have a rest. Now, after 40 minutes of seeing a doctor, I literally fled out of his office.

Meruert Rakhatova, 43y.o., Astana, Kazakhstan, September 2017

When I was 15, I suffered myocarditis, which led to unpleasant consequences. For today, I had a multitude of ills: chronic pyelonephritis,

hepatic steatosis, progressive polyarthrosis, thyroid nodule, heart problems and high blood pressure at a weak pulse - 45 beats per minute. I was worried if Berik Zhangirbayev would take on my treatment and was very happy when he agreed. After the first appointment, I felt the changes. It was a feeling of incredible lightness, vivacity. Further, the disease exacerbations appeared. I noticed that the exacerbations occur precisely on the affected organs. It takes no long time, and everything subsides suddenly. On-treatment, I had a growing or diminishing intermittent fever all over my body. On the 7th day of the treatment, I felt a heartburn in my heart, and afterwards the next day, there was heart exacerbation. I could not get off to sleep all night but by morning the acute condition has passed and that state did not happen again. Afterwards, the pulse completely normalized, it made 75 beats per minute. The blood pressure has normalized, and breathlessness has gone. Previously, I used to have hot feet in the heel. It also went off after the treatment, and I felt myself reassured.

Maria Akhmetova, 62y.o., Baikonur, Kazakhstan, September 2017

My treatment procedure unlike my wife’s treatment the doctor conducted in a smoother mode. Earlier I suffered from insomnia,

and now after treatment, on the contrary, I always tend to sleep. Perhaps this is how my body regains its strength. In general, I applied to Berik, like my wife because of my heart problem. After I have had the examination, the doctors said that I had a weak heart. Recently, I had a microstroke. I was anxious about headaches, pains in the heart, shortness of breath, I could not sleep on my back, and had to sleep almost in a sitting position otherwise I was choking. Because of heart problems, I felt numbness of three fingers in my left arm. I completed the full treatment course by Berik Zhangirbayev. Over seven consecutive days on treatment, I felt fever that arose in my heart and then spread all over my body. Over the following four days, I did not feel any fever but a moderate heat. All these sensations were very unusual. It is amazing to see how all these rehabilitation processes take place in the body. After undergoing the treatment course, I completely improved the general condition. First, the breathlessness and heavy weight on chest disappeared, the sleep improved. Now I sleep well on my back and on side, I do not feel suffocated any more. The arms and feet got warm again, and numbness passed. The mobility of the fingers have restored already in the first days. The headache has gone. In addition, even the warts on my skin disappeared. Now I am full of energy, I want to walk more, which I could not afford before due to weakness. My wife and I are very pleased with the treatment results. We have received more than expected!

Baurzhan Akhmetov 62y.o., Baikonur, Kazakhstan, September 2017

During the year, I suffer from health problems. I could not go to work.

I had atrial fibrillation, neck pain, headaches and severe dizziness. I was haunted by a sense of weakness, all the while I just wanted to sleep. And no matter how much I slept, waking up I did not feel any vigor. Immediately on the first day of treatment, coming out of Doctor Zhangirbayev's office, I felt incredible ease. Finally, the normal state which was earlier returned to me. I felt a strong burst of energy, cheerfulness. It was so good that I wanted to sing. Further the treatment was consistent and day by day I noticed new changes and improvements. I had stains on my feet earlier, like allergic ones, they did not pass for a long time, and then I noticed that they had disappeared. Even in general, my skin became very smooth and soft, the dryness and tightness disappeared. On the 7th day, I had an exacerbation. Then during the treatment, for the first time I felt that I was burning from the inside in the heart, and before that only heat was felt. In the end, after a full course of treatment, my dizziness has gone and my heart rate restored. In parallel with me, my wife received a treatment. Her blood pressure increased to 160/100, headaches bothered her and her heartbeat was quickened. She told me that earlier, when she woke up in the morning and got out of bed, her heels hurt. And it all went in 6 days. She says that she feels a full burst of energy. I even noticed that her eyes sparkled. She became very cheerful and alive.

Farhat Galimov, 56y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, July 2017

By the time of treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev, I had many health problems. Firstly, I had anemia because of lower blood pressure at 90 by 60. Sometimes the blood pressure was decreasing even to lower rate. It affected on my general well- being.

I had undue fatigability no matter how much I slept there was never energy boost in me. I had frequent headache troubles and digestion problems, which manifested on the outside as black eyes, dry and sallow skin, and falling hair. I also had hormonal disorder resulted in chronical discharges. With each day on-treatment, I felt improvement. All my health problems began to pass off simultaneously. The blood pressure normalized. My arms and feet got warm, and palms ceased to sweat steadily. The discharges discontinued. I began to feel much better than before, and finally got enough sleep. The appetite improved, the headache went off. I feel the way the biorhythms of my organism being restored, as all the bodily needs began to manifest just as they should. My mood has improved, I am very glad that I came to Berik Zhangirbayev for treatment.

Aizhan, 22y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, July 2017

I got sick 15 years ago. I was diagnosed with disseminated encephalomyelitis. It is a systemic disease affecting the nervous system. The myelopathy disease sites have been found in my cervical spine.

I had a general decline in muscle tone, and therefore I felt very tired and sleepy. I was as weak as I felt utterly discouraged. I had my eyes closed because of bifacial weakness (slight paralysis). I have been under medical treatment for a long time in hospitals. Our specialists told me that it was incurable. Throughout this time, every year I have been receiving treatment course in hospitals and sanatoria. This time the disease recurrence took place. Some more diseases as stable stenocardia, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and pyelonephritis added this diagnosis. I had heavy legs and hands again. It so happened that my left arm stopped rising. When walking, I had severe pains in the hipbones. I began walking like an old woman. After I have applied to Berik Zhangirbayev, I detected the changes from the 3rd day of treatment. The first two days the sensation of warmth was held at the heart level and reached only to the neck, and on the third day, it spread to the legs. On the 4th day, there was already an equalized heat throughout the body. The manner of walking improved. The improved overall body tonus has revived me. On the 5th day, I had been already able to raise my left arm. Sensitivity and strength recovered completely. My heart finally has strengthened and is functioning at maximum, which resulted in normal blood pressure. I can now walk easily and even go up the stairs safely and confidently. Earlier I had external and internal swellings because of pyelonephritis. They have already gone and now I have reduced in weight by 4 kg. The lungs also has purified through discharge of residual sputum of a cold that I caught a month before. All this suggests that my immune system began to work fully in a short span of time in just one week I was cured of what troubled me for 15 years. After treatment, the people around me began to notice that I looked better and younger.

Alimova Gulnara, Semey, Kazakhstan, July 2017

I am 67 years old. I applied to Berik Zhangirbayev with various problems. In the first place, I was very concerned about heart. Last summer I suffered a microstroke, after which I had frequent headaches and a feeling of numbness, cold and weak legs.

First of all, my heart was troubled. And last year in the summer I suffered a microstroke, after which my headaches became frequent and there was a feeling of numbness, coldness and weakness in my legs. Because of this, I began to walk uncertainly. My legs were always freezing to such an extent that even on hot summer days I could not walk without socks. From the hands of Dr. Berik I felt warm in the heart and throughout the body, which gradually decreased day by day. On 2-3 day of treatment, I felt sudden tingling in my heart and my toes began to ache, but it quickly passed. On the 9th day of treatment, an exacerbation occurred - temperature and pressure rose, and I was very sleepy. But the next day all this abruptly stopped and I felt much better than before. Once I got into a car accident and I had a fracture of the shoulder and the fracture site often hurt, especially after physical exertion or when the weather changed. During the treatment, the shoulder stopped hurting. Also numbness in the legs completely passed, at last they warmed up and now I can calmly walk barefoot. Weakness in the legs passed and confidence came back to me. After a microstroke, I noticed that I had to apply extra effort when I was talking. Now it's gone. I have such clarity in my head that I suddenly began to think about doing something interesting. I want to work. Before that, because of my health, I always thought only of illnesses and ways of treatment, and now again I feel like a full-fledged person. Together with me my husband, Ali Islamov, came to the treatment. He is 69 years old. He suffered from chronic fatigue and apathy. Recently, he was very worried about back pain. No one ointments and medications helped him. Unlike me, on the very first day of treatment he felt a strong fever in the heart and liver area. And soon the pain in the lower back was completely gone. He also got cheerfulness, energy.

Islamova Maya, Azerbaijan, July 2017

We learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from previous editions of the newspaper “Vremya”.

I have chronic pyelonephritis, and my spouse was disturbed by shortness of breath, cold snap and numbness of the extremities. In spite of our old age, we decided to try Berik Zhangirbayev's treatment, even if not for a full recovery, but at least to improve the overall condition. Then he gave us this opportunity and we made an appointment. To my joy, on the second day I suddenly felt that it became easier for me to breathe. It felt like a second breath was opened for me. Leg stopped hurting. A couple of days later I noticed that I stopped waking up 3-4 times a night. The kidneys began to work much better. Most of all I'm happy for my wife. 5-6 years ago her three fingers on her right arm suddenly got numb. Wherever we went, no one could return the sensitivity and mobility of her fingers, and on the third day, her arms and legs generally warmed. On the eighth day of treatment, shortness of breath disappeared and mobility of her fingers completely recovered. Now she can, as before, squeeze and unclench them, confidently and firmly hold the objects. Prior to this, doctors diagnosed her with heart failure, she had tingling sensations in the heart area - it also passed. Earlier she complained about cramps in her legs, that she felt how her muscles are tightened, but thanks to doctor Zhangirbayev - it stopped and ache in loin area also stopped. Her appetite improved. We are both in a cheerful and positive mood and are more than satisfied with the treatment.

Omarov Tursyn and Omarova Mayrash, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, July 2017

I am 32 years old. Ten years ago, I fell ill with prostatitis. I had multiple infections, and taken treatments by urologists. I was taking antibiotics, massage etc.

Over the last 6 years exacerbations of disease proceeded every year in fall. I had to apply for specialists again, but nothing helped me. For the last two years, exacerbations have been appearing every 4-5 months. It was sheer hell! I were in despair. When I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, I decided to undergo his treatment. I began to feel fine! There were changes in my body that I cannot just explain in words! I lost even allergy that I used to have in spring due to flowering. I feel that my immunity has increased. I would like to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for curing me of illness! He is really a man with a God-given talent! He recovered my health condition that I had in time prior to illness - a state of health and vigor. I have a wish to live and enjoy everything around me.

Edil (a Doctor), Almaty, Kazakhstan, June 2017

I have been suffering from headaches since childhood due to congenital intracranial pressure. I had low immunity, anemia, low hemoglobin and lower blood pressure at rate 90 by 60, as well as fast fatigability.

Since my teenage years, my condition affected on my emotional state. Much as I wanted to live in a very active manner as my peers, all my successes came by forcing myself. From recent time, I was worried about the pains on my right side. I had a medical examination, which revealed the problems with liver. The physicians told me that there were minor cysts formed in my liver. After that, we learned by chance about Berik Zhangirbayev. My mother has been interested in his treatment and she made me an appointment with him. On the first day of treatment, I immediately felt an intense fever over the whole body. At one time, while proceeding with the treatment, I caught a chill in kidney. Along with the rest diseases, I had lower back pains and a nagging pain in kidney area. The doctor has eased me of pains over the two days. I completely recovered. My blood pressure increased, hemoglobin level increased up to 110, the liver cured. In addition, I was worried about my female health but it was also all over. I used to have fragile nails earlier. Now they are strong. I also had a problem with hair loss before. Now my hair stopped falling out. My hands were as stiff as a board, now they are smooth and feminine. Feet and arms have been always cold, now I feel warmness in my body. The problem with constipation has been also resolved now. I used to be weak all the time, now I am full of energy. I always had bad sleep before, now I wake up with cheerfulness, which is sufficient for the whole day. It happened so that congenital low pressure in my organism resulted in many diseases, but now, when my blood pressure normalized – I realize what a real health is. The doctor has changed my body and me to a new revitalized state. Now I cannot believe it that I am another person! However, these miracles happen always with all the patients of Doctor Zhangirbayev.

Akerke 21y.o. Almaty, Kazakhstan, June 2017

In 2014, I was anxious about my heart. It was difficult for me to do a physical work, and I had dyspnea, blood pressure increased. Since that time, I have undergone a full medical examination for two times.

The two examinations revealed the problem with aortic valve – it was calcific acquired aortic stenosis. I was diagnosed with a critical aortic valve stenosis, heart insufficiency, and hypertension. This year my condition deteriorated. The physicians said that I would need a valve replacement surgery the next month. I did not feel like making a surgery, and began looking for a way out of this situation. I found out the information about Berik Zhangirbayev online, and realized it was my chance and made an appointment with him. I sensed high spirits upon the first treatment. Herewith the doctor warned me of possible minor exacerbations. The next day I had what he said - exacerbation of disease as body response. I continued the treatment procedures, and day after day, I felt progressing improvements. For the initial few days of treatment, I felt just heat inside but on the fourth day, I have already sensed fever on the left side, particularly in the hand. The fever was as high as my fingers tremored. Then on the fifth day, I felt the fever in the left leg. Now I am sure I have secured a sufficient level of this energy as I feel well again! After ten treatments, the dyspnea has passed. It is much easier for me to go uphill and upstairs now. I feel as light as I even tempt to run! Now I feel very good! My wife underwent the course of treatment along with me for preventive measure. Unlike me, she had a powerful breakthrough in her organism from the first days. She felt an intense fever in the heart area, then over the whole body on the first day of treatment. Interestingly, the fever has gradually declined. In the first days of treatment both of us felt sleepy. Apparently, the organism required quietness in that way to make a smooth and fast body response. We both had an increased appetite, and felt a feat of energy! We appreciate the doctor for his help, particularly me for avoiding a complex heart surgery.

Farit Gaifullin, 58y.o., Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, June 2017

I have been suffering from hypertensive disease for 10 years. I always had high blood pressure, pains in the area of heart, weakness and dyspnea. As a result, on November 26, 2016, my blood pressure increased and I got a

stroke. My left leg and left arm stopped functioning. Following that, I had been in the intensive care unit of the regional hospital in the city of Kyzylorda. I learned about Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev after discharge from the hospital. I immediately became convinced that it was he to help me. I aimed at this treatment and arranged an appointment right away. My hopes and goals have been fully justified! I felt the improvement just after the first appointment. My mood lifted. On-treatment, I felt heat in the areas of heart and liver and the way the blood flowed to my legs. I even felt the blood flow over my veins into the left leg. In the first days of the treatment, I felt a sensible fever in the body. I felt the way my body reorganized and restored. My leg began to move well. My movements became free, I began to walk steadily, and arm movements improved. In the first days, I had my hand swollen, I walked with a bandage, and now the swelling completely disappeared. The weakness passed and I felt a fit of energy. The appetite has grown, given that I almost had not eaten for a month earlier. My sleep normalized. With each day, I felt better and better. Berik helped me to recover! He relaunched the work of my heart and my body. I feel a fully functioning person again! I have not have thought before that I would go back to my job. Now I have resumed my work. This is a miracle! Having worked all my life as a physician, I had not even imagined that this could be possible. He gives the people invaluable help! He has really gifted hands!

Serikbayev Ayazbek (doctor, 65y.o.), Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, March 2017

My husband Bagashar Tokmoldaev (69-year-old) always loved music. He played the dombra very well, composed a music, and had a very beautiful voice. The people used to listen to his singing with pleasure. After he had

a stroke, he was not able to sing nor to play the instrument. In spite of his left hand was able to function (able to move, bend the fingers), he failed to move precisely and hold the subjects firmly. We hoped for his recovery and tried many methods of treatment throughout this time but we did not get any tangible results. Finally, an acquaintance of ours who also suffered a stroke some time, suggested that we apply to Berik Zhangirbaev. He told us that Berik helped him to recover completely from a stroke. Just the next day after the first appointment with the doctor, we could scarcely believe our eyes, when he woke up he found that he regained force and that he was able to curl his fingers in and out, hold the heavy subjects and make precise movements. In addition, he said that stiffness in cheekbones had relieved, and even his arms and feet had warmed that used to be frequently chilly before. He achieved all that just after the first day of treatment. He completed the full treatment course of ten days without missing any day. On the seventh day of treatment, he managed to play his favorite kui composition Saryjailau on the dombra. To be sure, not every healthy man could play this composition on dombra but he was able to perform it brilliantly after six years of pause.

Kulgaisha Dainova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, August 2016

When my son was born, the physicians diagnosed him with Ebstein’s disease. It is a very rare congenital heart disease, when one of the valves is underdeveloped. The physicians said that we needed to wait for a little

before the child grows, becomes stronger to refer him for surgery. We were overly concerned about our son that he would face a complex surgical procedure. At the time when we visited Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev, my son was four months old. Alongside with his treatment we attended a medical examination in the research center for cardiology. Just after the second day of treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev, the physicians at the center have changed their diagnosis for tricuspid valve dysplasia. They were very surprised. As they explained, the situation was not so critical already, and there was a substantial probability for improvement in course of time. Cardiogram analysis revealed that my child’s heart began to work well. He became quieter and slept soundly and longer. After the eighth day of treatment, we again attended medical examination by the doctors, and they noted a positive dynamics of the child’s development. We were very happy! Now my son is six months. He is growing actively and he likes to play with his elder brother and sister. We are very satisfied with the results of the recent medical examination. The physicians said that the state of our son was very good, and that his heart valves had been completely recovered.”

Alma Shiganakova, Khaknazar’s Mother (6 months), Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Kazakhstan, August 2016

I had two heart attacks. First of them happened in December, 2011 and three months later the second one. I’ve been using drugs every day, in order to keep a normal level of my pressure.

If pressure increased I had a pain in my heart. I had to use drugs in determined time, but I’m a musician and due to my way of life it is very difficult to follow this schedule. Recently I’ve noted that I’m getting tired very quickly. Breathlessness appeared and every time, going up stairs, I had to stop several times to take a breath. Once I met Berik. When I learned about his capabilities I decided to be admitted by him. I felt a warm inside me during his treatment mode, especially in the area of my thorax. Right after the first day of treatment a state of my health became better. At the same day I easily went upstairs to the fourth floor. I was shocked – no breathlessness! Just after two days of a treatment I started to feel much better, and I paid my attention that I’ve lost excessive appetite. After every day of treatment I felt positive result. This is amazing! I tested Nature Force on me! Because Berik’s capabilities were given to him by Nature!

John Alexander Gueizelar, 49y.o., India, June 2016

I had mitral valve incompetence. Once upon a time I faced the stroke and I addressed a hospital. Physicians were scared when they saw state of my health.

I had breathlessness and strong tachycardia. Herewith I did not feel any pain, only immediate loss of strength. It was difficult for me to move because of fluid accumulation in legs, lungs and abdomen. My stomach became of such dimensions that it seemed like I was pregnant in the latest stages. I was scared very much Cardiac distress caused a malfunction in all the organs, especially in liver. As a result, physicians said that in my case I had a very small chance even if I permit to make surgical intervention. I did not want to think about operation. I was filled with despair and I thought if it is the end. Berik was my last hope. Once he touched my heart by his hand I was very scared. I felt very strong fever inside my body. In some minutes I felt insupportable pain in the area of my heart, especially from back side and Berik warned me about it in advance, explaining that these pains appear of maximal resistivity of the body, which happens naturally during his treatment. The same was during a few days. At the first days of treatment I could hardly move my legs in order to come to Berik’s office. After every day of treatment I felt obviously how tension is going down in my body and I did not believe my eyes when my hydrops disappeared and I came to back to normal life

Galina Shkarina, 50y.o., Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan, June 2016

Physicians told me that asthma is cureless disease. But after the first séance of Berik’s treatment

I felt alleviation. After the second séance I stopped to use inhalator, my phlegm started to disappear in the morning. After the fourth séance I acquired alert and lightness, I started to breathe easier. So I’ve undergone the full treatment course… I forgot about inhalator. I’m leaving in excellent mood and with appreciation to Doctor Berik for the fact that he recovered me from asthma.

Mussimbayeva Gulmira, Astana, Kazakhstan,

I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for his treatment! Berik Zhangirbayev is a man of an open disposition,

attentive and very kind to his patients. I like his philanthropy, philosophical attitude to the life and nature. His treatment is always realized in free, informal, confidential atmosphere of friendly conversation. I wish this extraordinary man long live! I want him to help and to recover all the people, who address him for his help. Doctor Berik’s dower is indeed a real miracle!

Bektursynova Aliya, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan,

I want to appreciate Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for his kindness, understanding, humanity

and the most important thing, for his magic hands, which perform real miracles!!! After meeting with him I understood that there was no impossible in this world! I want to wish him health, happiness, success in his uneasy and necessary job. Thanks a lot!

Suleymenova Aigerim, Astana, Kazakhstan,

I underwent the treatment course during 3 weeks, and frankly speaking, I’m now new one!

What I can tell about Berik Zhangirbayev? He arranged very well a procedure of the patient admittance. You should not sit and wait for him during hours. The admittance is done in earlier stipulated time. You have a lot of topics to speak with him about, he is very communicative. With a smile on my face I’d like to tell Berik Zhangirbayev: «Thanks a lot! I’m glad very much to get your help.» Now if I have any disease I will visit only Berik Zhangirbayev.

With regards, Smagulova Diana, Astana, Kazakhstan,

I know Berik Zhangirbayev for a long time. First time I visited him with my son,

who was 8 months old and had intracranial hypertension. He slept badly at nights and he was restless. After the first seances his sleep considerably ameliorated, he started to eat well, he became calm. I also underwent his unique treatment. I had hypertension, headaches, weakness, and decrease in immunity. After the 1st treatment course my health state became completely different. I became alert, weakness disappeared, and headaches went away, my blood pressure normalized. During 11 years my son and I underwent periodically Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment. 5 years ago physicians detected a small stone in my gall bladder. I did not pay attention on it, as it did not worry me. After 10 days of the treatment, I went to relax in Borovoe, where I had sickliness and vomiting during 3 days. Then everything went away, but when I made ultrasound investigation, there was no stone in my gall bladder. Last year my son hurt his leg and hand. Physicians could not diagnose him correctly. I visited polyclinics during the whole month. Nothing helped us. Son had severe pain in his hand. After 2 seances of Berik treatment the pains disappeared, and in 10 days the hand was healthy. It is really a miracle! We are lucky that we have such man close to us! I appreciate him very much! Reverences to him. I want to say more. Berik is very proper, honest, kind, aware and charitable man. It is very easy to speak with him. I cannot list all the diseases he treated us from, but everything he touches becomes perfect. Let God give him good health and happiness.

Beisenbayeva Gaukhar, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

I’m a physician with great experience. I never believed that it was possible to treat by non-traditional method.

After long-term treatment in a hospital without visible ameliorations I decided to undergo Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment. I read about his treatment methods in newspapers and heard from other people... The treatment result exceeded my expectations. My sleep became better, arterial pressure was getting stable, pains in heart disappeared. I appreciate Berik for the treatment. Let God give him health and well-being. Let his job bring him great satisfaction and appreciation of his patients.

Kim Svetlana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 6.09.2016

I’m deeply impressed by this Man, by his power and simplicity. The woman says that she felt

his warm, as for me I saw his image, fighting against my disease; not only against bronchocele and arrhythmia but against my thoughts and subconsciousness. Berik Zhangirbayev is good man; you can speak with him on any topics and joke. He has wonderful capability or skill to hit the mark. I do not know how to express my appreciation better than just following his words. I’ve asked him today: What can help you to find your way in this life? He answered: Heart, soul and mind. There is something to think about. Choosing between lightness and darkness, easy and complicated, I always selected the second position. All the time my actions are driven by my desire, not a wisdom, mind and heart. These three notions are unique inside me only when I’m close to you. That’s why I’m glad to visit Doctor Berik every time and I do not want to leave him. Today I’m leaving with heavy head and strong heart beating that can be reflected in the following lines: «He returns me to the life, He cleans my way, And the Wonderful Moon lights it In silver color.»

Sayatkhan Аssel, Astana, Kazakhstan, 6.09.2016

My name is Zhanna, I’m 8 years old. I underwent Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course.

Thanks to him for my recover. He is very kind, he did to me as I was his daughter and he always welcomed me brandly. I wish him health, no diseases and let him treat children forever!» «I want to express my appreciations to Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. He is really a man of God. His treatment was my last hope. He has very extensive inner world and he is always polite. Thanks for his patience and understanding. I wish him good health!

Zhanna and Mariya Grishin, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 4.05.2016

My son, Akhmet, is 11 months old. He was diagnosed with food allergy. The experienced people know that

it is a great problem… There was no recrudescence in winter time, but in spring everything started to appear… It started from the high temperature, lasted few days. He did not have appetite, he suffered sleepless nights. Sores appeared around all the body and he suffered suffocant cough… It was terrible to observe the sufferings of small child… We were looking for the best physician. He was diagnosed with infection-allergic dermatitis and anaemia of 2nd degree. Prescribed drugs did not help and did not give any alleviation. The other physician added two more diagnosis – virus angor and disbacteriosis… The kid continued to suffer, he stopped to eat, he could not sleep due to the constant cough, he permanently cried… The prescribed antibiotics worsened the situation. There were no perspectives… Just at that time my mother and I addressed Doctor Zhangirbayev. Some time ago he recovered my mother… You won’t believe but after the 3rd admittance I’ve noted amelioration in my Akhmet’s state of health. The kid started to alive, to eat, to pay attention on toys, to sleep well and, finally, to smile… It was happiness! Already after the 5th day he stopped to cough completely, and in two days his sores disappeared in a whole…! It seems to me that I won’t be able to express all the words of appreciation and admiration to this healing dower…! It is fantastic, when your kid is not ill and enjoys the life! Thank you!

Akmaral Bainazarova, Uralsk, Kazakhstan, 3.05.2016

I know Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev very well… He returned a health to my granddaughter,

who suffered bronchial asthma. We were at that time out of mind. But now it is everything behind us…Now my daughter Aizhan addressed the Doctor with her allergy… He helped once more… I suffered bronchocele and all accompanying problems. I underwent the treatment course. His magic hands gave our family new good mood, energy, alert, good and healthy sleep. What does a man need to be completely happy? I appreciate with all my heart!

Elmira Koroleva, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.09.2013

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation. I tested all available means to fight

against this disease… Physiotherapy drugs and humors… But results were temporary and I returned to my initial state of health… In abyss of despair I addressed Doctor Zhangirbayev and at the third day of the treatment I felt long-waited effect… The pain in hip joints, suffering me, disappeared, and it was a happiness!.. Further along the treatment the pain in the area of sciatic nerve on the right leg disappeared. Even my manner of walking became easier and my mood amended! But this is not all! During the treatment I faced pruritus, then skin scab appeared, but in 3 days all these manifestations disappeared, though I did not use creams and drugs… As I was explained by the Doctor, the deep processes happened in my body within this unique treatment. These processes are associated with allergy, which could be exposed later, but as a result of the treatment it was completely removed from the body, failing to transform into the chronical type… At the same time my state of health ameliorated in the whole body. I forgot about my parallel “sores” – pancreatitis, gastritis and even my sense of vision became acuter… It is real miracle and it stands close to us! I appreciate the Doctor for magic power of his hands! I hope to live long time!

Raissa Andreeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan,3.09.2013

«Recently I had problems with my health…Headaches, faintness, problems with my intestinal tract,

I suffered disorder of intestinal habits… At the first day of the treatment, when Doctor Zhangirbayev put his hand on my head and thorax, I felt penetrating warm inside me around all the body … At the second day of admittance there was an inflow of severe fever around all the body and response was the same, as a result my vessel on the left eye was blown out and small sore appeared on the left arm wrist… Herewith – I felt a great alleviation and my intestinal habits normalized, what was a problem for me before. In the middle of the treatment course there was recrudescence. But the Doctor assured me and said that I have a positive process in my body. I was down with my whole body, back, legs, but the pain disappeared gradually and I started to feel unbelievable lightness and power. My sleep and blood circulation rehabilitated, and the most important thing is I’m interested in life again! Doctor Zhangirbayev possesses the wonderful natural dower! I appreciate him and I feel happy and secure..!»

Rakhilya Kokibayeva, Astana, Kazakhstan,

As the other patients I came to Berik with my diseases: headaches, sleeplessness,

bronchocele, 2 spinal disc herniations. After the treatment course I feel excellent. Berik, treating the patients, transforms latently their life views, looks and thoughts. You start to understand and to esteem yourself. I wish health and well-being to Berik with his unique capabilities. My wishes are we need to esteem him!

Kanymai, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28.06.2013

During three years I suffered severe headaches with wild attacks and recrudescence.

Varied physicians’ treatment was useless. After Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course, literally after few visits my headaches disappeared, my memory started to work normally, my sleep normalized, my general state was getting stable, my irritation disappeared and now I have good mood. I feel a proper human being! I appreciate this wonderful Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for this! His dower and talent is a miracle!

Abilmazhinova Adiya, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 21.06.2013

I watched for a long time the TV set programs about Berik Zhangirbayev. I could not a long time

to visit him. But finally I’m here. I was ill for a long time with bad transit of blood, gastritis, cholecystitis, disabled kidneys and pyelonephritis. I addressed physicians and healers. Pains disappeared only for short time, than they returned again. After the 2nd admittance by Berik my right kidney stopped to be ill, and I stopped suffer my legs. I came back at home in excellent mood. Berik surprises many people with wonderful warm of his hands. Many people do not believe it. My blood transit ameliorated, I have good mood. You can change human being attitude to the life!

Tulesheva Kulysh, 58y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 13.06.2013

I came to Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment with my grandson. The child is 11 years old.

He suffered chronical gastritis and chronical duodenitis. He had bad immunity and he was subject to cold diseases. When the Doctor started to treat the boy, he felt immediately the severe fever. The Doctor said that his disease was not neglected and he would treat the boy. Now my grandson feels good, though he had recrudescence during the treatment: his stomach was ill, he suffered sickliness. When the Doc started to treat me, I felt a warm over the whole body and I wanted to sleep. I feel good, though there was recrudescence also. I appreciate Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for his really magic hands, for his efforts to return enjoy to patients as well, health and certainty. Doctor Berik, I wish you further well-being, happiness to you and your relatives! With sincere regards,

Mumenova Valentina, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.05.2013

I’m deeply satisfied that I was admitted by you. I wanted to do it

during three years (I do not want to lie). I underwent the treatment course and as a result of which there are disappeared: faintness, weakness, sickliness, hydrops, intestinal habits rehabilitated, breathlessness disappeared, my sleep is getting better, good mood appeared, shoulders became «light» and in general I became very light for any movements, as well as I acquired appetite, drowsiness disappeared, lever and other internals stopped to be ill. I went to work with light heart, alert and with desire to work and create at the level of young people. I appreciate the Lord for this opportunity to meet Berik and to see the God Dower in Berik Zhangirbayev!

Begimshina Khorlan, 64y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 3.06.2013

My mother registered me to be admitted by Berik Zhangirbayev. I suffered spinal disc herniation

for a long time. As well bad sleeping, I could not be long-term in vertical state, and when I went sleeping I could not lay evenly. I did not feel any changes after the first séance. But after the third one I’ve got a feeling of new colors. I started to wake up before alarm clock, my fatigue disappeared. I’m sleeping without pains and my working capability increased. I’m very satisfied with results. Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev for his being! I wish well-being and health, surely, to him!

Lola Pudel, 37y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25.03.2013

I have decided to register to be admitted by Berik Zhangirbayev after I was diagnosed with “psoriasis”.

At the moment of the treatment there were no any sores on my skin, but I observed the strict diet. After few seances I started to feel more alert and energetic. My metabolism ameliorated. I was permitted to eat normally. Besides, I had always hypotension, drowsiness and headaches, sometimes. All that disappeared. My blood pressure normalized. No headaches. It was rare earlier. I started to wake up easily and full of energy. The state of my skin ameliorated. No any, even, small sores. The body temperature normalized, though I was always cold before. In general my state of health became wonderful. Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev for that!

Lyabayeva Dinara, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan,17.05.2013

I came to Berik with cardio-vascular problems. I’m hypertonic with 13 years of experience.

Already after the second day I’m getting better. I underwent the treatment course of 24 seances. I feel much better, faintness disappeared, lightness in movements appeared. In general, I feel much better. Thanks a lot!

Guldara, 54y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 17.05.2013

I came to Doctor Berik with diagnosis of cardio-vascular dystonia. I felt constantly

heaviness in the heart area, but after five seances I started to feel lightness in the heart area; there was a cough but it gradually disappeared. My pressure started to decrease latently. My intestinal habits normalized. I had problems with then also. My sleep completely ameliorated. Now I can sleep even in day time, I could not do it for a long period of time. I underwent 17 seances, and now I feel alert and healthy. I want to appreciate the Doctor for all this. I appreciate him, who helps to recover our health. Berik, live for many years and let your goals be fulfilled. I wish well-being and many years of life to you!

Abdrakhmanova Salima, 65y.o., Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 17.05.2013

I was always diagnosed with chronical anaemia. At the same time I had weakness in the whole body,

I got used to suffer headaches. I was prescribed varied treatments and I took different drugs, but everything was useless. I was advised to register to be admitted by Doctor Zhangirbayev. It was not easy to be admitted by him – there was a big queue, but I lived to see and now I do not regret… Today I feel that I’m another human being! My way of life is very active, my tonus became better, I do not have former weakness! Thank you!

Dinara Mukei, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 13.04.2013

I was diagnosed with neurodermatitis. Earlier I had problems with thyroid body.

Due to Doctor Zhangirbayev the general state of my skin ameliorated, the day time schedule normalized, and my drowsiness disappeared. The main thing is that my skin on elbows became glabrous and nice. Thanks a lot!

Nurmukhanova Zhuldyz, 22 y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 02.05.2013

I addressed Berik Zhangirbayev with my quick fatigue, hypotension, convulsions in legs

and other disorders. After Berik’s treatment my fatigue disappeared, the convulsions went away. Berik helped my daughters. My younger girl lost bronchocele, skin dryness, neurodermatitis etc. disappeared. When our elder daughter fell down from stairs, I immediately addressed Berik. Now there are no pains around the whole body after falling, and she does not suffer headache. Her state is good after injury. Usually there are headaches due to the cerebrocranial hurt, raccoon sign. Berik Zhangirbayev rehabilitated our normal blood circulation and our state of health ameliorated. I appreciate with all my heart! Let his affair be successful and he continues to treat and help people! I wish a health and unlimited happiness to him and his family!

Balshykbayeva Tynyshtyk, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 22.04.2013

In 2012, in Novosibirsk City I was diagnosed in bronchocele during a treatment.

I addressed Berik Zhangirbayev due to the constant headaches, my hands and legs were cold as an ice, my heart tingled and my joints were ill. To this day I’ve undergone 15 admittance of the Doctor. Since the first admittance I felt my hands were getting warmer, and then a warm covered all my body. Ultrasound investigation confirmed extension of vessels, there was no more noise in my head and I did not suffer more headaches. It is a miracle! Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev!

Bizhigitova Gulbarshin, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 19.04.2013

My name is Kultai. More than one year I suffer cough attacks, breathlessness, difficult breathe…

I underwent a treatment in two leading hospitals of Almaty City, but my health state returned to initial level after few weeks… Physicians did not know how to help me further… I decided to travel to China, where I underwent a treatment course but without expectable result. In my research where do I address to, I read in Internet about wonderful treatment of Berik Zhangirbayev that he used relating to his compatriot and the fantastic result of it…! I came to him to be admitted. I underwent the treatment course. Now I can inform that I feel really good for the first time! No coughs and rales, I sleep well without difficult breathe; I feel lightness in all my body. I appreciate!

Kineyeva Kultai, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 19.03.2013

I addressed the Doctor with a lot of sores... Blood pressure, pains in heart, scratch in knees,

heaviness in breathe, fatigue. I feel good after the treatment, I suffered less of the blood pressure, my state is good, and there are ameliorations. I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev. I’ll come mandatorily to him once more. Thanks a lot to you, Berik Zhangirbayev for your help! Your treatment is good!

Elena Ivanova, 63y.o., Satpayev, Kazakhstan, 16.03.2013

I’m Abdramanova Anar, I’m 56 years old. I read about Berik Zhangirbayev in the newspaper.

I suffered diffuse goiter, cystic liaison, protrusion, as well as I’ve got focal heart attack. One day my head started to suffer me severely, eyes were getting red. Already since the second admittance I started to feel ameliorations, I was constantly sleeping during the treatment, but the Doctor said that it was good. After the 3rd admittance my lumbus stopped to be ill. After the 4th admittance my eyes stopped to be red. Now I feel good! I was at eight admittances. I liked very much Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment. When I made ultrasound investigation, I was shocked of the result, there were no any traces of bronchocele. I wish Berik Zhangirbayev health, many years of life and happiness!

Abdramanova Anar, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan,12.03.2013

My name is Maxat. I came to Berik Zhangirbayev with diagnosis – psoriasis. At the first day

of the treatment I felt sever fever and I wished to sleep very much. I felt an inflow of blood to my hands and legs, earlier they were always cold. I wanted to sleep during all my treatment. At the 3rd day of the treatment dryness of hands and legs went away, face skin ameliorated. My sores on the body started to change visually. In general I felt an inflow of energy. Earlier I wanted to sleep all the time, I had always constant weakness. Now I walk the whole day alert, energetic and my body passes in proper regime. The healthy night sleep appeared. I stand up easily and activate in the morning. That’s just a miracle!

Utemissov Maxat, 20y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 09.03.2013

My son, Dauren, is 5 years old. С He was diagnosed since his birthday the intracranial pressure with

readiness for convulsions. Recently he has got frequent headaches, nasal hemorrhage, he was restless and hyperexcitated. He was always in movement without calmness … He did not sleep during day time, moreover he had allergy on food and drugs, as he took drugs for a long period of time, as well as he had chronical intestinal obstruction due to disbacteriosis of intestinal tract. After useless visits physicians, I decided that only Berik was able to treat my son from all of diseases and sores, accumulated for these years. After two days of admittance by the Doctor I’ve noted changes in Dauren’s behavior. There were no headaches, he became calmer, more amenable, his sleep ameliorated. More we underwent the treatment more my son surprised me. He had bed urination habit at nights, now he stands up and tells that he needs to go toilet.. His intestinal habits normalized and became regular. The kid became calm, amenable, he stopped to grizzle, and he often smiles. Shortly, he acquired “Happy Childhood” due to the unique hands and capabilities of Berik Zhangirbayev. Thank you and your dower! You gift people HEALTH! On behalf of my family and Dauren I wish you many years of life. Let you give people enjoy which you gift to children!

Klara Rakhimova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 08.03.2013

Since my adolescence I suffered severe headaches, fatigue, and weakness. I was often in hospitals,

took a lot of drugs, which became useless in time. As a result I acquired disabled gastrointestinal tract. Recently the strong meteo-dependence has appeared. Any changes in weather: rain, snow or wind leads to headaches which last more than 2 days. I had constant hypotension - 85/60. I suffered breathlessness. I could be in premises only with open windows. It was difficult for me to travel in transport. I lived in very careful regime; I could hardly do even the simple work at home. Already at the first admittance by Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev, I started to breathe easier. My breathlessness disappeared soon. After the sixth admittance my intestinal canal started to work, my arterial pressure increased up to 105/70. Now I can travel by transport. My meteo-dependence is visibly decreased. The most important thing is an unbelievable inflow of energy, alert and enjoy of life without pains. Thank you, Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev, for returning to the proper life! Best wishes and success to you! With regards, your patient, Nataliya!

Sotnikova Nataliya, 59y.o., Kapshagai, Kazakhstan, 01.03.2013

I addressed the Doctor with arrhythmia and diseases of gastrointestinal tract organs.

I underwent the course of 12 days. Already in the middle of the treatment I felt ameliorations in my heart operations, alert appeared and, correspondently, my mood became better. The state of lever and stomach were getting better. Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev for the treatment, for good mood and pleasant frankly atmosphere in his office! I wish you success in all affairs!

Zavarykina Nadezhda, 64y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 06.03.2013

I addressed Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev regarding to many my diseases: arterial pressure,

suffering me during many years, osteochondrosis, headaches, stenocardia, arrhythmia, and constant weakness. I addressed many times physicians, but without any constant positive results, my diseases always retuned back. That’s why I decided to change my tactics of treatment. It is necessary to affect the body in complex. I read many times in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» about the Doctor’s achievements. It pushed me to make a decision and to try principally new attitude to recovering process of my health. That’s why I’m here, in the Doctor’s office. My God! You should see what there was after the first admittance! My legs, below ankles, were simply twisted; they were like «broken», it was impossible to touch them... At the second day the pains lifted along the legs, muscles of legs were ill, I felt sever pain in knee area. After every day breaking feeling in joints and muscles lifted higher. All that was accompanied with weakness... As Berik Zhangirbayev says, the recrudescence is unavoidable, amendments appear after recrudescence. After the fifth admittance all pain feelings disappeared. I feel good. My sleep became very deep, I’m sleeping well. I have a desire to walk a lot. My mood is good. My back is drawing straight. My neck can be turned in both directions without pains and crusts. It is obviously the positive result of the treatment. Totally I underwent 12 admittances, and the result was spectacular. I’m very satisfied of the treatment. My best wishes to Berik Zhangirbayev! Let your golden hands give the patient a lot of health! Be so wise and smiling as you are now!

Nataliya Kalmykova, 61y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 23.02.2013

I have spinal disc herniation. I suffered pains in lumbus and numbness in my legs.

I was admitted by Berik Zhangirbayev during 7 days. Just at the 2nd day of the treatment I felt good, alert appeared, the pains calmed down. I feel excellent. I appreciate Doctor very much.

Smagulova Gulmira, 48y.o., Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, 06.03.2013

I addressed Berik Zhangirbayev with diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia. A term of the treatment

is 10 admittances. I felt an inflow of alert and energy after every admittance. It can be called as a miracle for so short period of time. You could not recognize me at the end of the treatment: I transformed from fatigued into alert and energetic woman. I’d like to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev! With regards, your patient!

Oraltayeva Assel, 16y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 05.03.2013

I underwent Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment regarding to ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, tension, duodenal bulb ulcer,

and chronical atrophic gastritis. The body, with age, can be disordered naturally due to the whole bouquet of diseases. The patients know about sleepless nights, excruciating pains, fear of disease because of despair, a lot of tablets, systems around the whole year and the same many years along. It is obvious that people face chronical fatigue and apathy. After the treatment course my general state ameliorated, pains disappeared, as there were no any pains, the body became different, an appetite appeared and my sleep became better. The control examination demonstrated that there was no ulcer and ischemic disease. All this happened due to the golden hands of Berik Zhangirbayev with his special individual attitude to every patient. Not only the warm hands, but his winning smile, his look radiates positive energy. I want to wish Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev to work in his sphere without fatigue. Your unique dower and using it in the name of mankind health cannot be over evaluated. Reverences to you from your thankful patients! I wish great human happiness to you, let success always accompanies you!

Vaissova Galiya, 64y.o., Talgar, Kazakhstan, 22.02.2013

I came to Doctor with diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia. During the treatment there

were no any changes. But further I faced recrudescence – I felt shortness of breath, fatigue and headache. It lasted 6 days. Further, my state of health normalized. To the end of the treatment I feel good and alert. Thanks to Doctor Berik for his unique treatment.

Duanbekova Saniya, 48y.o., Balkhash, Kazakhstan, 20.02.2013

I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from my relatives, residing in Karaganda City,

as I was ill during 6 months. Initially, it was ordinary cold, then the complications started: otitis, left ovary cystic lesion, pneumonia, as well as I started to suffer problem with my heart. Firstly, I doubted in idea to recover by non-traditional treatment, but the weaken immunity suffered me harder and harder. Every day I had headaches, weakness, and hypotension. I decided to visit Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. I did not regret about it, I really started to trust him. After every day of the treatment it was getting better and better for me. After the full treatment course I feel excellent! Thank you Doctor for being with us!

Alieva Aliya, 31y.o., Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 16.02.2013

I came to Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev with a diagnosis of spinal disc herniation.

At the first admittance the Doctor explained me the mechanism of his treatment. His task contains accelerating of heart operation and increasing of blood circulation in all body. Further due to growth of feeding in cells, the body starts to recover itself. After the adopted procedures I felt alleviation in cervical department and now I can turn my head without any pains. Also I had problems in knee joint of my leg. When Berik Zhangirbayev learned about it he started to touch my knee by his hand. At the third day I felt that I can move freely, without former pains. Thanks to Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for his job of help to his patients!

Nurlan Kaliev, Atyrau, Kazakhstan, 09.02.2013

I’m 44 years old. The last 5 months I’ve got faintness and my hands numbed due to shortness of breath.

I was diagnosed in a hospital with bronchocele. When I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev I registered to be admitted by him at once. I underwent the full treatment course. Now my sleep is normal. My hands and legs are warm. Now I feel much better. I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for it! It is Allah’s dower! Thanks a lot!

Bernebayev Bagashar, 44y.o., Kapshagai, Kazakhstan, 08.02.2013

I’m 44 years old. The last 3 years I often took the drugs for gastrointestinal digestion. I had dryness in my throat

and during deglutition of food I felt anything like lump in throat. After examination I was diagnosed: atrophic sinusitis, atrophic pharyngitis, and atrophic gastritis. I took a lot of drugs, I underwent acupuncture procedures etc. Nothing helped me. I addressed Berik Zhangirbayev. I did not feel anything after the first admittance. But at the second one I felt a fever in my body. After that I started to eat, an appetite appeared. Every day I felt any amendments in my body. Noise in my ears disappeared, mу hands stopped to “buzz” like strains … Recently I scared to sleep, because it seemed to me that my heart could stopping and I would fall in a pit, but now I go sleeping with pleasure. My esophagus started to operate better. I do not drink water at nights, my stomach started to work. I refused to take drugs completely. I eat what I want. No diarrhea and pains! It is goody that you are able to visit such wonderful doctor, who returns you to proper life. Thanks a lot to Berik!

Tatiyana Dovgy, 44y.o., Kapshagai, Kazakhstan, 07.02.2013

In September, 2012 I faced the acute disorder of spinal blood circulation with left leg paralyzation.

I underwent 3 treatment courses in Almaty during 4 months. I started to walk, but herewith I felt weakness in my legs and sometimes I felt disorders in movement coordination, also my legs froze. In January, 2013 I underwent Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course. What I was surprised most of all? At the second day of admittance I felt stability in my legs, gradually day after a day, the pains in legs calmed down, a power appeared. During 20 days of the treatment, I felt a healthy man, the constant fatigue went away. I wake up and stand up in the morning alertly and I feel an inflow of energy. Thanks a lot to Berik Zhangirbayev for his magic dower - gifting people happiness to be healthy!

Makhambetaliev Maruan, 63y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 01.02.2013

In October, 2012 I faced ischemic stroke hemo-maim at the left. The constant blood pressure was 180/100.

I treated in Almaty City, Astana City, but the pressure decreased only down to 140/100. Moreover, physicians detected spinal disc herniation in cervical spine. I had constant headaches, my neck was ill, extremities of my hands and legs numbed, I felt weakness. I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Having read the patients’ comments I called immediately to his office and registered to be admitted. I felt bad at the first few days of admittance. I had severe headache, my neck was ill, the blood pressure increased up to 150/100, but the Doctor said that there is a process of recrudescence. It is normally. Later my pain was getting less, now my head is not ill, I turn my neck freely, easily. Now I do not take the drugs for pressure, numbness of extremities went away. It is possible to say that I was newly born. I feel lightness in my body. Thanks a lot to Doctor! He makes miracles! With great regards to you!

Essentaeva Aitkul, 53y.o., Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, 31.01.2013

I’m Yerzhanova Gulsara and I faced apoplectic attack in September 2012. I suffered severe headaches,

my speech was slushy, my tongue and lips numbed and the left part of my body numbed also, I felt discomfort in movement. I felt a fear on the streets due to uncertainty in movement coordination and severe headaches. In November I read an article and comments in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» about Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment. I called the clinic immediately and registered to be admitted. Days of waiting were very long and I started to call clinic and ask… I felt subconsciously that after meeting with this man my life and my health will amend. It happened like that. I started to undergo the treatment. At the third day my headaches disappeared, at the fifth day my lameness went away. I started to walk steadily. I worked to recover my memory; I spent far less time to learn the texts and retelling them. A miracle happened every day and, even, every hour. They tell there is no miracle, but everyone who knows Berik, they are sure that miracles happen. I appreciate my fate for this meeting. I appreciate for their help to trust in myself, in my power. I wish health, success, achievements of all the goals to Berik Zhangirbayev and his family! Thank you!

Yerzhanova Gulsara, 51y.o., Kostanai, Kazakhstan, 16.01.2013

I’m Imanbayeva Raigul. I read about Berik Zhangirbayev in the newspaper one year ago.

I read people’s comment about his treatment. Just in one year we could come with my husband to get the treatment. I had headaches during several years, my blood circulation was slow, I had something wrong with my tailbone. My husband also had constant headaches and he had heaviness in his stomach. After few days of the treatment the heaviness in husband’s stomach disappeared, his mood increased, he lost his sickly belly. My head stopped to be ill, my tailbone, which was ill during one year, stopped also to suffer me… Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev, for his gold hands. I wish the best, health and many years of life to Berik! Our society needs in such people like Berik!

Imanbayeva Raigul, 54y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 18.01.2013

Around 10 years I suffered pains in my back and lumbus. I had problems with my heart and colored

bouquet of many diseases more. I was diagnosed in 2007: protrusions, hemangiomas, herniation and arthritis. I addressed a lot of physicians and healers, but without constant positive results. I learned casually about Doctor Zhangirbayev from a newspaper. 2 months I spent to learn the treatment method and to read the excellent comments. Then I called to the «Center of Life». The Doctor agreed to admit me. Now I’m here. Today is the 12th day of the treatment. I did not believe earlier that my state would so ameliorate. It is fabulous effect. Surely, I faced severe pains during the treatment, but Doctor Berik’s magic hands have done their part. Pains were getting less and less. I do not regret that I came here to be treated. No injections and drugs. Only voice and, once more, the Doctor’s magic hands, and you are healthy. I wish a kindness, positive fluids and success to you with all my heart!

Velikotskaya Ekaterina, 52y,o,, Usharal, Kazakhstan, 29.12.2012

I’m 21 years old. I addressed Berik Zhangirbayev due to the absence of my menstrual cycle,

cold hands and legs and hypotension. I had the menstrual cycle with interruption of 10 months. I felt improper in comparison with my age-mates. I took a lot of drugs. I visited often the hospitals. I traveled even in Korea to be examined, but there were no results. I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev through the newspaper. Frankly speaking, firstly I doubted a lot. But now I understood that he has in his hands anything what the mankind cannot explain. After the 2nd admittance, at the same evening, I faced again with menstrual cycle, I did not believe to my eyes..! Since that time I feel wonderful, as a proper human being. My hands and legs are warm, my blood pressure normalized. The Lord sent me to Berik Zhangirbayev! Thanks a lot!

Nurlakhova Rzuana, 21y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25.12.2012

My main problem during almost 7-8 years is a problem with a heart; I do not know a diagnosis.

Around 4 years ago my arterial pressure was elevated up to 130/70. But Berik Zhangirbayev easily removed this problem by means of blood circulation increase in the body. He removed all the accompanying problems. After the second admittance I faced recrudescence: pains in my heart, skin problems, headaches, pains in kidneys and stomach. Now I feel an inflow of energy and alert 18 days after. Cardiac pains disappeared but it seems to me there are some pains left, and I hope it will disappear independently or by means of additional treatment courses. I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from Internet. I read about his extraordinary but effective treatment method on his site. The important aspect is his opening to patients, based on fair principles. I appreciate him for help and intercourse easiness.

Andikulov Toresh, 28y.o., Astana, Kazakhstan, 22.12.2012

I’ve read about Berik Zhangirbayev in a newspaper. I had problems with my legs.

I have something wrong with the legs and they constantly were cold. After the first admittance I felt a little pricking of my heart. As well I had spinal disc herniation. After the 6th admittance I could walking without a stick. I felt lightness, my heart beating and pressure normalized. Now I feel excellent! I’m glad that I underwent Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment! Best wishes to him!

Kubasheva Manshuk, 64y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 20.12.2012

I’m 60 years old, and I have neglect autoimmune disease – diffuse sclerodermia.

After the second séance numbing of my leg fingers started to disappear and further it disappeared completely. After the first admittance I felt an inflow of energy. My tachycardia, pains in my heart disappeared after the 4-5th admittance. The morning woodiness, caused by my disease, went away. It is disappeared my long-term lumbus pain, associated with kidney disease and female disorders. I started to breathe much easier; I do not suffer the severe troublesome cough attacks. I appreciate Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for his miraculous treatment!

Lyudmila Ivanovna, 60y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 08.12.2012

My mother registered me to be admitted by Berik Zhangirbayev. I suffered constantly headaches

since my childhood. Blood pressure was 90 to 60. I had permanently the cold extremities. If the pressure increased up to 100, I was very bad, I could not stand up. In 2008 I started to have the female diseases. I had 2 operations. I’ve been drinking hormonal tablets during 5 years. I started to lose a weight visibly in recent times. I have constant depression. I did not feel any noticeable changes after the first séance. But after the 3rd admittance my extremities started to get warmer. When I measured the blood pressure after the 4th admittance, it was 110 to 70. I felt excellently, though earlier I could not stand up with such pressure. Alert and inflow of energy appeared. Now I waked up earlier than alarm clock. Headaches disappeared. My body seemed to rise again. I had a desire to work and to relax at maximum. At the last day of the treatment my blood pressure is 100 to 70, I feel wonderful. The constant sleepy state disappeared. I tried to relax and sleep more during day time. Now my extremities are always warm, my body started to work. Thank you, Berik for the warm and sincerity! I wish you success in your job!

Lavremenko Nataliya, 27y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 27.11.2012

I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda»,

and I registered to be admitted. I have hypertonia, faintness, disabled back, and stomach. Everything is ill due to tremendous number of used drugs. I have chronical fatigue. After the first admittance I felt an inflow of energy, my sleep became deep, I have clear head and good mood. Thanks a lot to Berik for his magic hands! It seems to me that I’m getting younger …

Apeyeva Gulshat, 50y.o., 09.11.2012

I suffered frequent headaches. I learned about Berik from my mother, when she has read the newspaper article.

After 7 admittances I feel powerful inflow of energy. I could sleep only 3 hours and herewith I did not feel sleep loss, I was extraordinarily alert. Certain energy which helped me to live without fatigue presented in my body after every admittance. Indeed, there is unexplainable, mysterious energy in Berik, which helps to recover. I want to address everyone who is reading this comment, Berik possesses the unique capability and if you have problem with your health, I insistently recommend undergoing Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course! Thanks a lot!

Tokkozhin Arnur, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 02.11.2012

Since I was 13 years old I have disabled legs, and constant headaches. After I admittance of Berik Zhangirbayev

I had severe headache. Then the pain disappeared and now I do not have headaches any more. My hands and legs became warm. I feel lightness. I appreciate endlessly Berik Zhangirbayev.

Zamanbekova Aiym, 15y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 02.12.2012

I had eczema on my face and body since I was 3 months old. I have sores on my hands due to the hormonal creams.

All creams were useless. I addressed Berik for the first time 4 years ago. After his treatment my sores disappeared for 1 year. Then they appeared again but in smaller quantities, and we decided to repeat Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course. After the first admittance it seemed to me that the sores started to “burn”. Headaches disappeared. I had his treatment during 13 days. Now I do not have sores on my hands, my blood pressure normalized, allergy went away. The treatment surprises me! I had the sores during 17 years, and now they disappeared within 13 days! Now I know exactly that the sores cannot impede me more. Thanks a lot to Berik Zhangirbayev!

Erbol Kunduz, 17y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2.10.2012

I read about Berik Zhangirbayev in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». I called immediately

and registered to be admitted. I have been treated during 10 days, and I feel fine and lightly. I had constantly the cold hands and legs in summer and in winter. I suffered bronchitis and problem with kidneys. It is easier to ask me what I had no wrong... After the second admittance I felt the blood circulation in legs. Thanks a lot Berik Zhangirbayev! I wish health and many years to him!

Aldongarova Gulzhan, 58y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.10.2012

I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev since 1992, but I have not decided to register to be admitted by him.

One day, reading the newspapers I decided to register. I had problems with my heart, bronchocele, and hypertension. Now I’ve finished already the treatment course and I feel good. His dower is miraculous; a warm comes from his hands!

Shockparbayeva Enlik, Semey, Kazakhstan, 30.10.2012

I’m very glad that I met Berik Zhangirbayev and underwent his treatment course.

I feel good. My living tonus increased. I changed my insight, my pressure normalized. Pains in my heart went away, there is happened the natural rehabilitation of the body. I appreciate Berik for his power, mind and warm! I wish health and happiness to you!

Ispayeva Sholpan, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25.10.2012

I have spinal disc protrusion. I registered on the 6th of October, 2012 to be admitted by Doctor Zhangirbayev.

I underwent his treatment course. At the fifth day of the treatment I’ve felt alleviation in lumbus area. Now I feel good and alert. Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev! I wish success and well-being to him!

Turemuratov Serik, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, 20.10.2012

I'm Kadyrbayev Ermek Aidarbekovich, born on 1961. З years ago in December 2009 I had apoplectic attack.

I fell at home and I was drived to hospital by ambulance … I could not walk independently, my speech was disordered, I spoke hardly. I had constant faintness and fatigue. I moved with stick during six months. I wanted to sleep permanently, I had poor appetite. Since the 1st of October, 2012 I registered to be admitted by Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. I underwent the complete treatment course. Just at the 3rd day of the treatment I felt ameliorations, my speech became better, alert and lightness in the body appeared. My sleep and appetite normalized. 3 years ago, when I fell, my left part was paralyzed. Now my left hand starts gradually to function better. I’m walking freely and easy, even I try to run. It is happiness to feel myself healthy and proper human being. Genyantritis, what I was ill during many years, stopped to suffer me. My body is in a process of complete rehabilitation. The general tonus of life is ameliorated. I cannot express in words my feelings of appreciation to Berik for my return to the life! Let Allah give him good health, family happiness and many years of his life! Thanks a lot!

Ermek Kadyrbayev, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 12.10.2012

My blood pressure periodically decreased, my heart was ill. Due to Berik’s treatment

the blood pressure normalized on 130/80, the blood circulation rehabilitated, my heart stopped to be ill. After Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment seances I feel much better, the state of my health is ameliorated. Thanks to Berik for healing treatment!

Ayaganov Кanat, Astana, Kazakhstan, 12.10.2012

I came to Berik with my paroxysms in legs at nights. Due to this fact I suffered sleeplessness.

The blood pressure was elevated and constantly fluctuated. After the second admittance I felt alleviation, my discomfort in legs started to disappear and my sleep was ameliorated. After one course of the treatment I feel good, my blood pressure is stabled. My blood circulation normalized over the whole body. Thanks to Berik for that!

Gabitov Zhanibek, 62y.o., Astana, Kazakhstan, 14.09.2012

Our Nikita is ill of cold diseases since 6 months. Up to his one year anniversary he was in hospital twice.

He took temporary ameliorations. But he had bronchitis. We were out of our mind, the child was in constant treatment, he passed several medical centers but the results were temporary. He had the permanent cough attacks at nights. All that affected lever and kidneys. To the head of 2012 Nikita started to be hard of hearing for one ear due to the permanent takes of antibiotics, the colds transformed into stable bronchial asthma. The attacks of asthma appeared any unexpected time. In April 2012 we learned about Berik Zhangirbayev and we decided to visit him. It was our last hope. Nikita lost a lot of weight. He slept badly; his cough was with strong attacks, up to vomiting. After Berik’s admittance the cough attacks stopped, the child started to eat well, he got a power and activity. Before the treatment, during the last two months he could not lift on the 3rd floor because he got tired very much. He constantly sweated very much; his pillow was always wet after a sleep. Now the child just came to life, he does not sweat. Everything normalized after the treatment. Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev, he returned me my grandson. May God keep you safe! My great personal appreciation to him!

Oleinik Svetlana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 14.09.2012

I came to Berik to treat my thyroid body. Before I took iodine-contained drugs,

but they were useless. Having read the newspaper article I decided to address Doctor Berik. At the first day of the treatment I had severe fever. In 2-3 days I’ve felt prickling in the area of thyroid body, some changes happened. I felt alert and lightness after every admittance. Performance capability and certainty appeared. I make morning exercises with pleasure. I’ve got the good result!

Kovalenko Valery, Astana, Kazakhstan, 07.09.2012

My problem was in vessels. My legs started to numb, even during day time. When I faced headaches

I firstly thought that it is response to weather change, but further this pain became constant, especially at the morning. Then my heart was suddenly getting worse. Breathlessness appeared. Of course, I addressed cardiologist and I passed an examination. I’m 51 years old. Physicians said that I faced the problems with mitral valve. The vessel disease was a reason of it. I want to treat; I want to live at the utmost. They explained to me that it is cureless and at the proper time, when my disease will be of 4th degree, I would be operated with a goal to replace the valve. I was shocked to sit and wait when everything will progress. Probably, the good fortune helped me, I found Berik’s article in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». I immediately entered Internet, and read all the comments on site. What do I wait; it is possible to face a miracle? I called, registered to be admitted and I waited during 2 months. I came to be admitted, but I had doubts in a soul, because the physicians said not to treat. I felt that Berik’s hands radiated a warm. Every next day the warm transformed into heat. The comfortable fever inside wrapped up the heart, and gradually disappeared. After the 5th admittance I started to breathe easier, heart beating became better. I did not believe myself; my hands became warm, although the extremities always were cold. At the next admittances the heat was getting less, vice versa. I felt the great inflow of power; I wanted to enjoy my life. I had good sleep, I was assured internally. But recently my heart was beating heavily, only 48-52 beats per minute. I do not know what Berik does by his hands at the treatment. I cannot explain that. But the fact is that he makes such result! I was assured in it. Heart is the main indicator of our health. I wish Berik the success and spiritual growth! I wish happiness to him!

Shevchuk Ludmila, 51y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28.08.2012

I’ve undergone Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course - 10 admittances.

Before the treatment my pulse was 46 beats per minute. After the treatment it has increased up to 64 beats per minute. Before the treatment my legs were always in fire due to the bad blood circulation, after the treatment I forgot what it is. I felt alert; my sleep was good, my heart stopped to be ill. Thanks to Berik! I wish further success to him! As well as well-being to him and his family!

Kurmanova Madina, Astana, Kazakhstan, 25.08.2012

My granddaughter and I underwent Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course.

I came with head hematoma after falling. There was weakness, faintness and distaxia. My granddaughter has allergy. I was completely recovered by the Doctor, the hematoma disappeared, motion coordination was rehabilitated, and my general state is good. My granddaughter lost rales in thorax, eyes and nose stopped irritating, she lost a weight. We hope to undergo one more course in future. I want to appreciate the Doctor for his hard work, and for his great help to us. Reverences to you, Doctor! With the wishes of all earthly goods to you! Seifullin’s family.

Seifullina Mastura, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 23.08.2012

I’m Saktaganova Raya, born on 1946. Since 2001 I’ve suffered problems with stomach

and lever (pancreatitis). I visited successfully Berik in 2007 for the first time. After his treatment I never addressed physicians. Now I decided to treat again. I appreciate Berik! His treatment is very effective! I wish health and happiness to him and his family!

Raya, Astana, Kazakhstan, 23.08.2012

My son and I underwent Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment course. My son had headaches, intracranial pressure

and metabolism disorder. After the first course he started to feel alert, headaches disappeared, he started to sleep well. We appreciate Berik for all his deeds, we wish him health, happiness and many years of life! We hope to continue the treatment further up to the complete recover.

Baizakova Akmaral, Atyrau, Kazakhstan, 18.08.2012

My mother registered me to be admitted by Berik Zhangirbayev. She hoped to treat me from allergy

that I suffer since my childhood, intracranial pressure and bronchocele. At the first admittance I felt the strong heat in the area of my heart, head, then all over my body. Berik Zhangirbayev explained that the stronger is the heat the weaker is my blood circulation. As well at the first admittance I had severe headache and I wanted to sleep very much. Doctor explained that all the diseases appear due to the weak blood circulation. That is a reason of my cold extremities, general weakness, fatigue, headaches and even long-term sleep not giving alert and feeling of relaxation. Berik Zhangirbayev warned me that I had to observe a regime and strict diet in order to get maximal profit of the treatment as well as to accelerate a process of recovering. After every admittance the heat in my thorax decreased and alert and energy increased. Now I wanted to sleep less than before, and I felt alert in the morning. Now my extremities always were warmed, there were no headaches, the allergic sores on my face visibly decreased, and the general tonus of the body is visibly increased. Thanks to Berik for all of it! I wish him to achieve all the established goals and tops, as well as I wish happiness to you and your family!

Rashitova Dilmar, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 17.08.2012

I came to Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev with complaints for chronical bronchitis

and hypertension. Doctor kindly admitted me, assured that he would help me. I underwent the treatment course. I memorized the first day: I felt the hard inflow of heat and warm over all the body, I wanted to sleep very much. Now I have no practically a cough, my blood pressure is in norm. I’m very happy! Thanks to Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev for rehabilitation of the lost health! Let success accompanies him during all his life!

Tikhonova Nadezhda, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 16.08.2012

I had disabled heart and stomach for a long time. Attending some admittances

of Berik Zhangirbayev, I felt lightness, sleep amelioration and alert. Functioning of my heart became better, the pressure normalized. Berik’s treatment gave visible positive result. I want to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for his help, rendered in recovering of my health and I want sincerely to wish him success in his job!

Kenzhegulov Nurmukhamed, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

I’m glad that I made acquaintance with Berik and I underwent his treatment course.

I had a lot of problems with my health. All diseases are in the in a state of neglect. Now I feel much better, my digestion and blood circulation became better. Thanks to Berik! I wish health to him and his family and all his relatives!

Bakhyt, Astana, 06.06.2012

I addressed Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev with pains in my back, headaches and sleeplessness.

I have spinal disc herniation. Now I feel good. Headaches and pains in my back disappeared. I sleep well. Thanks a lot to Berik! I wish well-being and success to him and his family!

Damira, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.06.2012

Before I first time visited Berik Zhangirbayev I had constant fatigue, I was always cold,

I had headaches and heaviness in stomach. It seemed to me that a blood passed badly through my veins. It was a reason of diseases. Now I feel lightness in my legs, my tonus is good and I’m not cold.

Saule, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.06.2012

I addressed Berik with headaches, pains in axis and general discomfort.

After 20 courses of treatment I feel good. During the treatment I recovered my health and I learned a lot, I studied a lot from communications with you. Thank you, Berik, for your treatment and understanding.

Elena, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28.06.2012

I, Nugmetov Sultan suffered heart attack two years ago and one year after that I started to face headaches.

My blood pressure fell down to 90/60, my pulse decreased down 53. The drugs stopped to help me. After the fifth admittance I felt amelioration. My headaches disappeared, the pulse increased, the pressure normalized. Now my pulse is from 60-70, pressure - 120/80, my head is clear. I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev and I wish a success to him!

Nugmetov Sultan, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 27.06.2012

I have cholecystitis. On December 2010 I was operated and my gall bladders were removed.

Since I had weakness, headaches and sleeplessness. In 2011 I was admitted three times in hospital, my state ameliorated but only temporarily. Since May 21 I started to get Berik’s treatment. Moreover, in June 2011 physicians detected hepatitis B in my body. I took anti-virus therapy that I underwent very difficult. I had anemia and severe weakness. During Berik’s treatment I started to be interested in life, my weakness disappeared, very good sleep appeared, I almost lost my heaviness in the right hypochondrium. I wish good health to you and your family as well as great family happiness. Let your children gift you a joy! With sincere appreciation,

Biruzovskaya Sophia, 64y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 05.06.2012

I have spinal disc herniation, smacking severe pains in the legs. My legs grew hardly numb and flew off.

My mother recommended me Berik Zhangirbayev, she read about in mass-media. Long-term treatments in hospitals gave me only temporary alleviation but I always faced pains. Physicians advised me to make an operation. I called to Berik Zhangirbayev’s office and I registered to be admitted by him. At the first day of admittance the Doctor said to me, that he would treat me without any drugs which were prescribed by the physicians. At the first admittance warm came from hands. At the 3rd – 4th admittance I had severe headache and there was recrudescence. But further all these symptoms disappeared during the treatment. I have now good state, and alert in the whole body. Thanks a lot to Berik Zhangirbayev for his treatment. I wish good health to him and his family!

Saginbekov Saken, 39y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 02.06.2012

I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev from my aunt, when I was in a hospital.

I was admitted in the hospital with severe pains in the area of lever and gall bladders. In 2011 I suffered pains. I was operated and my appendicitis was removed. After leaving the hospital I faced pains during two months. I was examined and it turned up that there are stones in gall bladders. I was offered surgical intervention. But narcosis is forbidden for me, besides I have severe headaches, pains in kidneys. I felt fatigue and I did not want to live. When I visited Berik for the first time, I liked Berik’s speech «I’m sure in myself» and I saw a hope in these words. Coming at home I fell in sick. I had headache, my heart was severely ill, I was all shaking. I faced the pain during 5-6 admittances. After the 6th admittance I started to feel wonderful: my headaches disappeared, my heart and lever stopped to be ill completely, I had appetite and I revived internally and externally. I revised my view of the world. I’m living, I want to live and it is everything due to you, Berik. Thank you and your parents for such wonderful man as you are. I wish a health and happiness to you and your family. May God keep you safe!

Fedoseeva Anastasia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 30.04.2012

During 3 years I felt aggravation of my health state. There was distention of stomach, pains in spinal disc,

sleeplessness. Pulse constantly beat in my neck and head. Then numbness of the left part of the body started. When I made medical image of axis it turned up there was cele, protrusion and general degradation of axis. I addressed endocrinologist, neuropathologist, I underwent different treatments, but without any positive results, more over I faced alusias of drugs. I read an article about Berik Zhangirbayev in the newspaper « Komsomolskaya Pravda». I learned that there is an opportunity to recover a health without any drugs, only due to his powerful energetic affection on a patient’s blood circulation. I consider that his treatment is ideal for me. I rehabilitated my sleep, hydrops disappeared, my neck can easily and freely turn, and the most important thing is the blood circulation of the left part of my body was rehabilitated as well, no numbness, cold extremities and light and clear head during a whole working day. I appreciate with all my heart the wonderful Doctor, healer, miraculous, kind, and modern business man! I wish you to achieve the highest tops in your profession, good health and well-being to all your family!

Boguslavskaya Svetlana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 21.04.2012

I know Berik long ago. Periodically, I underwent his treatment since 1992.

He recovered my heart, pancreatitis and other diseases. I got always the positive results of the treatment. At this moment I addressed him with a pain in my hand. I could not lift my right hand, though till today, I’m 65 now, I could crossed the hands behind my back, and now it hanged on, literally … When I came to Berik he started to treat my heart and lever in parallel with my hand. I have heavy pinched nerves. That’s why I have headache, pains in chop, in ear, from the right hand. I have also cardiac ischemia. All that formed a double shock on my body. It is necessary to note that during Berik’s treatment my breathlessness became less. I think that to the end of the treatment the breathlessness will disappear, I’m sure. When I tried to treat my hand, then during the first four days there were such severe pains as any power resuscitated my hand by pains. After the third admittance the pain decreased. Today I’ve undergone five admittances. I have a good mood, the pains decreased almost for 90%. Berik, let God gives you a good health, happiness, family well-being and success in your affairs!

Serimova Maria, Astana, Kazakhstan, 17.03.2012

I read about Berik Zhangirbayev in newspaper. I’ve been ill during half a year.

I addressed a lot of physicians. I took varied drugs. It was effective only for short time. Now it is my 10th admittance by Berik Zhangirbayev... After the first one my stomach was wrong, I wanted to sleep very much. After the third admittance my health state became better, and then every day it ameliorated. His hands – are a miracle that returns a life to people. I wish Berik a health and many years of life.

Batima, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 16.02.2012

I read about Berik Zhangirbayev’s dower in newspaper in 2008, and I understood immediately that

he could help me. But there were a lot of obstacles in my job activity, and some other reasons and I could not meet him. At the end of 2011 I understood that I lost time, and I had more and more problems with my health. I collected a lot of diseases: osteochondrosis, headaches, allergy of drugs and foods, constant gravedo, weakness, loss of appetite, disbacteriosis, and chronical fatigue syndrome. I could live but it was not comfortable and enjoyable life. I acquired the wings after the first two admittances. I felt such inflow of energy as I rejuvenated. My life started to play in varied colors. I had a light sleep, wake up and bubbly personality, it meant that I grew young! But suddenly I faced with diarrhea in the middle of the treatment course. Doctor reassured me and he said that it was normal response of the body. It was cleaning up procedure. Then I lost my problem with tongue. It intumesced and became a problem for eating process, because the tongue very sensitively responded to all touches and affections. Everything disappeared. Now I’m full of energy and optimism. I feel that all my problems went away, due to nuances suffered me earlier: heavy headedness in the morning, woodiness, loss of appetite, my neck recovered – I hardly turned my head in the morning. Now I can eat everything what I want, because I have no more allergy. I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for his friendly attitude, for his help to forget my physical problems and to learn much more about the life. Due to Berik I know my life has to be amended! I wish you success and health!

Dementiev Oleg, 50y.o., Astana, Kazakhstan,11.02.2012

When I came to Berik I had a lot of sores. Many of diseases I learned during Berik’s treatment because

they were latent. I had poor immunity and living tonus, my thyroid body was increased, I had herpetic fever. When I came back at home in the evening I could not play with my child because I felt constant fatigue. After 3 days of the treatment I’ve felt alert. In the evening I played with my child without any problems and I stand up in the morning at 06.30 am without alarm clock. Herpetic fever disappeared very quickly, and my living tonus increased up to the maximum. After 10 days of the treatment my body started to clean up, my kidney started to operate well and to promote cleaning of the body. I feel updated! Thanks a lot to Berik for all of it! I wish a health and happiness to him and to his family!

Romanova Anastasia, 24 y.o., Almaty, Kazakhstan, 04.02.2012

I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev with all my heart! He is a man, awarded a dower from Lord!

I came to him when I was 55 years old with a lot of diseases: hypertonia, pyelonephritis, intracranial pressure, rheumatism etc. I’ve been finding a meeting with the Doctor during many years. Then such opportunity appeared. After the first admittance I faced the sever recrudescence, but I was warned about it. Further, the next days of the treatment amelioration happened, my mood increased, muscle internals spasms disappeared, I felt lightness. It is really a miracle, created by the natural dower!

Iskakova Zhumagul, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 28.01.2012

I learned about Berik Muktarkhanovich from the newspaper article. I faced the sores on my face.

The frequent visits to cosmetologist did not help me. But in a process of treatment it turned up that I had much more disorders in my body. My body was hardly slaggy. I had constantly icy hands and legs, as well as wet heel of hands. To the end of Doctor Berik’s treatment all the signs of the bad blood circulation disappeared, hands and legs became warm; the hairs stopped to come out, nail structure became better. Moreover a sleep and appetite normalized. At present, I have very good mood, I feel updated. It was impossible to tell that before the treatment. During 13 days of the treatment Berik Muktarkhanovich has done colossal work. I’m sure that he affects a life of everybody who comes to him and Doctor Berik amends the patient’s life. All his work done demonstrates the high professionalism of Berik Zhangirbayev. I sincerely appreciate Berik Muktarkhanovich for his job! I wish him professional success and the most important thing – it’s a health!

Kairbekova Aknur, 18 y.o., 28.01.2012

I suffered intracranial pressure from my childhood. I often had headache and sickliness.

In my childhood I had severe headaches and I was prescribed hormonal tablets. After it I fatted very much. In recent times I had headaches during the whole days. They made me injections and drip bulbs, but it helped me only for one week. Then again I had headaches, silkiness, faintness, sonitus and heavy headedness. After that I faced unexplainable fear which led to tachysphygmia. The fear appeared from nowhere. I missed an air, I had breathlessness. I was always in the bad mood. Hands and legs were cold. I lost completely an interest to live. One day my aunt told me about Doctor Zhangirbayev, who recovered her from anemia. She brought me to visit Doctor Berik. After the first admittance I started to breathe easier and some tension in my heart disappeared. It was absolutely unexplainable! In the evening I felt very strong inflow of blood to my legs and around the whole body. I felt as I had high temperature. The Doctor recommended me to relax as much as possible. I suffer nothing to the end of my treatment. Even my skin became glabrous, dryness went away. I’m sincerely glad of the treatment results! I appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev! Thanks a lot to him that he helped me to return a smile on my face and he taught me to think positively!

Duissenova Gulzhan, 17 y.o. 28.01.2012

In 2000 I was in hospital during long time with a diagnosis – asiderotic anemia (I lost a lot of blood).

My friends advised me to address Doctor Zhangirbayev. After the 4th admittance I felt very good, and stopped to undergo the treatment course. Since 2010 I started to suffer severe headaches and pains in my legs (further transformed into extremities numbness). Physicians diagnosed neuropathy and spinal disc protrusion for me. I was stretched on special bed; they made injections and put the systems. I took a lot of possible drugs. As a result of such treatment I started to suffer the drug allergy. My hair went away; I lost 17 kg in weight. I lost appetite and living power and I became absolutely helpless. When I’ve read newspaper article about Doctor Zhangirbayev, I was very glad and I addressed him again. After his treatment course the pains in muscles disappeared, I started to walk more steadily, I forgot about headaches, an appetite, alert and interest to live appeared. Now I feel a human being at the utmost. Thanks a lot to Doctor Zhangirbayev for his help and my return to the life!

Rakhmetova Sholpan, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 28.01.2012

I want to appreciate Berik for his magic hands! My body was slaggy;

I had a general weakness and excessive hidrosis. I’m 55 years old. I read about Berik in newspapers, then I decided to visit him and now I do not regret. I feel like for 25-30 years old. I stopped to sweat, my general tonus increased, I have wonderful mood. I became energetic and full of power! It is wonderful when you feel healthy. That’s all due to Berik’s hands. Thanks a lot to him, further success in job, in his personal life and good health to him!

Best regards, Tassanov Berik, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 27.01.2012

My name is Bilebayeva Ainura. I heard about Berik, but I could not be admitted by him. Today,

I finish my treatment. I had a problem with my heart: constant pains every day. Now no any pains. He has really a dower. It seems to me that I was born again, now I shall live in other way. Now I feel I’m a beautiful bird! I have a lot of wishes to Berik, but the main one is a health and many years of life!

Ainura Raimbekova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 14.12.2012

Dear Berik, I appreciate you for your treatment! You helped to my daughter who had asthma

during many years. We’ve already lost our hope to recover her. Moreover, you have recovered from allergy my granddaughter and me. I suffered bronchitis during two years, which almost transformed into asthma. Standard practice medicine was effectless. I started to feel better due to you. To the end of the treatment my health became definitely good, I had alert and enjoy of life. Besides the main disease I addressed Berik, I lost pains in axis and lumbus that I suffered more than 20 years. I appreciate you once more for all of us! I wish a health to you! We all need you so much! I wish you further success and lucky in your activity!

Axenova Svetlana, Astana, Kazakhstan, 20.12.2011

I know Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev more than 4 years. Initially, my brother underwent Berik’s treatment,

because of his headaches. After 10 admittances my brother’s headaches disappeared. Now I brought my son. Right after the 2nd admittance my child lost fatigue and irritation. The physicians diagnosed him with intracranial pressure. They prescribed a lot of drugs; we underwent the varied courses of treatment. As a result me son’s sleep was disordered, there were sores on his body. Now we’ve undergone 10 admittances of Berik’s treatment. My son’s health was getting better, sores disappeared. Berik Muktarkhanovich, I wish good health to you and thank you very much!

Saniya Akhmetova, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 23.12.2011

I’m Karibayeva Galiya. To my 58 years old I had a lot of diseases. I tried to treat, but all the drugs were useless.

Moreover, I recognized that some drugs hurt me. I knew about Berik Zhangirbayev from my relatives, recovered due to him from different diseases. That’s why I undoubtedly decided to undergo the course of his treatment. From the first days of the treatment I stopped to take drugs counter several diseases and I felt good herewith. I had alert, headaches and kidney pains disappeared. Blood pressure was normalized. Thank you, Berik! I wish health and happiness to you and to your family!

Karibayeva Galiya, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 21.10.2011

I’m Utesheva Merei. I’m 12 years old. I have metabolism destroyed in my body.

I had always headaches after my school classes, now, after the treatment, no headaches and I feel excellently! Berik Zhangirbayev, thank you very much! I wish you good health and success in your job! I want to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for his treatment. I had earlier intracranial pressure. Now I feel good after the treatment. I wish you success in further activity.

Merei Utesheva, Astana, Kazakhstan, 29.11.2011

I had different problems with my health: hypertension, dystonia, and osteochondrosis.

I remember very well my first visit Doctor Zhangirbayev. It was 1,5 year ago. He said that firstly it was necessary to grow up an immunity, to improve cardiac operations and blood circulation system. After that the Doctor put his hand on my heart. The second hand he put on my head. It was getting warm immediately. After this admittance I came home. My heart beat very hard and my pulse became more frequent. I scared very much and I stopped the treatment. As it happened I did it uselessly. The cardiac pains were the signs of active treatment. In several weeks heart beats frequency was normalized. Dystonia disappeared. My pressure came in norm, from 140 to 115. I stopped “to catch” any infections, I caught before constantly. In general, I decided to finish the treatment course. I came to Doctor Zhangirbayev recently and I have undergone the full course of the treatment. I lost all the signs of osteochondrosis and pains, associated therewith. My shoulder stopped be sick. I felt an inflow of alert and power. Before my acquaintance with Doctor Zhangirbayev (through Internet), I visited a lot of physicians, neuropathologists, endocrinologists, manual therapists. They are all specialists, of course, in their spheres, but they tried to treat certain fragments of my bad health. I’ve got a combined attitude during Doctor Zhangirbayev’s treatment.

Nurkeyev Kairat, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 25.10.2011

Dear Berik, I want to appreciate you on behalf of our family! We are treated by you several times

and every year we assure more and more in a power of your dower. On behalf of myself I want to say that since the first day of the treatment I feel an inflow of energy, my immunity increased, and I have a feeling that I can do everything what I want even in my age of 48. It is not easy. You are a man of big heart, you are very light man and your energy charges and gives power to everybody. Result of your treatment cannot be compared with anything else, it is an extraordinary dower. I want to wish a health, success in your affairs, happiness to you and your relatives. Let everything good you gave to other people return to you multifold.

Best regards, Zhaniya Mautenbayeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 21.10.2011

My name is Symbat, I’m studding in the 4th class. I came to the Doctor’s treatment

together with my grandmother. I have asthma, I constantly coughed and sneezed. Today I finished my treatment. Now no cough, no sneeze worries me. I feel alert and I’m not as tired in the school as it was before.

Symbat Rakhimova, Astana, Kazakhstan, 20.10.2011

My name is Bisembai Ruslan. I’m 12 years old. I suffered headaches. Moreover

I hardly stood up in the morning. Since my first visit to Berik Zhangirbayev my headaches disappeared. I started to wake up and stand up in the mornings with lightness. Earlier I was getting tired very quickly in the school during a day. Now I do not feel fatigue till the evening. I feel excellently. I started to study better in math, and my score became higher. I’m amazed at such type of treatment! I wish you great success in your heavy, but necessary job!

Bisembai Ruslan, 20.10.2011

Before the treatment I had permanent feeling of depression, depressed state.

Hand and leg extremities were cold; I had problems with intestinal habits. Periodically I had severe headaches. There was wrong with my lever (I was ill of hepatitis). Now, after Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment I feel lightly, hand and leg extremities were getting warmer, no problems with intestinal habits. My pressure is normal; I stand easily, relaxed in the morning. I have lightness in all my body. Thanks a lot Berik for your treatment! Your hands are a miracle! Warm is coming not only from your hands, but from your body in a whole! Your treatment gives to people everything the most positive! Dear Berik, I wish a health to you and to your family!

Gulnara, Aktau, Kazakhstan, 29.09.2011

I heard long time ago about Berik Zhangirbayev and his natural dower. I’ve visited him only this year.

His hands are a miracle, and the treatment I got of these hands I think I never get it anymore! Thank you, Berik that you exist in our world! Thank you for help and treatment! I got the treatment from him in psychological aspect, just communicating with him properly. Thank you for all the words I heard of you. I wish you, Berik, a health to you and to your relatives!

Best regards, Saule Kozhakhmetova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 18.08.2011

I came to Berik Zhangirbayev from Petropavlovsk City. Since 2007 I’ve been ill with stenocardia.

Two times a year I got the hospital treatment. I had strong breathlessness with attacks, constant weakness, my hands and legs grew numb, and no appetite. Finally, I had the elevated fatigue. I always addressed physicians, got the course of treatment, I was prescribed the intravenous systems, tablets. Sometimes I felt ameliorations, but then everything started again. I took drugs permanently. My wife told me about Berik Zhangirbayev. We read about his treatment in newspaper. We called him and we were registered to be admitted at once. When I came in Almaty I had breathlessness. I hardly lifted to the 2nd floor. After the 2nd admittance I felt the visible amelioration. Breathlessness, fatigue and numbness of hands and legs disappeared. The most important thing was I had an appetite, before I could not eat even the child’s dose. Now I do not have any fatigue. It is easy for me to stand in the morning without former fatigue. Earlier I could not even to shave by myself, now I wish to walk more. (Probably I walked around the entire city!). I want to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for his help! You put me on my legs!

Mussin Kalizhan, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, 13.08.2011

Dear Berik, I felt depressed and I constantly wanted to sleep before your treatment.

My hands and legs were permanently cold. After the 8th admittance my mood increased, the constant drowsiness disappeared. My hands and legs became warmer. I appreciate you for such tremendous help! Now I feel wonderful! Thank you!

Best regards, Anastasia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 10.08.2011

We came to Berik Zhangirbayev from Stepnogorsk City, Akmolinskaya oblast. My daughter Aigerim is 6 years old.

At her 1,5 year she was diagnosed with obstructive bronchitis. When she was 4 it transformed into bronchial allergy. The first time we read about Berik’s treatment in the newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” in 2007, but we could not come at that period. Recently we have read about Berik again in the newspaper and we were very glad to visit him. During the treatment for Aigerim there was no a process of recrudescence. She started to sleep very well (before she had troubled sleep due to the intracranial pressure). She had periodically eruptions in a shape of diathesis and she suffered a light pruritus. At the 4th admittance the pruritus practically disappeared and her skin became glabrous. Her appetite for sweets decreased. Today, at the 12th day, Aigerim feels recovered, merry and alert. Thanks a lot and reverence to Berik for his heavy but necessary job. Let the life gives you everything so best and good as you gave to people with your help!

With appreciation, Aigerim Alibekova’s mother, 06.08.2011

My name is Bakhytgul. We came with my mother and sister in law from Aktobe City.

I’m diagnosed with bronchitis and pharyngitis. My mother has asthma and evolving stenocardia. My sister in law has hypertension syndrome and bronchitis. At the beginning of the treatment we had drowsiness, average appetite, diarrhea, cough, begma, recrudescence of diseases and finally we felt amelioration. Doctor Berik Zhangirbaev has an extraordinary dower. WE underwent the whole course of the treatment and we’re going to leave completely recovered! Thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev! We wish him good health, happiness and success!

With the best wishes, Bakhytgul Esirkepova, 30.07.2011

We came from Ekibastuz. Surely, I’m sorry that we did not have enough time to get the whole course of the treatment.

I have spinal disc herniation. During the treatment I’ve felt that Berik has really special hands. At the beginning his hands brimmed a warm, then a heat, after that the penetrating warm again. I feel that my axis spasms disappeared and alert appeared. He is very interesting man in his own right, but at the same time he is very mysterious man. Thank you, Berik, for your warm. All the best! With appreciation, Kulyash!

Kulyash, Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, 15.06.2011

Berik really has an exclusive dower that was awarded to him by Allah! I often suffered pains in my heart and kidneys.

But at his treatment I felt the animative blood circulation in my whole body. I think the root of my diseases was here. At the moment I feel wonderful! No pains and my hands became so warm. I underwent one course of the treatment and soon I’m going to take another one. I appreciate you with all my heart!

Koshrasarova Aisulu, Taraz, Kazakhstan, 10.06.2011

In 1998, at the 7th day after child-bearing, I was admitted in resuscitation department, where I spent a week –

my ventilation immediately stopped working etc. I had to spend 10 days in a hospital. Since that time I always suffered my airways. The treatment with the strongest antibiotics led to the varied diseases, I could not live to the utmost. This winter I caught a bad cold and I had to address physicians again. The strong course of antibiotics was useless, my analyses were very bad. I was out of my mind. Happy-go-lucky I bought a newspaper and learned of it about Berik Zhangirbayev. As a man, grasping at straws, I visited him with a hope. The first 5 days of the treatment brought the long-awaited alleviations. I started to sleep well, an appetite appeared, I felt inflow of energy. But at the 6th day, in the evening, the sudden burst of recrudescence happened – I burnt with fever, my temperature increased and there was an output of fel. But till the morning everything disappeared, like there was no anything. I felt again alleviation and increase of energy. It lasted 7 days. Then the stage of stabilization came. But I had still a cough, though begma exited actively at mornings and during a day. Gradually my hands and legs were getting warmer. My body thermoregulation was improved. Then I had again recrudescence, which appeared in evenings. But every next morning I felt the constant inflow of energy and alert. Depression, negative thoughts and fears started to disappear. I started to hear my body as music. Every Berik’s admittance became for me not only a process of physical recovery, but a travel inside my deep “Me”. I was not afraid, because I had a guide, who met me every day with a smile. Everything he done was full of light of his kindness and love to people, to life and to the world. Berik, thank you for this light, for this love to the life, for your art of recovering not only a body but a soul as well! With the best wishes to you!

With love and appreciation, Mirzakiyeva Gulmira, 03.06.2011

I suffered asthma during 15 years. I addressed many physicians and hospitals. Nothing helped me.

As well I suffered liver and kidneys. I took drugs every day, with no results. I suffered constantly attacks of asphyxia. I read about Berik Zhangirbayev from Internet. At once I decided to visit him. Besides asthma I had general weakness, I was constantly in bed, no appetite. Right after the 3rd admittance my headaches disappeared, my sleep was getting well, I started to feel appetite, to walk more, and my blood circulation was getting better. At the moment I feel excellently! Let such people as Doctor Berik is more! I wish him success in everything!

Nesypkhan Alpysbayeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25.05.2011

Earlier I suffered allergy and osteochondrosis. We learned about Doctor Zhangirbaev’s treatment from newspapers.

After the 3rd day of the treatment I started to feel ameliorations, inflow of energy. Pains in lumbus disappeared. I wish Berik Zhangirbayev many years of happy life and robust health!

Baten Nassimova, Astana, Kazakhstan, 25.05.2011

I always understand painting, choreography, cinematograph and literature as “Art” because

I’m creative person. Now I learned one more creative sphere – «Art of treatment». Due to Berik Zhangirbayev I got rid of my diseases and chronic fatigue. I learned the real capacities of my body, I self-actualized, I learned my nature, reasons of the diseases, I suffered before, and I’ve removed them. I’m surprised with Berik Zhangirbayev’s attitude to his treatment, patients and his job. I’m wondering of the body responses, the processes, which happen therein during the treatment and the effect, remained after the treatment. With such high level skill, making the correct steps in arrangement of his business and using his dower, Berik Zhangirbayev presents a dream, hope and health to people. I sincerely wish his job becomes a patrimony of our country!

Sholpan Suleimenova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 21.05.2011

I read about Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev in newspapers, but before I watched in TV set the programs about his wonderful capabilities.

I’m ill about 10 years. I underwent a treatment in clinic 2 times a year, and in January 2011 I was admitted in clinic once more and I spent more than one month there without any ameliorations. I was diagnosed, firstly, asthma, then obstructive bronchitis. Begma and asphyxia did not disappear. Then I’ve decided to visit Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. Just after 4th admittance, I started to sleep without asphyxing begma. Today it is my 14th admittance. Due to the Berik’s wonderful hands I feel alert. No headaches and asphyxia. Due to miracle and force of his hands I’m healthy again! I wish Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev a health, well-being and success on his thorny way and recognition by all over the world!

Altynai Ramazanova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 16.05.2011

Berik Zhangirbayev has exclusively positive energy! It gives forces and health to everybody. I had severe pains in my back,

constant problems with my throat (angor, pharyngitis). After the 2nd séance I felt a relief, and after the 3rd one I understood that I can move and walk without any pains in the back. Berik Zhangirbayev really has miraculous capabilities! Thanks a lot to you, for your being, your work, treating and your cooperation with patients! Good Health to you!

Zhaniya Kerimova, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 13.05.2011

I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev from the article in the weekly newspaper «Arguments and Facts». At that time I had nasal allergy

and gastritis. I decided to visit Berik Zhangirbayev and get his treatment. From the first days of the treatment I felt that my diseases gave away, and my body started to generate immunity to these diseases. At the 10th day of the treatment I stopped to take tablets. I felt very good, as I never was ill before. I want to appreciate the magic man, Berik Zhangirbayev, who tries to treat every patient with all his heart! With the best wishes in your uneasy job!

Ernar Sultanov, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 05.05.2011

I heard about Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev... I decided to get a treatment course of him. I had a pain under the left bladebone and in Thoracic Area.

ECG and other tests showed that there is no problem. As it happens it was symptoms of cardiac diseases. After Berik’s treatment the pains disappeared. The general state was getting better, I became more alert, and no fatigue in practice, the morning woodiness in hands and legs disappeared. My health became much better. I express a great personal gratitude to the magic Doctor Berik and I wish him many lucky years of life and success in his affairs!

Beraripova Zhazira, Almaty, Kazakhstan, May 2011

During long time I read in Kazakhstani mass-media about Doctor Berik’s activity, but I did not have an opportunity

to get his treatment. Finally, it happened, I came to him with a problem of spinal disc herniation. Before I addressed all the hospitals and physicians, my lumbus underwent a lot of probes … In 5 days of Berik’s treatment I felt that my left leg freely “went away” from axis and the former woodiness disappeared. Then the pains in leg muscles disappeared, convulsive state of left leg fingers and numbness gradually disappeared. It was a miracle that I never more expected to get! Doctor Berik, I wish you a life for many years, happiness, health, let your dower gives happiness to people further. Happiness is a health of a man, and this health you can give us!

Rakhymbayeva Bekzat, Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 2011

We’ve come to Doctor Berik from Karaganda City. Our son suffered rattling and breathlessness. We did not know how to fight these diseases because the drugs were useless.

We’re advised to address Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. During the treatment course we’ve noticed ameliorations – rattling became less, son started to feel better. We want to thank a lot Berik Muktarkhanovich for his treatment, helping our son to recover. We wish Berik health, well-being and success in his medical activity.

Aigul, Karaganda, Kazakhstan 30.04.2011