National broadsheet Kazakhstanskaya Pravda. «VREMYA» dated 30.03.2007


The ordinary by a miracle


I'll tell you straight - I have never believed in folk healers. All those strange shenanigans would raise nothing more that a smirk from me. And when the newspapers began to publish revelatory material on their methods of 'healing', I became more than wary of them. Recently, while waiting for my doctor's appointment:

- I don't know what to do any more. This bloody asthma has totally exhausted me - one lady is complaining to another.

- I am going to give you the telephone number of a healer, your asthma will be banished as if by magic – the other lady reassures. Her unconditional faith in the healer startled me.

- Would you, please, give me the phone number, - I asked.

''The folk healer, Berik Zhangirbaev'' - is written on the piece of paper. I made a phone call and arranged a meeting. I went to that meeting with the firm intent of writing a critique. But as it turned out...


... There are only a few people in the waiting room before me waiting for the doctor.

- Not that many for a healer of such acclaim, I wonder.

- Not in the slightest! - I hear, - the appointments are fully booked months ahead. He only sees a few people each day.

I began to ask questions about him...

As soon as a 57-year-old lady from Astana heard about the wonder-healer, she immediately made her way here.

- I have been having problems with my bronchus for twenty-five years; - the lady says sharing her story. - I was suffering from severe rale. My lungs were filled up with phlegm. I had tried everything and everyone. I consulted specialists in Moscow, Saint Petersburg... even as far away as China. However it would only become worse and worse. I was in the depths of despair; there was little hope for recovery. Yet Berik performed a miracle. The rale had disappeared, the phlegm was considerably reduced. I feel almost totally recovered.

- I came to Berik with a range of ailments, - tells another patient. - I had Hepatitis C, a cyst in the thyroid gland, gallstones, diabetes. I also had fits of severе headaches which would end up in fainting. After only two courses of therapy, there is no trace of gallstones, the cyst has resolved, the blood sugar is normalizing. Early in the treatment even the hepatitis C virus disappeared, but then it returned. As the doctor said, the immunity is not completely restored just yet... What a blessing that he helped me! I think he was sent to me from heaven!

After such praising testimonials, I felt like being a witness to the sessions of treatment.

- Be my guest, - the healer agreed straight away.

A patient is helped to come into the office. He struggles to walk with agonizing pain.

- Relax, now you will feel a warmth.. - the doctor begins.

Then what happens after seems like a sheer wonder to me, a fantasy.

Berik puts his hand on the patient's body...

- Do you feel the warmth? - he asks.

- Yes, - I hear the answer.

Only a half an hour passes...

- And now you can get up and go, - he suddenly says.

The man looks at him apprehensively. Then slowly gets up, carefully rising to his feet, makes a step, another one ...

- The pain has almost vanished – says the patients, rejoicing.

I witnessed a genuine happiness in the face of the doctor. Now I realized - he shares in the feeling of a new lease of life which his patients experience, following their sessions.

- Doctor, you are my last hope, - is a regular confession of his patients.

Berik understands them like no other. After all, people who seek his help are those who were failed by orthodox medicine, as well as by other healers.

Berik's guest book is full of high praises about his treatment, including from international patients.

'I am so happy, I can hardly believe that I am thoroughly healthy now, - the comment from a patient from France. - I am overwhelmed... and infinitely, infinitely happy'.

- She had a badly suppressed immunity and disturbed metabolism, - the doctor recalled.

There is a bundle of photographs in front of me. On one of them is a middle aged man, whose entire body is covered by sores. Psoriasis. The length of his ailment - 25 years. The orthodox doctors had failed to cure. Another photo - the same man but with totally healthy smooth skin. He also was cured by our hero.

The folk healer Berik Zhangirbaev is 39 years old. He does not possess any medical training. Neither does he need any. He is a heaven-born doctor. He treats by his hands. And only his hands! The results are really staggering. Berik, holder of the State Perpetual License for Medical Practice, successfully cures many chronic conditions.

What I do, no-one else is able to do, - says the healer. - I actually prefer the challenge of treating ailments which are considered incurable.

He has been practicing this truly wonderful method of healing for 16 years. During that time, thousands of people literally passed through his hands.

It revealed itself when he was still a university student.

- One day I suddenly sensed that my palm was radiating an invisible stream, resembling compressed air, - recalls the healer. - In the beginning I treated my fellow students, then people from nearby villages. I also discovered in myself that I am able to define every ailment in the most minute detail, meanwhile thinking - where do I have this knowledge from? Now I have an explanation - this information is given to me by my powers. With time, my palm begins to radiate a wave, a flow. The results, which even then used to startle people, improved even further...

Berik Zhangirbaev does not diagnose. He heals, learning on a medical diagnosis. And it is not at all necessary for the patient to believe in him. Berik Zhangirbaev does not involve any preliminary psycho-emotional lead-in, nor hypnotic induction and suggestion in his healing process.

- I don't need any faith in me, - he explains. - My powers penetrate the person. That is why the only essential thing is contact. I put my hand on the person's body and the treatment commences.

The miraculous warmth, which radiates from his palm, penetrates into the patient's body, spreading into all organs. The ailing parts become particularly warm...

At the beginning of his practice he used to treat almost all conditions brought to him, including cardio-vascular diseases, gynecopathy, certain types of arthritis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, intracranial pressure, various infections...

Today, after 16 years in practice, Berik Zhangirbaev has reached the highest level of his abilities, he keeps conquering new ailments, one more complicated than another.

- If a person has a good immune system, the body fights against the ailments itself, - he reveals - whereas the immunity is largely dependent on blood circulation and metabolism. All the cells in the body are fed through blood. Thus, by regenerating blood circulation and metabolism, which excretes toxins from the system, I restore immunity, whereupon the body begins self-healing. That is the very essence of my method - in improving metabolic function of the body and regenerating its immunity. I recuperate it, and it deals with chronic ailments on its own.

Nevertheless, I am not a wizard. There are some conditions which I refer to as being 'even beyond God’s power'. For example, the last stage of cancer, when the organ is totally invaded. I used to take them on. I would prolong the person's life and make everything possible so the person could pass away without agony and excruciations. But I no longer deal with those kinds of cases, because my purpose is to create a recovery not send off.

Berik Zhangirbaev always cares about the results of his treatment.

- When I see improvements, it uplifts my spirit.

When he is asked if he has permanent clients, he answers: bad is the doctor, who has permanent clients.

- Today I have reached such heights that I feel myself a liberated man, - doctor Zhangirbaev shares with me. - I possess a great power. I can do things which no other can do. The challenge for me is to surpass what is achieved.


P.S. Today, in the beginning of the XXI century scientists all over the world acknowledge such curative phenomena and make attempts to find some explanations to them from the scientific point of view. Tens of international institutions are conducting extensive researches into alternative medicine, trying to find answers within literature sources. Berik Zhangirbaev was one of the first representatives of the alternative medicine who has demonstrated his abilities in front of scientists from the Department of Biophysics of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National State University. The head of the department, Doctor of the Alternative Medicine, Professor of Biophysics, V.M. Iniushin, gave the following comment on Berik's abilities:

- I have never yet met a healer like him. Berik is blessed with a natural gift, moreover, a very powerful one. This is a person who combines two extremely rare phenomena – a unique structure of bioplasm and exceedingly high energy intensity. When applied, they create plasma charge energy waves. A person experiences a flush of warmth, or in other cases chills. At this juncture blood circulation increases. We examined Zhangirbaev's patients and found the most exceptional clinical endpoints. Thus, under the impact of the bioplasm field of the healer stones disintegrated, tumors resolved, cardiovascular diseases disappeared, general tonus of the body increased. On his own account Berik arrived at the conclusion that while healing one must not treat the body in disjointed parts. Instead it must be treated as remediation of the whole system, holistically. Unfortunately, conventional medicine is only now beginning to open up to this holistic approach. It must be said that Berik's bio-energy structure is still in the process of forming which means that it will continue to develop and improve. His powers become ever stronger every day.

- I have been familiar with the healing practice of Berik Zhangirbaev for several years now, since the time I worked in the Medical Department of the University in Japan, - says Gabit Alipov, Doctor of Philosophy of Medical Science of the Nagasaki University reporting on his method. - When professors from that university in Japan visited Kazakhstan, I acquainted them with Berik Zhangirbaev, introducing him as a healer who possesses a natural gift. After learning about his method of healing and his results, the foreign guests were deeply surprised. They became so interested that one of them, Professor Sekine Igiro asked for a course of treatment with Berik Zhangirbaev and was completely overwhelmed by the result. I would like to say that Beirk is a true professional in his work. Not just once had I witnessed his successful treatment of thyroid conditions, respiratory and cardio-vascular systems. His natural powers regenerate blood circulation and metabolic function, - which stimulates the immune system of the body.