Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated 01.09.2011




Svetlana, 52 y.o.: I suffered with a hernia for 18 years. I tried every possible treatment available. I even went to Moscow… I sought help from folk healers, but nothing worked. Things became so bad that I couldn’t dress or put on my shoes without assistance. One of our family friends showed a newspaper article on the healer Berik Zhangirbayev to my husband. After reading it he told me about it. I was so exhausted and demoralised to the point that I didn’t pay any attention. However my husband kept urging me to read it so I eventually did. We came to the conclusion together that Berik was our last resort. My husband made a phone call to his clinic in Almaty (we live in Astana) and made an appointment. Some while later my appointment approached. On the first session I sensed some warmth in the heart and liver areas, and felt slightly lightheaded. On the second session the warmth intensified and after that I went through a phase of acute exacerbation: burning, throbbing pain in the spine and neck. However after the fourth session all the pain passed off as if by magic. Naturally, I asked the doctor what were the causes behind that. He explained to me that this is only a natural process, as the body’s immunity function was being increased and circulation improved, enabling cleansing from toxins to take place. I left the doctor’s office relieved: for the first time in years nothing ached in my body. I was so elated, I began to speak in verse. After each session I would immerse into a deep, almost around a clock, sleep. I would only wake up for the sessions. After the next session I went through a thorough purgation, I believe that was due to kidney gravels passing. Next morning I had a severe headache, but curiously, after the session it ceased completely. On the fifth day I was able to put on shoes by myself. It was a miracle for me! I think I even lost some weight as my eating behaviour changed. I was feeling this unexplainable lightness and buoyancy. This morning is the last day of my treatment, I walked all the way from the hotel to the clinic, which is something of a complete rarity for me. A friend of mine whom I visited recently could not believe my transformation for only a short time ago she had seen me utterly helpless. Having seen the results of doctor Berik’s treatment with her own eyes, my friend made an appointment that very same day. My joy is boundless… Berik’s hands emanate truly healing powers. Today I made an appointments for my entire family. I deeply admire Berik Zhangirbaev’s extraordinary gift and would like to express my endless gratitude to him!

Svetlana is only one of many patients of doctor Berik Zhangirbayev.

Such stories about extraordinary effects can be heard from each and everyone who had received his course of treatment. And those people are in thousands as Berik has been practicing for over 18 years. His is one of those doctors who is “passed on” by word of mouth, i.e. his patients recommend him to their family and friends. In order to redeem the most precious asset which one can have – one’s health - people come to seek Berik’s treatment from all over the country and from abroad. And it is small wonder, as:

- The healer Berik Zhangirbayev is blessed with a natural gift, moreover, a very powerful one! – comments the head of the Department of Biophysics of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National State University., Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Professor of Biophysics, Victor Iniushin, - This is a person who combines two extremely rare phenomena – an unique structure of bioplasm and exceedingly high energy intensity. When applied, they create plasmic charged energy waves.

At this juncture blood circulation increases. We examined Zhangirbayev's patents and found the most exceptional clinical endpoints. One should also note that Berik’s bio-energetic structure is still in the process of developing, which means that it is constantly advancing and improving. And with every day which goes by, his powers are accumulating bigger and better”. -

Berik Zhangirbayev cures conditions by which the traditional mainstream medicine is incapable. Therefore very often people approach him only when all the trust in the people in white coats had been exhausted… He cures such complicated conditions as cardiovascular disorders, goitre, hernia, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, gynaecological and visceral ailments, disbacteriosis, as well as some forms of arthritis…


Saniya, 47 y.o.: For about the past two to three years I had been suffering most excruciating headaches. Lately they became unbearable. Doctors suggested that it could be caused by my thyroid condition. I also had severe arrhythmia. One day I came across a newspaper article on Berik Zhangirbayev in the “MK in Kazakhstan”* (*equivalent of a national broadsheet in Kazakhstan – note of the translator) and called for an appointment straight away. Today I am finishing my course of treatment. I am extremely satisfied with the result: the headaches are almost gone, my heartbeat is more composed, and generally I have a feeling of wellbeing and vivacity. I am planning to have a short break and sign up for another course of treatment in order to complete my full rehabilitation.

Doctor Zhangirbayev’s treatment method does not involve any kind of preliminary psycho-emotional lead up, nor does it involve any hypnosis or neuro-induction

During the healing session he put his hands on the patient’s heart and liver area and his palms emanate some invisible energy – a healing warmth, which spreads over the body like a balsam. The patient feels relief almost straight away, feeling calm and pacified. His method rehabilitates the immune system, metabolic function and blood circulation to the utmost.

Mariya, 60 y.o.: I learnt about Berik from a friend of mine who had a course of treatment with him. I was so astonished with the result that I made an appointment right away. I suffered high blood pressure which exhausted me to the point of despair. I came to Berik with hope for cure. I recall that during the first session I experienced the peculiar sense of burning heels and pleasant warmth around the heart area. Next day I went through the exacerbation stage: a stomach ache and throbbing pain in the pancreas. However that didn’t put me off, as the doctor warned me beforehand of the possibility of such a processes. Nonetheless already after the third session my blood pressure dropped to 130, whilst normally it would rise to 150-160. For me it’s a small triumph. Berik checked my blood pressure before and after each session and the results always pleasantly surprised me. Today I finished my course of therapy feeling much better: no more headaches, normalised blood pressure. A great big thank you to Berik!

- You base your treatment on the determined diagnosis of mainstream doctors, - I address Berik, - Yet you always sense your patient’s conditions. And you are never wrong. I am aware of it, because I myself received your treatment and often witnessed your healing sessions

- Yes, in most cases I see and sense of what’s going on inside a person’s body even before I commence the therapy. Because I gained a thorough knowledge of the human body to such a deep and utter degree at times it surprises even me. For me it’s like a very familiar vehicle, I know it inside out, I know how to control it, how to pull it out, how to deal with the most difficult breakages… During the process of healing somewhere from above I receive more and more information about this vehicle. It used to surprise even myself, but now I know that this information is given to me by Nature. I am often asked: where do you know it from? And my usual answer is: I never know where I know everything I know from.

- What do you think is the main cause of ailments?

- During the Soviet era in our country there was a wide use of antibiotics on the national health service, as a result every succeeding generation was born with compromised immunity. The polluted environment also has harmful effects on our health. When the environment is contaminated our body accumulates toxins which cause health problems.

  • Such as?

- Bronchial asthma for example. Many parents still resort to the use of antibiotics for every common cold their child catches. That leads to clogging of the system, i.e. toxicity of such a vital organ as the liver. A tender child’s organism is vulnerable to many diseases, and that is only natural, as its immune system is still developing. By overcoming one or other disease, the child’s immunity builds up. When a child is coughing, the parents confuse it for a chest cold, but very often it is the result of over-use of antibiotics. Now antibiotics are taken even for asthma, which leads to intoxication of the body, hence – the dead end problems.

The verdict – often our ailments are self-inflicted. Back in the days, when I only began to deal with asthma cases, I used to exercise my impact only on the respiratory organs, and the results were not as effective as I had strived to resolve. Only when I began to induce the visceral organs, the liver in particular, I began to achieve some staggering results in curing this complicated condition.

This implies that phlegm, which clogs up the tubes, in asthma cases can only be excreted by rehabilitation of metabolic function! And my therapy does just that – rehabilitate the metabolic function, immune system and improves circulation. As a result, the body begins to vigorously excrete phlegm under its own power.

- You have been practicing for 18 years. While curing your patients’ serious conditions you always sense the moment when the ailment retracts and are aware of all processes which take place within the body. Have you made any conclusions?

- During my 18 year career I arrived at the conclusion that the most important target in dealing with the human body is the rehabilitation of its circulation. Yesterday one of my patients told me about her experience with a psychic. After the treatment when she would run after a bus she would do so without becoming short of breath, as before. However, sadly, this lasted a very short while. Later on, after having received my therapy she, at last, was able to enjoy the longed for effect, as a result of which she is light on her feet in catching public transport. According to her she even flies (laughing). There again, this patient recovered through the rehabilitation of her immune system.

- It has been established, that our state of health is predicated upon our way of living and our diet. But is it influenced by our mind?

- the Buddhist religion teaches us to live at peace with oneself. There is great wisdom in it! To live in peace with oneself, one has to reach a balance of mind. And that can only happen if you are being good. The most important thing by my book is to be in harmony with you conscience. When one is at odds with one’s soul, the body generates and accumulates tension. And that often lead to stress. And stress, as is known, is detrimental to health. Again, in respect of diet, I will give you an example from my professional experience. Once I treated a whole family: mother, father, son and daughter. All of them having one diagnosis – food allergy. When I questioned it closely it turned out that their diet comprised mainly of fried food. Hence the result. The metabolic function can be compromised by sedentary lifestyle, which is the topical problem of modern society… Mainstream medicine labels it “chronic fatigue syndrome”, whilst I identify it as damage of the immune system. Often, instead of changing their way of living, people resort to pharmaceuticals, ending up with chronic conditions which prohibit exercise.

- You are blessed with a very powerful natural gift. Does it have any impact on your personality?

- I am one those people who is constantly moving forward, who always seek advancement and perfection. When I accomplish one object, I set another one straight away. Naturally, first of all, all of my challenges are concern with my job, and which is my mission in life. I constantly challenge and perfect the potentials of my powers. And I am completely devoted to my medical career. I believe that is why my powers keep growing from strength to strength, and more and more ailments keep submitting to me. During my long career I became aware of one thing: that the bigger in terms of numbers and complexity in the conditions I cure, the bigger grows my confidence. When I am approached by a person whom everybody failed to cure, I somehow sense that I can. And I actually do cure. Therefore people who come to me have a confidence that I will cure them!

- You often use the collocation ‘the art of healing”. Why?

-Because I regard my clinic as an artist’s workshop, where masterpieces titled “health” are being created. When working with my patients I perceive this sophisticated, yet very well-known for me, mechanism called the human body. I am finely tuned to all the processes which are occurring inside it. In my treatment I tend to mastermind special schemes and use arithmetical calculations. An ailment for me is a mathematical problem of a sort, which I know how to solve by applying my own formula. It would be hard for you to comprehend if I say that during the healing session I sense not your soul, but the cells which your soul comprises. In our body, just like in life, small problems generate big ones. Therefore the physician who only sees big problems, neglecting a multitude of small ones (i.e. seeing not the body as the whole, but its every cell) will fail to determine the formula for abolition of the disease.

- You are blessed with a very powerful natural gift. Does it have any impact on your personality?

- I am very lucky: I am committed to my hard job. Why lucky? Once upon a time, because of the peculiarity of my skilled activity and the absence of its official status, I quit and returned a number of times. That obstacle course lasted for more than ten years. Resistance toughened me as a character and made me strong. Now I can confidently say that I finally became that person which I dreamt to see myself. All the troubles are behind me; my former enemies became my associates. I am one of those people who is constantly moving forward, who always seeks advancement and perfection. When I accomplish one objective, I set another one straight away. Naturally, and primarily, all of my challenges are with my job, which is my mission in life. So, the future holds new attainments, only this time around no obstacle course, just understanding and support. And my full dedication to the service of the humanity