Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated in april 2010

Natural gift


Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV: Our health problems are often self-inflicted.


We are in Berik Zhangirbayev's office. The waiting room in front of his office is not busy, however, every half an hour, strictly by prior appointment, arrives the next patient. People all over Kazakhstan come here to seek Berik's treatment. For Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev cures conditions which are beyond the abilities of conventional medicine.


He saved my mum's life

He is treating such obstinate ailments as cardiovascular conditions, goiter, hernia, gynecological conditions, conditions of visceral organs, pneumonia, dysbacteriosis, intracranial pressure, and various arthritic conditions as well as bronchial asthma. His treatment has such an incredible effect it staggers belief. Actually, this year is his 17th year of his medical career.

A young lady sitting next to me is one of his patients. Her treatment with Berik is the obvious example of the above.

- Are you here for treatment too? - I was surprised looking at the vivacious lady.

- Yes, for treatment, - she smiled. - You won't believe but only a few weeks ago I was in intensive care, suffocating from bronchial asthma.

- Why not, I do believe you, - I answered. - Several days ago my mum was taken to the hospital. Doctors put her on a drip and gave injections, but she was getting worse and worse. After four days doctors told me: 'You have to be prepared that your mother might not get better. You have to understand, it's the heart and you must be prepared for the worst'. It was Berik who came to the rescue. He put his hands on my mum's heart and the miracle happened, after about five minutes her breathlessness began to ease. My mum survived only because of Berik. She left hospital without any breathing problems. It felt like her revived heart had been charged with new energy. I keep bringing my mum to the wonder-healer because every session energizes her. I want to see her strong and fit again.

- Yes, Berik Zhangirbayev is a heaven-born healer, - happily said the young lady. - I am immensely grateful to him. He saved my life.

Life-long suffering.

The young lady's name is Valeria. When she was three years old, she caught a common cold. The doctor in the local surgery prescribed a course of antibiotics. However the treatment did not work. For more then twenty years her life became a sheer nightmare. She was tormented by agonising choking fits. The final diagnosis was bronchial asthma. The worst fits would occur at night time. The girl couldn't go to sleep and became scared of bed-times. Doctors prescribed her an inhaler, various medications, including hormonal, as well as injections and an intravenous dispenser. But the choking fits only increased and became more frequent. Intolerably suffering from shortness of breath, Valeria also began to gain extra weight, as well as having aching feet, heartburn, an allergy which lasted all year long and was literally an allergy to everything.

- I missed out on childhood, - revoking tearfully. - While other kids around would be playing about, jumping and running I couldn't do anything... not even laugh. Even the slightest movement or activity would cause shortness of breath straight away. All of the time I was with the inhaler. I experienced my first depressions in my childhood. When she was 12 years old she was offered disability status of the first degree, but she refused it flatly. She still refused to accept her illness and believed she could lead a normal life. The doctors kept saying to her: 'Be patient, people live with it'. And she bore it, even though at times life would become intolerable. At times it was so hard that she wished for death. Then, another blow - the doctors came to the conclusion that she shouldn't have babies. Valeria was in such despair that... she decided to have a baby. When she was pregnant, the doctors 'condemned' her childbirth to caesarean section. She believes that while she was bearing and giving birth to her child, God had mercy upon her. Indeed, at the most crucial and critical period of her life suddenly... choking disappeared and she gave birth on her own, without a caesarean.

However, the happiness of the 22-years old mother didn't last. Just four months after she had her baby, the fits returned. Seven times that year she was taken into intensive care in an unconscious condition. She would be 'pulled out', only to have another attack within a short time. Totally exhausted and despondent she plunged into severe depression. She felt so sorry for her little girl! Since the attacks would usually increase at night, she was not able to sleep, and in the morning, when the baby would awake, she wouldn't have any energy left. Valeria became so weak, that she wasn't able to hold her baby. When her daughter turned three, Valeria decided to end her own life. She nearly stepped over the balcony edge, when she was caught by her husband.


The last resort

- I have been through hell, - tearfully narrates Valeria. - The doctors were useless. I was laying on the floor at home, all blue, suffocating. My heartbeat was 150 per minute. And the resuscitators were useless. When I was nearly dying in the intensive care they couldn't do anything but sympathise. Coming around I would go back home, because I decided if I am to die, I'd rather die at home. By then I realized that the doctors could not help me, but only provide temporary relief from suffering. When ever strong inhalers ceased to have any effect I decided to consult various specialists: - neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, only all in vain. One day my dad came across a newspaper article about Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev. He became interested and gave me the article to read. I took the paper without much enthusiasm, as only a year before I already had experience with psychics, with no results, but aggravation of my condition. However I believed the article, because Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev gave very detailed and exact description of the condition of the bronchial asthma sufferer. I went to the appointment together with my dad. At that point I did not have faith. But I had to give it a chance... It was my last faint hope. The healer put his hand over my heart, and straight away I felt a penetrating heat. Berik said that I have an extremely weak immunity, disturbed blood circulation and impaired heart.

You won't believe, but it was a miracle! Straight after the first appointment the choking disappeared, I didn't need an inhaler. After the second I re-gained my sleeping, my heartbeat normalized, and I had reduced appetite, I began to lose the excess weight. My depression had lifted and the constant fear of losing my inhaler was gone. I and my family were crying with joy. None of us could ever believe that such a thing was possible. Berik told me that I am a thoroughly fit person. And I do believe it will stay this way... After a month of treatment I feel myself absolutely healthy. Today I can do a hundred rope skips, jumping without breathlessness - proudly concluded Valeria’s story.


During the course of our conversation, two new patients arrived; a mother and daughter. They couldn't help overhearing our conversation.

- I also suffer from asthma, or, rather, used to suffer, - the lady engaged in conversation, for 20 years I was tormented by the disease. I suffered the most horrendous choking fits. My mum suffered from a heart condition, her pulse would reach 120 beats a minute, and she had high blood pressure, poor blood circulation and extreme fatigue. She would struggle to walk even around the house. One day we watched a TV programme 'Ten minutes with Berik Zhangirbayev' so we made an appointment with that doctor. His method amazed and struck us. Of course! As he just puts his hand on the ailing organ the curing begins. Later on I noticed, the better the organ became, the less intense the heat penetration. Already after the first session I gave up the inhaler, as the attacks reduced and became significantly shorter. Only, after the fourth session I experienced a slight aggravation - the phlegm was expelled, and some breathlessness, although bearable. I felt a weakness, but it was pleasant and relaxing. Right in the process of healing Doctor Berik eliminates the pain. Several years ago I met with an accident and damaged my coccyx. Ever since I had suffered from bad pain which couldn't be helped with anything. But as soon as Berik placed his hand on the coccyx area, the pain eased. Now it has almost totally disappeared. Only nine days have passed since our treatment began, but already I feel almost totally fit and healthy. My mum's blood pressure and her heartbeat have stabilized. She is already walking around without any help, even outdoors.


Treatment without any hypnotic influence

- Come in, - Berik invites the next patient for their session.

A patient will come to his office which comprises of only one coach and only necessary items, appearing under-furnished. Berik will put his hand on the patient's body and the person's ailing organs will experience truly miraculous warmth, which restores the immune system, rejuvenating metabolism and increasing blood circulation. And after his treatment the patient’s body begins to heal itself.

According to the Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Professor of Biophysics at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Victor Iniushin, the healer Berik Zhangirbayev is blessed with a natural gift, moreover, a very powerful one! "This is a person who combines two extremely rare phenomena – a unique structure of bioplasm and an exceedingly high energy intensity. When applied, they create plasma charge energy waves which have healing qualities against many complicated conditions. We examined Zhangirbayev's patients and found exceptional clinical endpoints. Another amazing thing is that his bio-energy structure is still in the process of forming which means that it will continue to develop and improve'.

It also must be added that Berik's treatment does not involve any kind of psycho-emotional preparation, hypnotic induction and suggestion. With regards to specific conditions, for example, bronchial asthma, the healer says the following on this subject:

- When a baby is born, its young body is confronted by various diseases. And that's natural; every time the body overcomes a disease it builds up an immune system. Henceforth the body develops resistance. However, many of us at the slightest sniffle of a cold resort to antibiotics. As a result of this approach, our body, even as young as an infant's, becomes polluted with toxins in such vital organs as the liver. When we experience a choking sensation, not even through a cold, but through the use of antibiotics, we still keep taking them, mistaking the alarming symptom for a common cold. Later on, when taking antibiotics, now for asthma, when the choking sensation results from internal pollution, we end up at a dead end. That is to say in many cases we create our occupational diseases all by ourselves and as hard as it is to admit - willfully. At the beginning of my medical career in my treatment of asthma I used to concentrate my powers solely on the respiratory organs and the results were not that successful. With time I began to induce other internal organs, the liver in particular, and the results were remarkable. It means that the phlegm which clogs up respiratory passages from bronchial asthma, can be extricated from the system only by rehabilitation of its metabolic function! After that the body will get rid of phlegm by itself. That is the method of my treatment of serious ailments such as bronchial asthma.