Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated in december 2008

A Natural Gift



I was so ill, I thought I was dying, - recounts 59 year old Alipa K., - for the appointment with doctor Berik Zhangirbaev I arrived absolutely exhausted and broke down in tears. But he said to me – I will cure you! Only you have to abide by my recommendations. I did not believe him, but a faint hope emerged. And what would you think? Right after the first session I felt some improvement. I had been feeling a healing warmth which emanates from the doctor’s palms for several hours following the session. At later sessions the warmth began to increase, penetrating deeper and deeper. My sleep improved, my appetite normalised, the rattling in my chest stopped. And now I feel so well, I feel like flying…

One would think that such a response to the effects of the treatment to be unbelievable – but is perfectly normal for doctor Berik Zhangirbaev’s practice. For he is blessed with a natural gift which cures intractable diseases including ailments such as goitre, spinal hernia, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, cardio-vascular and gynecological conditions, afflictions of visceral organs and certain forms of arthritis… Many of Berik’s patients have been literally recalled to life. They come to him moving only with difficulty, with despair in their eyes and as a last resort for recovery.

After the treatment with Berik Zhangirbaev these people feel as if they have taken on a new lease of life. ‘Berik is blessed with a genuine, natural gift! – they exclaim, - This doctor performs miracles! With his healing warmth he restores peoples’ health and their joy of life!


At first many people feel suspicious of Berik Zhangirbaev’s method of treatment. However, after having first hand knowledge of his miraculous curing, they bring along their children and parents.

- I learnt about Berik Zhangirbaev quite by chance, watching a TV program about him and became fascinated – he demonstrated astonishing healing powers! – tells 41 year old Dina M, - I became interested. I had been suffering with severe allergy since I was 18 years old. I consulted specialists in all over the place, even as far away as China, however all in vain. And here I decided to make an appointment with him. I had to wait for my appointment for four weeks. Arriving for the appointment, I sat tentatively on the sofa… And that very day my baby fell ill; he is still a nursling. He caught a bad cold. The doctors injected him with antibiotics which made him even worse. He developed a acute dysbacteriosis; he had been weakening in front of our very eyes. We realised that we were losing our baby. We had only one option left – to take him into the isolation hospital. And you know what it implies… My husband and I decided that we would rather take him to Berik Zhangirbaev. Fortunately, it was just the time for our appointment. So, instead of seeing me, the doctor attended to my little boy first. Throughout the session my baby was very calm. On the way back he fell asleep in the car. Already after the first day the dysbacteriosis ceased. And then he began to make a quick recovery. Now our baby is absolutely fit and healthy and the person who cured him is none other than Berik Zhangirbaev. The miraculous warmth of the doctor’s hands performed another wonder: our little boy began to develop real fast. He had his teeth coming through one after another; he started to crawl prematurely… Later I made an appointment for my daughter, who has been suffering with an allergy for five years. She was covered with crusted skin lesions, yet after only three-four sessions her skin began to regenerate. I used to have a bad allergy to perfume. I couldn’t even keep it around the house. I also developed a weakness after giving birth; I was so easily fatigued. Already on the third day of treatment, I began to feel a significant improvement; on the seventh/eighth my perception of smell returned. Sweatiness and exhaustion vanished… Now I feel myself so well, I feel like flying! I am enjoying my life in full now. Berik – is the only doctor whom my family trusts! Thanks to him, I am now totally confident for all of my nearest and dearest. God Bless him and his family!

- I also learned about Berik from the television - says 54 year old Vika T., - My slipped disk used to give me a lot of grief. I was not troubled by it too much, but when it reached the point that I was no longer able to bend down it scared me. Those who suffer from this condition would understand me. It’s an unbearable backache during the nights, excruciation to get up in the mornings, a struggle to move about… And all while having the responsibility to look after my little grandson. It felt so wrong when I found myself not being able to lift him, or to play with him. Having heard that this doctor cures this condition, I made an appointment with him. After the first session I suffered an aggravation of my condition. I barely made it for the next day’s appointment. The doctor explained to me that his treatment can sometimes evoke exasperation at some point. However on the second session the pain somehow vanished. Then I began to feel better and better. And on the seventh session, when Berik asked me how I felt, I was feeling so odd, I couldn’t even explain my sensation to him. It felt as if a red-hot screw was slowly threaded into the most painful point. I was staggered by such an effect. Now, having received the full course of treatment, I can say that nothing troubles me any longer. Moreover, I feel so good that at times I forget that I ever had a slipped disk. Berik gave me certain recommendations which I ought to follow: no sharp movements, no heavy lifting. But when I play with my grandson I tend to forget about them. Only, please don’t tell Berik… He redeemed me, not only my health, but also the joy back into my life! I am ever so grateful to Berik Zhangirbaev.

Ilana N, 33 years of age, consulted Berik with the diagnosis of psoriasis.

- I read about doctor Berik in the newspaper, where it was written that he cured of psoriasis a lady who used to suffered that condition for many years. I developed psoriasis at the age of 25. In the beginning I thought I just had dandruff, but later… When I approached doctor Berik all my body was covered in sores. It had become so bad I was embarrassed to go out of the house. Imagine what that means for a young girl. Somehow I had a feeling that doctor Berik would cure me. Perhaps also because conventional medicine was powerless. After the first sessions I had acute aggravation: there was an unbearable itching all over my body. I was scared, but the doctor reassured me, saying the aggravation was a sure sign of recovery. That is exactly what happened: already after 5-6 sessions the sores begin to dry up and heal. I am at the end of my course now, the psoriasis has almost gone… I feel in tip top condition, I even lost some weight. I am deeply indebted to Berik Zhangirbaev for curing me of psoriasis!

16 Year old Anastasia used to suffer with severe headaches.

-I had heard about Berik Zhangirbaev quite a while back, - recalls her mother, - but we didn’t have any specific reason to consult him until my daughter fell ill. She began to have these splitting headaches, which doctors diagnosed as vegetative-vascular dystonia. She was so poorly, she was not fit to attend school. Anastasia couldn’t even get up from her bed for meals. She lost her zest to life: she had stopped socialising with her girlfriends, lost interest in all things she used to like. It was as if her world had darkened in her eyes.

So we decided to make an appointment to see Berik Zhangirbaev. In the first session my daughter sensed the penetrating warmth radiating from the palms of his hands. After 3-4 sessions she became more energetic. She was looking forward for each of those miraculous sessions. Whilst previously she used to get by only with the help of strong painkillers, after four sessions she no longer needed them.

It is an overwhelming happiness for me. She used to be so withdrawn and introverted, but now she became so bubbly and active, she even wears us out (laughing). We have now completed the full course of treatment; my little girl is in excellent form and from next Monday she will start college.

On behalf of all my family we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Berik…

The doctor’s next patient is 55 year old Sergei S.

- I have liver trouble, which used to hurt me all the time, and coronary heart disease – he tells us, - I have been trying to treat it for a long time, however, all to no avail. Moreover, while on an IV drip in the hospital I was infected with hepatitis C, which had a considerable impact on my liver. Because of this, my heart problem was exacerbated. My pulse would drop to as low as 36 beats a minute. And while before I never experienced heartache as such, lately the heart ached constantly. Today is my 10th session: no more liver pains, my pulse stabilised, my overall condition considerably improved. I now feel in reasonable, I would even say, good order. Only, sometimes, during a session my heart feels like it is tightened up…

- Berik commented that it was happening because of the treatment process.

You cure very grave conditions, you fix severely ill people… To be honest with you, if I didn’t have first hand knowledge of the powers of your method, I also wouldn’t have believed at first in such results, - I confide to the doctor.

- Indeed, people who approach me are often critically ill. You look at them and realise that their life is ebbing away from them. And you feel such compassion for them... I tell them: I will cure you! Only you have to abide by my recommendations. You have to remember these people are left with no recourse: hospitals, intensive care units, drips, various consultants – they have been through it all. So, naturally, a promise like this hardly seems credible for them. For example, recently I had two lady patients who besides other problems had acute cystitis. I apologise for being too specific, but it reached the point of urinary incontinence. Could you imagine what they had to live with? They had consulted just about everyone possible avenue. Whereas, I managed to remove the crisis within one day. The wonders of my method have a straight forward explanation: I regenerate the body by the thorough recovery of the immune system. Hence, it delivers such results.

- Another remarkable thing is that although in your treatment you rely on the previously determined medical diagnosis, when your patients just begin to tell you the symptoms of their conditions, you immediately explain to them their whole clinical history…

- I have gained a thorough knowledge of the human body and all the processes which take place within it. It is like a familiar mechanism for me, where I know the ropes, I know how to operate it, how to restore it, how to resolve its most difficult damages… For healing is my destiny. And heal I do! In the process of healing somewhere from above I receive more and more information about this mechanism. I myself used to be startled by it, but now I arrived at the realisation: it’s Nature itself provides me with information, because the Nature not only created the human being, but also guides him through life and determines his destiny in this world. I am often asked: how do you know all of this? I usually answer: I don’t know where from. In my method I tend to work out specific charts and use arithmetic calculations. Because I regard an ailment as a mathematical problem of a sort, which I know how to solve and apply my own formula. In fact, both in school and in the university mathematics used to be one of my strongest subjects.

- Do you think that one’s destiny is decided for him from above?

- The human being is Nature’s creation therefore ought to obey its laws. If he fails to obey them, Nature will severely punish him. In order to inspire and awaken the person for the intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical improvement, Nature determines a number of milestones in his life’s journey, which he has to overcome. It’s like in computer games with different levels: if you fail to get through the first one, you won’t be able to advance to the second level… The man’s life also comprises different levels, milestones and stages which he regards as struggles. However, I repeat, these are not struggles, but a life obstacle course, which have been determined for him by Nature. Those who come through it, thank one’s lucky stars for the difficult journey, for the life endurance, for the acquired life experience. But those who fail – they impede their spiritual advancement, remain mediocre. Having reached certain heights some begin to rest on their laurels, not striving for the next level. I often hear the phrase: the man/woman had accumulated sufficient assets and now enjoys a free-living. I take pity for those kind of people, because this is a meaningless and shallow existence, which leads to their degradation. Do you know that when we die, all our life rolls before our eyes as a motion picture? And all that we regret about is our mistakes. Therefore we must live a rightful and dignified life and accomplish our destined mission for which we came to this world. My mission is to heal. I recognise it and I am pursuing it. Though, when my life is going too easily and smoothly, I become bored. At those times I set to myself new challenges and strive to achieve them. The biggest reward for me is the health of my patients. When my patients make recovery, it makes me seemingly happier than they are. I love my job for the very reason that I am of real benefit to people…