Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated 26.11.2008

A Natural Gift


Today, having received the full course of treatment, we are going back home to Astana and my son and I would like to express our profound gratitude to the remarkable doctor Berik Zhangirbaev…

I am leaving in great spirit with a deep appreciation for doctor Berik, who cured me of asthma…

I hold Berik in high esteem – he recalled to life the very dearest person to me. What a blessing that we have a doctor like him.


Berik Zhangirbaev’s palms radiate an invisible power – a healing warmth which spreads around the patients’ body like a balm.


Berik Zhangirbaev’s patients, who come to him from all over Kazakhstan, thank him sincerely and with all their hearts. I have seen those who cried with tears of joy. And it is no small wonder, as Berik cures people who had been exhausted by ailments for many years. Bronchial asthma, goiter, hernia, pneumonia, intracranial pressure, cardio-vascular diseases, conditions of visceral organs – those intractable maladies which had laid them low. After losing all hope for recovery and the joy of life, Berik Zhangirbaev’s patients regain their health. “Doctor, you performed a miracle!” – they exclaim.

Attending Berik Zhangirbaev’s sessions is like visiting a workshop of an unique artist. Just like an artist, step by step, Berik creates masterpieces called ‘Health’; he refers to his office as a workshop.

There is no queue here, however all appointments are booked months ahead.

34 Year old Gulmira M. came out from her appointment beaming with happiness.

- Everything began 18 years back, when I was diagnosed with bronchitis, - she tells her story. – Actually, ever since infancy I suffered from diathesis, cough, and later on I developed an allergy as well. After a while they discovered bronchial asthma. I was registered in the local surgery and prescribed a cocktail of medication. For all that, during choking spells I couldn’t manage without an inhaler. I have been using it for the past twelve years, moreover, the last two or three years I developed a hormone dependency. The attacks would usually occur when I caught a cold. The choking would be so severe, that I had to call an ambulance. About a year ago, I chanced upon an article about Berik Zhangirbaev in Kazakhstanskaya Pravda (National broadsheet, equivalent of The Times – note of the translator). There it was written that he cures asthma. Unfortunately there was no phone number or an address in the article. After another year I watched a program on TV, featuring the doctor and decided to undergo a course of treatment with him. I made an appointment by phone and one month later arrived in Almaty. To be honest with you, deep down I did not believe that I will ever be cured. After all, the doctors told me that asthma is incurable. However, the miracle happened! Already after the first session with Berik I felt instant relief. After the second one I gave up the inhaler; the phlegm began to come out in the mornings. After the fourth session I felt a lot more vivacious, my breathing became much easier. And now I have finished the full course of treatment feeling as fit as a fiddle!

A couple with a little boy traveled for the treatment by doctor Berik, from Astana.

- Our son suffered with intracranial pressure, metabolic disorder, diminished immunity, - bitterly recalls his mother. – He was also nervous, and suffered with fatigue. I myself had a range of conditions, including enlargement of the thyroid gland, bad back ache, as well as some gynecological problems. One day, my husband have read an article about the wonder-healer Berik Zhangirbaev in the newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets and, without letting us know, made an appointment for the whole family. When the time for the appointment approached we journeyed to Almaty. Because of my goiter, I struggled with breathing; on top of it a small swelling had appeared on my neck. Already after the second session I was feeling better, after the third one my back ache ceased. Then my headaches stopped and my sleep normalised. I began to experience vivacity and liveliness and my spirit rose. Amazingly, the swelling on my neck disappeared altogether. We are overwhelmed with happiness for our little boy! He became much calmer, his appetite improved, the headaches stopped. He became much more active, and generally, happier. I also noticed that his hand writing improved. Before his handwriting used to be very uneven, we thought it related to the lack of control of his muscles. Now his writing is neat and tidy, even his reading skills have improved. We hope he will be a straight A student now!

- I am deeply impressed by this person, by his natural gift, - A.Sayatkhan shares his reflections of Berik and his method of healing. – I experienced the power of his penetrating warmth as well as the power of his personality. I felt that not only my ailments – goiter and arrhythmia – are healing, but also my mind and my consciousness.

This is an indescribable feeling. Berik – a healer blessed by God and a very good person. He is very interesting company and has a good sense of humor. He has this amazing talent to express his opinion on very sophisticated and philosophical matters in straightforward and simple terms. There are not enough words to convey my gratitude to him. Today I asked Berik – what helps one to find one’s way in life? He answered: one’s heart, soul and mind. Such words make one think. Indeed my actions were often driven by my desires, but not by wisdom, mind or all the more so, by heart. Recovering not only physically, but also spiritually, I relish every session with Berik; I value his company.

During the session Berik’s hands lay on the person’s heart and liver, and the palms of his hands radiate an invisible powers of healing warmth which spreads around the patients’ body like a balm. Feeling better straight away and encountering a state of tranquility and evenness, patients often query the doctor about the causes of their conditions, blue moods and prostration of mind and spirit. At times such conversations develop into very deep, philosophical discussions.

- Where did I get this dysbacteriosis from? – asks a 42-year old Ainura on the session.

- Your condition is related to the goiter, which almost each of us is susceptible to, - Berik willingly explains. – Although women are more susceptible to goiter than men.

The goiter is causes by metabolic disturbance. Whereas metabolism is the function which directly depends on the performance of the liver and excretes toxins, which enter the body from outside – through air, water and food. If the metabolic process is functioning well, the body will not accumulate toxins. But if this function is disturbed, the body will be clogged by the toxins. Intoxication leads to the affection of the immune system. And the lower the immunity, the harder it is for the body to perform its functions and deal with infections. Consequently, it puts extra pressure on the principle organ – the heart. The thyroid gland enlarges, with formations of nodes on it.

- Goiter is referred as the malady of the age, - remarks Ainura.

- Indeed. Goiter is related to certain mutations of the thyroid gland; the person becomes easily tired and irritable.

Recently I had a 58 year old lady patient, whose immunity was affected to such a degree that her body was not able to overcome a mild bronchitis. She had been suffering from it for nine years. The ailment, which was triggered by severe breakdown of immunity, had totally exhausted her. In her condition she could have lapsed into any illness. The lady was extremely dispirited; she lost her zest for life. She complained that even though she recently cleansed her liver, she still felt poorly. I told her: what difference would it make? You have a very week heart; it works very slowly and struggles to deal with body circulation. Already after the first session her immunity improved a little bit, the blood flow increased. If in the beginning of treatment she was feeling a slight warmth, on the second session she experienced heat. It meant that the process of healing was under way.

- What is the essence of your method of treatment?

- The essence of my method of treatment is in that I recover the metabolic function, thereby improving the function of the liver. I also increase the immunity, which, in its turn, enables the body to fight ailments. In your specific case, diminished immunity lead to the situation when the body failed to fight bacteria in the intestines. Dysbateriosis is impossible to cure by antibiotics; it can be dealt with only by a sufficient standard of immunity.

- And I always used to think it was because I had hepatitis…

- Not at all. Than again, everything is interconnected in the human body. The longer the ailment hangs on us the longer it takes to recover from it. Actually, how are you feeling now?

- Better now. And this dysbacteriosis, is it a serious condition?

- Technically, dysbacteriosis is not a complicated condition. In order to cure it, one needs a little boost of immunity. Generally, all the ailments relate to the immunity. If the medicine developed a sufficient device for improving immunity, we would all be much healthier. For the immunity is the basis of one’s strength, one’s energy. If you are an energetic person, it means that you have a good immunity. Of course, there are medications out there which improve immunity, however by a negligible margin. Whereas in order to cure AIDS it requires a hundred percent increase of immunity. Yet, so far such a medicine does not exist.

- If AIDS is still incurable, doesn’t it mean that no-one possesses that level of immunity?

- Those, who have a good immunity do not have AIDS. A strong body is able to eliminate dangerous infections.

- You said that the person’s energy is the indicator of his immunity. I regard myself as an energetic person, but I still have some health problems…

- When your immunity is fully recovered, then you will know what real energy feels like.

- I remember when I was 25, I would wake up and be overwhelmed with happiness: for the sunshine! For the love for people! Nothing aching! Everything was so wonderful!

- Ainura, in order to appreciate the sunshine one doesn’t need to be young, one needs to be healthy! A healthy person always notices the sunshine. Because only a healthy person can enjoy the full colours of life. Even when the person’s immunity is just slightly reduced, he/she becomes more easily tired and his/her daily activities, i.e. responsibilities and work lose their joy and begin to weigh him/her down. Whereas a healthy person does everything with great relish!

- Well, and as far as you are concerned, doctor, you are happy, because you love what you do…

- First and foremost it is because I am healthy. Secondly, I am a deeply conscientious person. Thirdly, I have removed idleness by one hundred percent. Fourthly, I feel at peace with myself.

- So, you are a happy person?

- Yes, I am a happy person. The main joy of my life is the happiness of my children. When I look at them, I already feel happy.

I am one of those people who is never satisfied with my achievements. I strongly believe that if people would become content with what they have, the humanity will degenerate. I am also an extremely self-critical person, however I will not allow anybody to criticise me.

-What else makes you happy?

- When my patients say to me: doctor, I feel like I am elated as if I have wings on my back...

On this note I could have ended my article, if not for a cute smiling 10 year old, who, straight from school dropped by his favourite uncle Berik. In the lad’s eyes he is a real wizard. And indeed, it was uncle Berik who cured him from asthma, which had deprived the lad of a normal childhood and made him prematurely grown up. Maybe because of all his sufferings he reasons so much beyond his years.

- I feel myself so light, as though I can soar up into the air, - says the kid.

- Why do you go to school, instead of resting? – I am asking him, struggling to hold back tears of joy. – Didn’t uncle Berik tell you that after his sessions one ought to have a sleep?

- He doesn’t have time to rest, - laughs the doctor. – He has to support his family…

- I beg your pardon?

- He already thinks of these things. He knows for sure that in order to be able to support a family, one has to achieve a good education, and in order to gain a good education – one should not miss school. That is why we are getting him cured without any rest…

- And when I will be totally cured, I will play football with the boys, - rejoiced the lad, looking forward…