Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated 28.11.2007


'It is not essential to understand me, the main thing is to see my results'.

Berik Zhangirbaev


MK Dossier:

Berik Zhangirbaev - Associate Member of the Academy of n.a. Chizhevskiy, distinguished by Merit Certificate from the Zoroastrian College (Bombay, India) for his service to humanity, Awarded a medal 'Philanthropists of the Century' in the nomination 'The benefits to Humanity' by the International Charity Fund. He is a holder of the State Perpetual License for Medical Practice.




'The healer Berik Zhangirbaev is blessed with a natural gift, moreover, a very powerful one! This is a person who combines two extremely rare phenomena – a unique structure of bioplasm and exceedingly high energy intensity. The hands when applied on the body, induce plasmic energy waves which have the effect of increasing of the blood circulation. We examined Zhangirbaev's patents and found the most exceptional clinical endpoints. It must be said that Berik's bio-energy structure is still in the process of forming which means that it would continue to develop and improve. His powers become ever stronger every day, - says the Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Professor of Biophysics of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Victor Iniushin.


- Berik, what kind of conditions do you treat?


- Mainly bronchial asthma, goiter, hernia, cardiovascular diseases, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, food allergy and various conditions of visceral organs.


- Does your method involve any psychological intervention?


- I always accentuate the fact that my treatment does not involve any kind of psycho-emotional preparation, neuro-induction or hypnotic influence. The main thing is that my therapy results in restoration of the immune system, rejuvenated metabolism and increased blood circulation.


- What in your opinion are the main causes of health problems?


- Ever since the Soviet times wide use of antibiotics in large quantities in conventional modern medicine resulted in the weakening of the immune system in the successive generations.

In today's pursuit of material values humanity began to destroy everything around itself... Due to the environmental pollution our body accumulates toxins which cause various diseases.


- Such as?


- Take, for example, bronchial asthma. When a baby is born, its young body is confronted by various diseases. And that's natural, every time when the body overcomes a disease it builds up an immune system. Henceforth the body develops resistance. However many of us at the slightest sniffle of a cold resort to antibiotics. As a result of this approach, our body, even as young as infant's, becomes polluted with toxins in such vital organs as the liver. When we experience a choking sensation, not even through a cold, but the use of antibiotics, we still keep taking them, mistaking the alarming symptom for a common cold. Later on, when taking antibiotics, now for asthma, when the choking sensation results from internal pollution, we end up at a dead end. That is to say in many cases we create our occupational diseases all by ourselves and as hard as it is to admit - willfully.

When I used to come across this condition, bronchial asthma in particular, I used to concentrate my powers solely on the respiratory organs and the results were not that successful. Then I began to induce other internal organs, the liver in particular, and the results in curing bronchial asthma were remarkable. It means that the phlegm which clogs up respiratory passages from bronchial asthma, can be extricated from the system only by rehabilitation of the metabolic function. After that the body will get rid of phlegm by itself.

The human body is a large and sophisticated mechanism with a multitude of vessels and capillaries which feed cells. Even when one single cell receives less nutriment and dies, it damages surrounding cells and other healthy cells will struggle. During my 16 year career I came to the conclusion that the most important thing in the treatment of the human body is maximum rehabilitation of blood circulation. It means that maximal rehabilitation of the main organ - the heart, and along with it the entire rejuvenation of the immune system.

Recently, one of my patients told me about her treatment with a psychic. After the session she managed to run after a bus without becoming winded, however, unfortunately, this state of well-being lasted for a very short while... Later on, after receiving a treatment with me, she achieved the long hoped-for result, after which she was not only able to run but possibly fly after the same bus.. (laughing). Once again, that means maximum rehabilitation of the immune system for the very long term. That is what my treatment starts with. Later the body begins to develop stamina and resistance against ailments.

I think that you have gathered by now that the main conditions I undertake are those which modern medicine struggles with. The mainstream medical world identifies them as 'incurable' diseases. Hence, it is no wonder that the patients who experience efficiency of my treatment have uncomplimentary opinions of modern orthodox medicine. I always explain that one should not try to compare me and the effect of my healing with conventional medicine. Since my effect is not something which can be created by anybody, I believe that I am good at it because of my natural gift which I was blessed with! This is the result of some unique phenomenon which radiates through my hands, and this living power in its turn revives the human body.


- It it possible at all to treat a goiter without use of iodine-containing and hormonal agents and what is involved in your treatment?


- Goiter is the kind of condition which emerges as a result of metabolic disturbance and the consequences in body intoxication, and over burdening of the thyroid gland, which is very serious indeed. Such a problem has to be dealt not with iodine-containing agents which give only temporary effect and later on could lead to the operation theatre, but by rejuvenation of the metabolic function and excretion of toxins from the body; only then the thyroid gland regains its original state. That is why I always say that the thyroid gland is supposed to produce the required quantity of iodine itself, providing the body has a healthy metabolic function. I do realise that in present-day medicine it is often impossible to avoid the use of hormonal agents, however we should be aware of the fact that ultimately this is the route to the cul-de-sac.

Such symptoms of goiter as breathlessness, weakness, asphyxiation, disappear within a very short while. At a later stage the body begins to gain strength and develop resistance to the ailments.


- You successfully heal the most important human organ - the heart...


- Heart conditions occur, once again, because of poor blood circulation... The heart which lacks 20% of natural functional circulation is unable to provide the body by as much capacity. One has to remember that heart is the most important of the vital organs of the human body and requires great care. Therefore I commence treatment of any condition specifically with the patient's heart... And I never take up those patients who have undergone heart surgery.


- Why?


- Because for my treatment I need this organ to be in a natural state... Only through the surgically intact heart I am able to extend feeding to the whole body.


- Do our thoughts, attitudes, life patterns and diet make an impact on the advent of certain disorders?


- The principle of Buddhism is in learning to be at peace with oneself. I believe that this is the principle of any religion. Because, in order to be at peace with oneself one needs to achieve the serenity of mind. This state of mind could only be accomplished when one leads a sincere, good life. The most important thing in life, first and foremost, one has to be honest with oneself and do not pretend in front of others. Any lie sooner or later will find one out. A person who lives in dirt shall never achieve the serenity of mind, whereas spiritual imbalance always induces pressure on the body. So, as they say - all health problems caused by stress, while stress, as we all know, means pressure, and it results in the occurrence of health problems.

With regard to diet, I have an example. Once I treated a family - father, mother, daughter and son. All had the same diagnosis - food allergy. During the initial conversation it emerged that they mainly eat fried food. Through the course of my working experience I noticed another causation of health problems - sedentary lifestyle which leads to metabolic disturbance, for the deficiency of motion, whereas life is a motion. I always feel it in myself. I exercise regularly and jog. I came to the realisation that my body lacked motion, because I spend long hours in my office... Today many of my contemporaries lead sedentary lifestyle, hence the feeling of weakness, indisposition, fatigue... Those conditions I witness a lot among my patients. The conventional medicines refer it as 'chronic fatigue syndrome', whereas I denominate it as damage of the immune system. Most people when feeling poorly instead of reconsidering their lifestyle, resort to chemical products. With time they develop such chronic conditions that become unable to do physical exercise having wasted precious time.


- Surely your outstanding method, together with miraculous results are the consequences of constant self-cultivation, or is it something entirely different?


- When I work on my patients I sense this sophisticated, but thoroughly known to me mechanism. I can sense all the processes which take place within the body. Sometimes the ailment feels like an insoluble task. In my treatment I use arithmetic calculations. I can see the image of what is happening in the body and how it should be happening. Often I see and feel it beforehand. I feel myself as an artist who is creating a masterpiece called 'health'. The phrase 'art of healing' is in my habitual use. My method is closer to art than to medicine. My office I consider as my workshop where I create wonderful masterpieces. The most important is that I understand myself better than anybody else understands oneself. Occasionally I have a feeling of desolation, which helps me to apprehend and sense the ailments. It would be hard for you to understand, if I say that during my treatment I sense not your soul, but the cells which composes the soul. All big problems consist of small ones. Without solving the small problems it is impossible to resolve the big ones. Right behind the small problems the answer usually hides, therefore a specialist, who is looking only to the big problem and ignoring the multitude of small ones, will remain blind to the task and solution.


- Do you enjoy your work?


- I am lucky that I found this most arduous job. Why lucky? Because due to the complexity of my work and unpreparedness of the society to such a phenomenon as myself, as well as the absence of an official status for this type of activity, I quit and returned several times. You would ask why? My patients often ask me: 'will your children inherit the helm?', thinking that it is an easy occupation. I always answer honestly - I won't wish it even on my worst enemy. Because my obstacle course endured for over ten years, when I was hindered, when representatives of conventional medicine interfered with my work, all those countless complaints about me to public prosecution. Only all of this struggle made me strong. It was an experience - life experience. I gained from it a firm endurance and after 15 years of my hard-fought career I was able to commit myself - consciously. Now healing people is a habitual practice for me. I can honestly say that I love my work only because I provide a true goodness to people. I know that as harder is our life journey, as stronger we become. Wiser. I can confidently say that I am now that person I once dreamt to become. At last I have understanding and support. All the troubles are left behind, the old opponents become my associates. And there are new challenges ahead, now without an obstacle course of struggling against windmills. So I can devote all my effort and my gift to those who need it most, my patients.