Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated 16.08.2010


Last year the European Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, Great Britain) awarded Berik Zhangirbayev its International Socrates Prize in the field of Medicine and Healthcare. The International Socrates Prize is the highest international recognition of great achievements in one’s professional sphere. Recently Berik Zhangirbayev attended Malta’s Medical Summit at Saint Julian, Malta. The nomination committee of the European Business Assembly and the Academic Council of the International University of Vienna awarded Berik Zhangirbayev the title “Honorary Professor of the International University of Vienna” for his distinguished performance in his professional sphere and for his public service.

“That happens every time and to everyone.”

I have been practicing for 18 years now. Yet, it feels like only yesterday. Reviewing the results of my work at the end of each day became an established habit. These days I wouldn’t relate my method even to a medical sphere, because it does not involve any medication, or psychological impact, or even natural, or physical exposure… There is only an invisible physical force which pushes the whole body forward, irrespective of the patient. Moreover, the patient is unable to resist the impact of this enigmatic force. Everything occurs of its own accord, beginning with the rehabilitation of general circulation. As one of my 60 year old patients said the other day: “it had long become normal for me to have cold feet constantly”. That was in spite of the fact that she used to wrap her feet for warmth for many years, whereas after the very first day of treatment her discomfort melted and a natural warmth returned to her feet. Naturally, that happened as a result of rehabilitation of circulation during the process of treatment. And that happens every time and to everyone. How do I achieve it? - you may ask. Yet even for me it still remains a mystery.


Rakhilya, (64 years old)

Over recent years I began to experience some health problems. Headaches and giddiness, problems with digestive tract, I suffered with constipation. The very first day of treatment, as soon as doctor Zhangirbayev put his hands on my head and chest, I experienced a sensation of some peculiar penetrating warmth to the whole of my body. During the second session it was an intense flow of heat so powerful that it burst a blood vessel in my left eye and a small bruise occurred in my left wrist. At the same time – an immense alleviation. Also, my bowel movement, which had always been a problem, had normalised. Somewhere in the middle of treatment there was an exacerbation, but the doctor reassured me that there is a positive process occurring in my body. I ached all over – joints, back, feet – however slowly the pain disappeared and I felt some amazing elevation and energy. My sleep normalised and my circulation had recovered, but the most important – I began to enjoy life once again. Doctor Zhangirbayev possesses the most extraordinary natural powers! I am indebted to him for my happiness and confidence…!”


Dinara and Ablay

Dinara recalls. “As long as I can remember I was diagnosed with chronic anaemia. Languor and headaches were my constant, almost habitual companions. I had treatments, various medications, however all were ineffective. Then I was advised to consult doctor Zhangirbayev. It was not easy to make an appointment with him, there was a long waiting list, but the wait was well worth it. Today I feel like a different person! I lead an active life, my overall tone had increased dramatically, and the earlier languor has gone for good! I am so grateful!”

Ablay continues. “I was tormented by constant headaches, which lead to nervousness, fatigue, absence of appetite. I had such a mental apathy to everything in my life. After the course of treatment with doctor Zhangirbayev my well-being has dramatically improved and my life has turned towards some positive changes. I now feel in tip-top condition!”

Berik Sakenovich says the same. “After the course of treatment with doctor Zhangirbayev my overall wellbeing had improved – no more infirmity, no more tormenting headaches. My insomnia had gone, which used to be dreadful! And now, after the treatment, sound sleeping, an excellent appetite, and an optimistic view of the future!”


There is no other term to identify it.”

I keep telling to people that my method does not involve any kind of preliminary psycho-emotional lead up, nor does it involve any hypnosis or neuro-induction. In other words, there is no operation on the human sub consciousness. Such forms of treatment are often referred to as extra-sensorics, i.e. psychic practice, however the psychics achieve their modest results through inducing people’s sub consciousness. Whereas I always assert to my patients:- I do not need your belief. Just possess yourself and follow the simple instructions during the treatment, which are based on the principle of healthy lifestyle and go ahead towards the joys of life..! My touch is a healing in itself. That might sound peculiar but that’s true. I believe that my body is designed by nature in a way, that by its natural, vital powers it generates a powerful energy for healing. And there is no term to identify it other than a natural gift.

Over my extensive medical career I realised that almost all health problems derive from body intoxication, as a result of a polluted environment. When the body is clogged up by toxins, it struggles to excrete them. The essence of my method is in rehabilitation and recuperation of metabolic function, which leads to detoxification of the body from all impurities. Then, the body released from toxins regains its immunity, which subsequently enables it to fight ailments on its own. By the end of the course of treatment my patients always feel positive, emotionally invigorated, and full of life…!”


Raissa, 72 y.o.

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a hernia. I have tried every possible treatment, for this condition, known to medicine. Physiotherapy, medication and remedies, all with only temporary effect. When I approached doctor Zhangirbayev I was in a deep state of despair. Already on the third session of the course of his treatment I began to feel the longed for effect. The excruciating pain in the pelvis joints had gone and with that was a happiness…! Over the course of several following sessions the drawing pain in the area of the sciatic nerve in my right leg had gone. Even my manner of walking became lighter. Along with my spirit, which vividly had risen…!

And that is not all! During the course of treatment I experienced some skin irritation, which turned into some scalding, however in a further three days all of those occurrences disappeared, even thought I didn’t apply any ointments or remedies. The doctor explained to me, that during the unique treatment my body had undergone some in-depth processes concerned with allergy, which would have reveal itself on some later stages, but because of the treatment was totally forced out from my system without having a chance to develop into a chronic form.

Along with it my general wellbeing had enhanced, I forgot my other conditions – pancreatitis, gastritis, even my eye-sight improved. This is a true miracle and it’s just next to us! I am sincerely grateful to the doctor for the remarkable powers of his hands!”


Akhmaral, mother of Akhmet (11 months old)

Akhmet was a healthy baby boy, but at the age of 11 months he was diagnosed with food allergy. Those who experience this condition first hand, know how much of a struggle it involves. Winter months were relatively quiet, but in spring it became horrible. It started with a high body temperature, which remained for several days, an absence of appetite, sleepless nights, a rash all over his little body and that suffocating cough. It was distressing to look at the baby suffering. We had been searching for the best physicians. The diagnosis was allergic dermatitis and anaemia of the second degree. The prescribed medications not only failed to cure, but did not even bring temporary relief. A different physician added a couple of diagnoses – viral tonsillitis and dysbacteriosis. The baby continued to suffer, he stopped feeding altogether, was unable to sleep due to the relentless coughing, and cried constantly. The prescribed antibiotics only aggravated the situation and it seemed that there was no light at the end of that tunnel. And then, when all our hopes seemed like been exhausted, we approached doctor Zhangirbayev. A while back he cured by mum. You won’t believe it, after only three sessions I began to witness a significant improvement in my little Akhmet’s condition. It was like the child was brought back to life, he began feeding, taking notice of toys, sleeping soundly and at last, smiling! That was bliss…! After the fifth session the cough stopped, and in another couple of days the rash totally disappeared! There are not enough words to fully express all my gratitude and appreciation to this healing power! it is the greatest bliss to see your nearest and dearest healthy and joyful! Thank you!”


the term “healing” signifies multiple meanings”

In essence, the human body is a machine, only a very sophisticated one, and made not of metal, but of flesh and blood. Therefore, even taking into account that we are living in the 21st century, modern medicine has made great progress. However, in comparison with general scientific and technological progress the area of medical science is not in a leading position: many ailments still remain unexplained just like hundreds of years ago and there is no promise of a panacea. I, taking aboard all these factors, have a different approach to healing, I have a different perception of it. The term “healing” for me signifies multiple meanings: delivering a positive result, intuiting, natural processes of resistance, and then recovery of the entire system. My healing is a naturally occurring phenomenon, but the essence is that this phenomenon is unknown even for me...! But maybe it doesn’t matter what it is, the most important is that I deliver, that my patients have chance to see the light at the end the tunnel, called ‘Health’.”



Ever since I was 13 years old I struggled with my health. Stuffy nose, heavy breathing, to name a few. Numerous doctors did not help. I was told that it was an allergy and there was no cure for it. But I kept hopeful and approached doctor Zhangirbayev, of whom I heard a lot, and ever so grateful that I did. After several sessions of treatment I felt the long hoped for improvement, my breathing eased, the habitual nose drops were forgotten for good. The peculiar effect – my skin condition had improved, I began to sleep better and more placid. I felt in myself a fit and healthy person!”


Elmira, 51 year old.

We know Doctor Zhangirbayev very well. He cured my granddaughter who used to suffer with bronchial asthma. We went through hell, but it’s all behind us now. Now my daughter Ayzhan is consulting him with her allergy. And yet again he helped her. I myself suffered from goitre and all the associated problems. I underwent the course of treatment. The doctor’s miraculous hands provided wellbeing, energy, and vitality to my family. What else can one ask for? I am grateful with all my heart…!”


I have a mission”

One’s biggest asset and best achievement is one’s knowledge and one’s desires to improve the world around for the better. I am convinced that it relies on each and every one of us. All my actions are governed by the one and only thing – to appease people’s pain and simply cure, as I happened to be different. I was blessed with a special natural power, which is truly beneficial for people. It can fully restore a human’s immune system, cure the most complicated conditions without any antibiotics, medications, hypnosis or neuro-induction. These days we call it the innovative method of treatment, which is difficult to overlook or indeed ignore. I have a real mission. Time is ticking away, which means that I have to go forward. At the beginning of September I am going to America, so see you next year.”


Berik Zhangirbayev – is an Associate Member of the Academy of n.a. Chizhevskiy, distinguished by a Certificate of Merit from the Zoroastrian College (Bombay, India) for his service to humanity; awarded a medal of the International Charity Fund 'Philanthropists of the Century' in the nomination of 'The benefits to humanity'; winner of the prestigious International Socrates Prize in the sphere of medicine and health service (EBA, Oxford, Great Britain); “Honorary Professor of the International University of Vienna”.