Broadsheet newspaper «Moskovskiy Komsomolets» dated 28.05.2008



Berik Zhangirbaev works wonders by the power of his miraculous warmth


It is beyond belief, yet a matter of fact: a folk practitioner Berik Zhangirbaev heals people, whose conditions are beyond the capacity of conventional medicine. When there is no hope left from the people in white coats, they come to Berik. To the bitter end they keep taking prescribed pills by the handful, visit numerous consultants and private specialists, receive endless infusion drips and injections, have regular urgent trips to emergency units and end up in intensive care.

When the doctors just keep reassuring: 'be patient', 'people can live with it', 'it's incurable', Berik Zhangirbaev is their last hope, that last straw to which a drowning man clutches. In the beginning people doubt his power, his method of healing is perceived as weird and implausible. When in front of my very eyes my mom was dying in the hospital, surrounded by physicians in white coats, I also clutched to Berik, that salutary straw...


She was taken by ambulance. Doctors said: heart problems, possible pre-infarction angina. Emergency lights on, flying through all amber and red lights I was following the ambulance as a lost traveler might follow a flickering light ahead. That world which was behind the car window suddenly darkened and felt alien... I did believe that the doctors most certainly would help. Or, rather, I wanted to believe.

And now my mom was in the hospital. Four days passed by, but she felt worse and worse. The terrifying breathlessness which began at home had only intensified. Mom hadn't been sleeping for a forth day, because even the slightest inclination would close up her airway, making breathing difficult. She was propped up by three pillows on the hospital bed, pale, exhausted, indifferent to the world around... Her breathing was loud, convulsive and irregular. She struggled for every breath she took and there were fewer and fewer of them. He lips turned blue and crusted...

I felt the world slipping from under my feet. It all felt like a nightmare, shaking, I would approach doctors and keep saying: 'Help. Please, help. Save her, I beg you. They would reply to me with something, but I simply did not comprehend their answers. My brain would only pick out certain phrases like 'ciliary’s arrhythmia', 'terminal stage', 'grave condition', 'neglected case', 'we are not Gods', 'be strong', 'you must be prepared...'

In front of my very eyes the nearest and dearest to me slowly but surely was fading away... I was beside myself with grief and horror. Suddenly, the name 'Berik, Berik Zhangirbaev' came to my mind. I dialed his number. 'Berik, please, help' - I was crying to the receiver. - My mom... she is in the hospital... Please, come over, I beg you'.

Berik arrived. I don't know why, but when I saw him in the hospital corridor, I felt calmed. He took a look at my mom, sat down on the chair by her side and put his hand on her chest. A little over a minute passed. 'What do you feel?' - he asked my mom. 'Heat', - whispered mom with a gasp. Another minute passes. He asks: 'Where do you feel the heat?' 'Where the heart is, - said my mom, - it is spreading over here and here', - showing the entire chest area. One minute. Two. Three. All of a sudden, I witness a miracle with my own eyes – ‘my mom's breath is stabilising’.

Doctors were not able to do anything for four days. And here we are. I can't believe my eyes. The miracle continued. Firstly, Berik pulled out one pillow from under my mom's back, then the second one, then the third...

'She hasn't been able to lay horizontally for over a week, and now - she is lying like that. Dear God, Dear God', - I was weeping quietly with joy.

He held his hand on her heart for almost an hour.

- I will come tomorrow, - he said

I looked at my mom. She fell asleep. For the first time in a week. On two pillows.

Breathing remained uneasy, yet without breathlessness. 'Is that possible at all? Thoughts were running through my head - Doctors were not able to help, whereas Berik saved her... What a blessing that such a person exists. Such a blessing that I know him. If he didn't come?...'

I met Berik less than a year ago, through work. I heard a lot about his peculiar healing method which supposedly work wonders and went to his office. He allowed me to watch his work. The healer would simply put his hands on the patient's ailing place and in a few minutes the patient would feel warmth. And this warmth was of a very peculiar nature, entirely distinct from ordinary warmth. It was pleasantly relaxing and spread over the whole body. The ailing organs would become especially warm. They would cease their hurting, aching, burning. I was overwhelmed. Although I witnessed it all with my own eyes, the brain stubbornly refused to accept it as fact. For his method of healing is indeed something akin to a miracle. And we do not believe in miracles.

'What is that warmth? How did you acquire it? Does it truly have healing powers? How does it heal? What does it heal? Or, could it have been mere hypnosis? - Bewildered I was assailing Berik with questions. And here is what he told me.


With miraculous healing powers was blessed Berik's grandfather - renowned local (Semirechye Region) Khara-Baksy (Black Shaman). The gift was passed to Berik. He was a student when one day he sensed that the palm of his hand radiated an invisible ray, resembling compressed air. Through his hands the ray would penetrate a person, spreading through their body causing relief. The word of Berik's gift spread around, people would come to him with various health problems. He began to heal his fellow-students, people from his village. With time the ray developed into a stream, a current. Supposedly, the effects of his healing, which even then would startle people, have been constantly improving. He has been practicing for the past 17 years. During that period, thousands of people literally passed through his hands. And from year to year he keeps conquering new and more complicated conditions. Now he is treating such obstinate ailments as bronchial asthma, goiter, hernia, cardiovascular diseases, gynecopathy, conditions of visceral organs, pneumonia, disbacteriosis, intracranial pressure, and various arthrosis conditions. His miracle warmth restores blood circulation, improves metabolism, increases immunity.

- I recuperate immunity and the body fights chronic ailments by its own efforts, - Berik gives a straight-forward explanation.

He doesn't make the diagnosis; he relies on the doctors' medical conclusions. His healing does not require the patient's belief in him, whatsoever. Neither does he apply any hypnosis or mind suggestion. Berik simply puts his hand on the person's body and the healing process begins.

Usually, after every session a patient feels drowsy. He sleeps, sleeps for a long time. This is a curative rest, during which Berik's treatment consolidates. It is during that sleep the body accumulates strength to fight the disease.

Despite seeing it all with my own eyes, I still only half believed in it. Because just like everybody else around I was used to being treated by pharmaceutical products, relying on the doctors in white coats. In addition, all the talk about folk healers being charlatans did not help.

Little did I know then that it would be Berik whom I would beg to save my mom and that he would save her.

If before mom was able to catch sleep only for about 30 minutes, after the first session with Berik she fell asleep for several hours. I kept worrying that the choking fits would return again, but there were no more of them. The disease which had enchained her slowly began unclenching its deadly embrace. Mom was peacefully laying, although still on two pillows, yet her breathing noticeably stabilised. She was able to turn around, even though every slightest move would still cause her a shortness of breath. And by the evening she asked for some food for the first time in four days.

On the second session, again in front of my own eyes, the perspiration stood on her forehead, her face and lips gained colour. The healing warmth induced heat as before. And I knew the reason. Mom's heart was in a critical condition, it would either stop or race like mad. Her pulse would rise to 150 beats a minute; exhausted heart was struggling to pump the blood. After the session she fell asleep again. Her breathing became deeper and calmer. After the rest she felt revitalised anew.

'I felt such a wonderful warmth!' - mom told me on that day. - I had a sense that beneath my heart there was some kind of a blood gout. During the session the heart area felt intensely hot. It was as if Berik had melted that gout and straight away the heart awoke, shuddered, running with renewed vigour.

Berik visited every day. After each session mom would fall into a deep sleep, waking up feeling better and better. Her detachment through her resignation to the disease which used to scare me once now disappeared without a trace. There she was asking for a mirror and a brush, next day she was trying to get up then walked around the ward on her own, she began to read and talk to other people in the ward. Breathlessness still remained, but it was less and less noticeable and mainly after some abrupt movement. The doctors were so amazed, they didn't believe she would ever pull through.

On the last and tenth day, all packed my mom was cheerily walking around the ward impatiently waiting for her discharge.

- ‘When I come home I will make manty (Kaz. nat. dish), or, rather beshbarmakh (Kaz. nat. dish)’, - she was making joyful plans.

I was walking her through the hospital corridor feeling the happiest in my life.

'Thank you, Berik, Thank you, Berik!', - I keep repeating to myself.