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Berik Zhangirbayev is reputed to be an “alchemist” of the modern age. It is in his power to give a man the most valuable thing in life – a good health. His uncanny ability is to heal the heart. The value of Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment method is that he knows no equals in the world. Berik Zhangirbayev was not specially trained to his method of treatment. We deal with a real dower in his instance. Doctor Zhangirbayev has cured tens of thousands of people over 25 years of his continual practice.

Berik Zhangirbayev: “It is well known that blood circulation is the basis of health. Indeed, the blood supplies organs and cellular nourishing in the body. The human body is able to fight independently against all diseases only if each organ functions at maximum. This requires a maximal blood circulation in the organism. Over the years, due to the natural wear, malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle the blood circulation reduces. This contributes to waning immunity and disorders causing major illnesses.

Heart is the main organ regulating blood circulation. It is a continually functioning heart muscle, which is formed earlier than all the other human body organs in yet fetal life. The whole body function depends on the heart function”.

Mamadjon Olimzhonov (62-year-old, Dushanbe, Tajikistan): For three years, I have had shortness of breath, heart pains, weakness and pains on the right hypochondrium. Any physical activity was accompanied with excruciating breathlessness. After I have learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, I set off for Kazakhstan, to Almaty City the next day for treatment. I had no any doubts that he could help me. I completed a treatment course of 10 days. For the initial few days, I had unexpected skin itch. The doctor explained me that it was connected with liver problems and that it would go off soon. Day after day, the itch was passing off gradually as well as shortness of breath and pains in my side. On the tenth day, I had already felt very well! Aside from having the treatment, I also was very glad to communicate with an interesting man as Berik Zhangirbayev! I became personally certain that he was a world-class man and I admire his unbelievable capabilities!”

He makes a real high-energy cardiac impulse that will level the heart function up to the maximum as high as it is possible in nature. His patients cannot describe the treatment process any otherwise than by word “miracle”, and they called the Doctor “Wizard of Heart”. Hundreds of times, he saved the people from surgical intervention in the hearts. He literally reanimates this organ in a short time. A secret of his curative effect is that it involves energy waves, coming from his hands that are capable to intensify blood circulation in vessels. Thus, the heart regeneration takes place owing to the increased blood flow to the heart vessels. The muscular tissue, the valves, and the heart vessels get the maximum elasticity, which results in regular heartbeat rate and rhythm. Following this principle, first of all the cardiovascular diseases retreat: heart valve insufficiency, mitral valve prolapse, cardiac insufficiency, ischemic heart disease, heart attack, stenocardia, etc. Breathlessness disappears since the first days of treatment.

Further, the maximal normal heart function secures the highest possible blood flow to the whole body on continual basis. Thus, all the other organs restore their functions and many other diseases can be cured from headaches to dysmetabolism and hormonal disorders. Cellular turnover in the whole organism indicates a process of bodily rejuvenation and regeneration.

Anar Abdikadyr (62-year-old, Almaty): I was diagnosed with rheumatism and cardiac mitral valve insufficiency. For 18 years, I have been registered with the cardiologic dispensary. I decided to apply to Berik Zhangirbayev for help and did not make a mistake! After his treatment, I lost a sensation of heaviness in heart. The doctor has restored the valve and normalized the cardiac rhythm. The improvements reflected even on my appearance – the wrinkles on my face smoothed out.

I felt that lately my organism functioned to the max, but now this condition has gone. I was filled with energy and vitality. In spite of my age, I feel rejuvenated again! I have never thought it would be possible to rejuvenate like that at the age of 62! I understood through my experience that Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment is ONE OF THE BEST WONDERS OF THE WORLD!

Berik Zhangirbayev’s method of treatment is a universal and sure option. Through his practice, the doctor proved that nothing is impossible for him. Needless to say there is nobody in the world can regenerate a heart and the whole body in this way so fast. The healing of human body takes place at maximum by a natural way following the principles provided by nature and law of nature.

John Alexander Gueizelar (49 years old, India):

“I suffered from two heart attacks. The first one happened to me in December 2011, and three months later, I had a second heart attack. Since then, I had been taking drugs every day to keep a normal blood pressure. In case if pressure increased, my heart ached. I had to take drugs at a certain time, but I am a musician and owing to my way of life, it was very difficult to follow this schedule.

Lately, I have noted that I am getting tired very quickly. I had breathlessness and each time, when going upstairs, I had to stop several times to take a breath.

On-treatment, I felt heat inside especially in thorax area. It is amazing but right after the first day of treatment I felt noticeably better. The same day, I easily went upstairs to the fourth floor. I was shocked because of no breathlessness! Just in two days of treatment, I began to feel better, and I noticed that I had lost excessive appetite. With each day of treatment, I was getting results that are more successful. It is incredible! Berik really has a natural gift.

At a time when the modern medicine mostly rests on diagnosis of diseases and methods of symptoms concealment, Doctor Zhangirbayev eliminates the cause of disease and provides with the integrated effect on the whole organism preventing a risk of other disorders.

Nurpeissov Abylaikhan (27-year-old, Astana): “I felt anxious about heart pains two years ago. The doctors diagnosed me with cardiac insufficiency. I tried all treatment methods, but nothing helped me. I had low blood pressure, chronic debilitation. It seemed that my heart was about ceasing to beat. I feared for my life. As soon as I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, I immediately made an appointment with him. Just on the first day of treatment my pressure rate leveled up to 120 by 80. I was impressed with this immediate effect! Then, for the initial three days of treatment, I have had exacerbations. I felt severe pains in heart never happened before. The doctor warned me of this natural body response, that the pains were indicating the body’s fight against disease. At last, on the fourth day I was feeling much better, the pains passed off. Day after day, I was acting with renewed vigor, became revitalized, energetic, and self-confident! The heart pains have completely gone off, and blood pressure rate has normalized! Berik Zhangirbayev has cured me just in ten days for which I am endlessly thankful!”

Because of the treatment, the immunity improves in the human body. Body resistance will increase up to a maximum level that may have not been since birth. Given that the people are often born with intracranial pressure or liability to hypotension, this is already indicative of heart insufficiency. It follows that the treatment of women during pregnancy promotes for the maximum improvement in blood supply of the fetus, which prevents from oxygen deprivation and congenital malformation of the fetus, as well as positively effects on mother’s wellness.

Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment is a unique chance to get that which cannot be given by anybody else in the world i.e. to secure a maximal regeneration in the body and completely rejuvenate/reset your body and firstly, your heart. It only needs to consider that medical cases as well as constitutional peculiarities of each patient are individual. The people apply to Doctor Zhangirbayev being on various stages of disease. The scope of work always depends on blood circulation level in their organism. He does the impossible in a short time.

The interest in Berik Zhangirbayev’s phenomenon deepens day after day.

A growing number of people eager for receiving body regeneration and rejuvenation come not only from all the cities of Kazakhstan but also from near and far abroad. Many scientists, journalists and researchers are interested in the Doctor’s capabilities. In the nearest future, he plans to cooperate with representatives of other countries.

A recent business visit of Berik Zhangirbayev to Ulan-Bator (the capital of Mongolia) in December 2016 is among his business overseas travels. During the visit, the doctor held a press conference on the topic of "BURST IN HEART – SENSATION OF THE CENTURY". The prominent representatives of the Mongolian people and the journalists of local TV companies (in all 11 TV companies) participated in the event.

A distinguished public figure of Mongolia: Zaana Jurmed:

I suffered from ischemic heart disease over 30 years. I had to permanently take drugs and have various injections over the last 5 years. After completing a treatment course of only 9 days by Berik Zhangirbayev, I felt noticeable improvement of my condition. As a result of treatment, I received: fit of energy, increase in stamina, ability to walk fast and long time, steady gait, improvement of heart function by 95%, dizziness has gone, swelling passed off, and mood improvement. I feel rejuvenated!

Eighteen patients with various diseases have undergone the treatment along with me. Everyone felt improvements from the first day of the treatment. All the patients received positive changes! It is a MIRACLE! It is a miracle we received full regeneration and rejuvenation of heart and other organs thanks to Berik Zhangirbayev’s dower.

I realized that the heart gains in force under the magic hands of Berik Zhangirbayev, and its further powerful functioning secures a full-blooded circulation in the whole body. It stimulates regeneration and rejuvenation of all organs in my body that consequently improves my life.

I am really glad to have known about Berik Zhangirbayev, and I am not alone in my feelings!”





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