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Only once in a generation the cases of human extraordinary capabilities happen in the society. We can justly consider Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV as a phenomenon of our century, the man who possesses a secret of effect on the human body by heart rejuvenation.

Many people having absolutely different illnesses seemingly not related to heart that is headaches, faintness, bronchocele, dermatological condition, metabolic disorder and many other apply to Doctor Berik. Eventually, the path to health improvement runs through the heart. According to Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV, the heart is a center of the organism exuding power. It is the basic organ supporting life of the whole organism. If the heart is strong and healthy, then the general health condition will be strong. Even minor heart weakness causes serious health consequences.

Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV provides the heart with maximal blood circulation on his treatment. Consequently, the heart muscle cells, the vascular and valves cells regenerate. It promotes their recovery and strengthening. The strong heart muscle functions in the regular beat and provides the full blood flow to vessels, which recovers the heart first, then the whole organism. Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s treatment brings out positive response in the body. A maximal blood supply of all the organs promotes tension relieving and spasmolysis. It results in full recovery of the body organs functions and general reanimation. In this way, the organism protection begins to function. The recovery processes take place consistently and follow up to treatment completion.

With each day, his name is becoming more popular. The society wonders at his extraordinary capabilities. Setting up an appointment made months ahead. The people come not only from Kazakhstan but also from all over the world. As is argued by his patients, Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s activity is unequalled anywhere in the world.

The American biophysics scientists expressed their great interest in ZHANGIRBAYEV’s phenomenon. They plan to carry out a joint major research work in Los Angeles (USA) in the beginning of 2018.

Tatyana Smirnova (General Physician, Kostanay): On basis of Berik Zhangirbayev's treatment is a strong stimulating factor. It strengthens the heart work, which provides a powerful impetus for rise of blood circulation level all over the organism. It is quite scientifically supported process. As a general physician, I absolutely agree that blood circulation is a main process in the body. The blood supplies nourishment to organs. Being interested in having first-hand knowledge of a body reset by Berik Zhangirbayev I made an appointment with him, and I learned everything first hand. Previously, I experienced frequent dizziness and heavy headedness due to cerebral vasoconstriction. Along with that, I had numbness of tiptoes and fingertips. On treatment, I had a pin sensation on my fingers. This suggested that the heart beating was as effective as reflected in the fingertips.

Berik Zhangirbayev: Why the conventional medicine keeps silence about the fact that the general rehabilitation of the organism and the recovery from many various illnesses will happen simultaneously if you rise the blood circulation level in the body by improving the heart work? Because the academic medicine has no these opportunities. It would be the same thing as if it was said that diamonds literally were possible to extract from the air. If it were possible, then they would talk about this. It is said nothing about it because it is impossible. In my work I do exactly what is impossible. I do that incredible thing that the people do not even have a chance.

Raman Abilkasym (Kyzylorda): I brought my 19-year-old son for treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev. Over the last 4-5 years, he was complaining about his health condition. He had fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, general weakness, his arms and feet felt cold, and his palms were excessively sweating and damp all the time. Sometimes it looked as if he had just washed his hands and not wiped. He was so weak to such an extent. His pulse made 120-125 beats per minute in a calm state. In July, he underwent a complete examination, and the doctors could not make a specific diagnosis but said he had needed either a surgery on heart muscle or valve replacement. The heart ejection fraction made 32 per cent. It was high-risk operation. We had a horror of the knife, and when we learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, we made an appointment with him in advance. On-treatment, I was by my son all the time. I was amazed when just on the first day of treatment, in five minutes at the beginning of the procedure, the son said that he felt the way his hands and feet warmed up, and his palms became dry in a moment. The pulse of the heart dropped to 90 beats per minute. Later, he told me that every day on-treatment, he felt the heat and fever in the heart and liver, which then gradually spread all over the body. It was amazing. I was convinced that the treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev could not be compared with anything else. This is something completely new, real, tangible and very effective. I saw the result immediately. My son’s appetite has increased. He was in good cheerful mood. The palms stopped sweating as before. The hands and feet are now permanently getting warm. The heartbeat stabilized and the blood pressure rate leveled to rate of 110 by 70.

Dilbar Ishkulova (65-year-old, Tashkent, Uzbekistan): Several months ago in June, I suddenly had heart problems. At the slightest exertion, my heart beat faster and it seemed to me that my heart would jump out in a moment. This was accompanied by pain and shortness of breath. The doctors prescribed me a lot of medicine for heart but nothing helped me. They advised me to do a heart surgery but I set against the operation. Wherever I was advised to apply, but my heart directed me only to Berik Zhangirbayev. My intuition did not fail me, and he cured my heart. Just on the first day I felt the effect of incredible ease. I breathed easier. On the second day of treatment, jumping in the chest decreased noticeably, and on the sixth day, it stopped altogether. Every day on treatment there was a fever in the heart then the waves were spreading throughout the body. The seventh day was a special one. I felt as if some hot and sticky molten tin filled my heart. On the ninth day, the fever appeared in the liver. During 40 minutes, I felt fever in the heart and liver alternately. On the tenth day, Berik “broke through” the kidneys. He did not even set his hand on lower back, as usual, he kept his hand on the region of my heart but the kidneys just burned. This was amazing! I tried many different methods of treatment but I experienced this for the first time and I am delighted with the results

Aldabergen Aimagambetov (68-year-old, Аktobe): For more than thirty years, I had blood pressure rate at 90 by 60. I suffered from frequent headaches and dyspnea. I had a stent deployed after survival of two heart attacks. There were no positive results of treatment at clinics. I was disappointed with doctors and useless drugs. When I read the newspaper article about Berik Zhangirbayev, I studied all the information on his treatment method and concluded that he was that particular doctor who would help me. The first day of treatment began with disease recurrence. I had fast heartbeat, felt weakness and slept bad. The next day the rapid heartbeat reiterated but it happened only on treatment, and I became very sleepy. I slept soundly for several hours in the day and night. On the third day, I felt a different person. Energy boost, lightness appeared. The breathlessness has gone. The heart stopped troubling me, and blood pressure normalized gradually day after day. At first, it increased up to the rate of 110 by 70. Then it kept at 120 by 80. I am very happy! Berik has everything ahead of him! I am sure his dower will reflect glory upon his country! He has capabilities that no one possesses. Perhaps, these are chances for the future civilization!



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