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In people’s generation there is only one representative among the others who possesses extraordinary capabilities. So, we have all the reasons to consider Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV as a phenomenon of our century. He is a man who has a secret to affect the human body, by means of regenerating the heart.

A lot of patients, who do not have, visually, cardiac problems, namely, headaches and faintness, bronchocele, dermatological condition, metabolism failure and many others, address Doctor Berik anyway. As a result, treating way for these people passes also through their hearts. Berik ZHAGIRBAYEV outlines, that Heart is a center of the body, which radiates a power. It is the main organ and a basis, from which living provision of the body depends on. If your heart is strong and healthy, then the general condition of human being will be strong. Even small weaknesses in cardiac activity cause very serious consequences.

Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV provides the heart with maximal blood circulating during his treatment. Consequently, the cells of heart muscle, vessels and valves regenerate. It promotes the recovery and supporting thereof. The strong heart muscle operates in the correct rhythm and provides the full-scale discharge of blood into vessels, and right this process is a treatment with recovering the heart and further, the whole body. Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s treatment wakes up the internal dynamic in the body. Maximal blood circulating promotes removal of tensions and spasms, recovers their maximal productivity and realizes the general rejuvenation. So, the protective function of the body can be used again. The recovering processes shall be realized consequently and continue to happen even after treatment completion.

His name is getting more popular every day. His extraordinary capabilities excite a society. Booking to be admitted by him should be made months before. Among his patients there are people not only from Kazakhstan, but from all over the world. As per their evidences Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s activity can not be compared with any thing else in Earth.

American scientists-biophysicians expressed their great interest to ZHANGIRBAYEV’s phenomena and they plan to fulfil the big research work with him in Los Angeles (USA) at the beginning of 2018.

Tatyana Smirnova (physician-therapist, Kostanay): At the heart of Berik Zhangirbayev's treatment is a strong stimulating factor. It strengthens the work of the heart, which gives a powerful impetus for raising the level of blood circulation throughout the body. This is a completely scientifically explainable process. As a therapist, I absolutely agree that blood circulation is the main process in the body. Blood supplies organs with food.

Being interested in experiencing a reset of body, I signed up for a reception and felt everything myself. Before, I experienced frequent dizziness and heaviness in my head due to narrowing of the vessels of the brain and along with this numbness at the tips of the fingers and toes. During treatment, I felt tingling and throbbing on my fingers. This suggests that the heart began to shrink effectively so much that it is given up to the fingertips.

Berik Zhangirbayev: Why in official medicine does not say that if you raise the blood circulation in the body, by improving the heart, then there will be a general recovery of the body and many different diseases can be cured at the same time? Because in medicine there are no such opportunities. It would be the same as if it were said that diamonds in the literal sense can be extracted from the air. If this were possible, then they would talk about this. Since it is impossible to talk about this. In my work I do exactly what is impossible. I'm doing something incredible that people do not even dream about.

Raman Abilkasym (Kyzylorda ): I brought my son to treatment with Berik Zhangirbayev. He is 19 years old. The last 4-5 years he began to complain about his health. He had palpitations, low blood pressure, general weakness, and his arms and legs were cold, and his hands were sweating heavily and were wet all the time. Sometimes it looked like he had just washed his hands and didn't wipe. He was so weak. His pulse was 120-125 beats per minute in a calm state. In July, he underwent a complete examination and the doctors couldn’t put a specific diagnosis, but said he needed to perform an operation on either the heart muscle or replace the valve. The heart ejection fraction was 32%. The risk was very great. We were afraid of the operation and when we found out about Berik Zhangirbayev, we signed up for treatment in advance.

During the treatment, I was always with my son. I was amazed when on the first day, as soon as the process began, after 5 minutes, the son said that he felt his hands and feet warm up, and his hands became dry in a moment. The pulse of the heart dropped to 90 beats per minute.

Later he told how every day during treatment felt warmth and heat in the heart and liver, which gradually spread throughout the body. It is amazing. I was convinced that the treatment of Berik Zhangirbayev can't be compared with anything else. This is something completely new, real, tangible and very effective. The result I saw immediately. Son had an appetite, a mood, he became cheerful. The palms stopped sweating as before. Hands and feet are now constantly warm. The heartbeat was stabilized and the pressure became 110/70.

Sakhibzhan Bekenovna (68 years old, Almaty): I turned to Berik Zhangirbayev because of severe shortness of breath. It was difficult for me to climb even to the 1st floor. This caused great inconvenience, I always felt weak. Now, after the treatment, I feel myself much better. Shortness of breath was already on 2-3 days of treatment. We live on the third floor and I stopped panting, climbing the stairs. I have gained strength, energy has appeared. My dyspnea was due to the fact that I had a weak heart, even flabby, as Berik said. His treatment helped restore the elasticity of the heart muscle. During the treatment, I always felt the heat in my heart and through this heat, Berik "collected" my heart. In addition, I noticed that I had pains in the liver. These were not severe pain, rather discomfort in the right side. I realized that this liver and it makes itself felt and this shouldn't be. After treatment all this stopped. I even forgot about where my liver is. I feel refreshed and very happy that I got rid of these problems!

Tatyana Zinovieva (59 years, Almaty): I came for treatment because of severe headaches. I had a migraine, from which I suffered for the past ten years. My head ached for three days in a row, accompanied by a feeling of nausea. The pills no longer helped. Perhaps this was due to the fact that I had a low blood pressure of 90/60 and cervical osteochondrosis. The blood supply to the brain was severely impaired. The heart was working with increased strain. The heartbeat was 90 beats per minute. As Berik Zhangirbayev warned me, the treatment began with an acute condition. On the first day I felt a strong fever in the region of the heart, there was a heaviness in my head. I was sleepy and when I got home, I immediately fell asleep and slept soundly for several hours, although I had not slept in the day before. Since that time my sleep has returned to normal. Gradually the heat during the treatment passed to a constant uniform heat and was preserved in this state. I went through 10 days of treatment, during which time the headache was completely gone. The pressure was normalized, it became 115/75. I feel better and very satisfied with the result!

Dilbar Ishkulov (65 years old, Tashkent, Uzbekistan): A few months ago in June, I suddenly had heart problems. At the slightest exertion, my heart beat faster and it seemed to me that my heart was jump. This was accompanied by pain and shortness of breath. Doctors wrote me a lot of medicine for heart, but nothing helped me. They advised me to do the operation, but I was categorically against the operation.

Wherever I was only advised to apply, but my heart pulled me only to Berik Zhangirbayev. My intuition did not fail me, he cured my heart.

The first day I felt the effect - incredible ease. It became easier for me to breathe. On the second day of treatment, jumping in the chest decreased noticeably, and on the sixth day it stopped altogether. Every day during treatment there was a fever in the heart, then waves spread throughout the body. The seventh day was special. There was a feeling that something hot and sticky like molten tin poured into my heart. On the ninth day, the fever appeared in the liver. Within 40 minutes, the fever was felt in the heart, then in the liver - alternately. And on the tenth Berik "struck" my kidneys. He did not even touch my lower back, as he usually kept his hand on my heart, and the kidneys burned directly. This is amazing! I have tried many different methods of treatment, but I meet this for the first time and are delighted with the results.



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