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Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s gift is a highly individualized phenomenon, characteristic of him only. On the basis of his practice, there is a living constructive force, able to bring out and transform the internal organism resources, which results in recovery of the natural health condition of the whole body on a cellular level.

Dr. Victor INYUSHIN (renowned academic Professor of Biophysics and Biomedicine, Chairman of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, the author of many scientific papers on bioplasm matters):

”In my time I was in charge of a biophysical research which proved that Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV had been specially structured around a Psi-bioplasm, that was confirmed by his dower. A classified facility was developed in the seventies of the past century, which allowed making pictures of the cloud bioplasm. We applied this apparatus sometime later within research works.

Everyone has a bioplasm cloud determining his energy potential. The cloud dimensions differ: of 2 m radius, of 20 or 50 m radius, and of 100 m radius in very rare cases. Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV is among those amazing people who have a large bioplasm cloud.

Today we have embarked upon a major research work, which will result in the publication of a book on bioplasm matters. The survey will consider Berik’s bioplasm cloud structural features as a special unique example and research target. He will be the first man in the world to get plasmographic body characteristics - not atomic and molecular but a plasmic one.

The work is in progress now. We cooperate with academic biophysicists from the USA and India. Recently, in October 2017 we received an American delegation. They also expressed their great interest in cooperation. We will conduct investigations for one year. At times, we will be taking pictures of Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s bioplasm cloud and comments on the ongoing investigation in a gradual mode. We will make the pictures under varying conditions: before rehabilitation, in a process of and after rehabilitation, in and out of premises, while he is alone and with other people by side.

I do not use the term “treatment” with regard to his practice. The word “rehabilitation” will be a more accurate term. The treatment suggests the employment of one instrument for killing infection or removing any organs, various malignant or benign tumors or medicamental organism attacks.

Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s case is somewhat else entirely, much closer to nature and natural processes happening in it. It is a direct employment of bioplasm for rehabilitation goals. Bioplasm wearing out will result in one’s defected membrane cells, anomalous permeability, violation of substance circulation, change of water structure in cells, decerebration, etc. Berik gives a chance to get aided by means of structural bioplasm that has a high degree of order. Ordinary people always have the structural disorder. Any emotional outburst like agitation, stress, destroys the surface of the order. Any infection also leads to chaos. Bioplasm gives a chance for the organism to get reserves. The order potential is getting higher and the body itself begins to fight infection. That is a way that the rehabilitation takes place. Everything is performed in an unrestrained and natural manner at maximum without artificial intervention.

Testing of Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s abilities will take place not only on basis of the Scientific Center of KazNU. Berik plans to visit Los Angeles (USA) at the beginning of 2018, where the American biophysicist counterparts will make their own analysis”.

To the question on the goal of this research, the Professor answered that the quality of life is considerably decreasing every year despite the improvement of the living conditions. Depressive state, seasonal affective disorder, undue fatigability prevail among people, which is inadmissible for the future civilization. That is exactly why the scientists pursue the objective to determine a new approach to human health improvement, to renew augmentation systems of the human energy field, which will have an effect on physical well-being.

Victor INYUSHIN: “Following on from the results of the first picture examination it could be surely established after superficial film reading that the emotional and physical condition of Berik Zhangirbayev complies with a sound human mental condition. It characterizes him as a confident man, who does not have any health problems and is in a peace of mind. His inner strength makes him remain confident. A more detailed film reading requires more time”.

Shahislam Mukaev (a physician, Taldykorgan): I suffer from a cardiovascular disease. I went through two spastic acute apoplectic strokes. I received stationary treatment and was prescribed hypertensive drugs. Dizziness and buzzing were troubling me. Blood pressure leveled up to 180 by 200 mm Mercury. I had a general weakness and rapid fatigability. From the first day of treatment, I felt heat in the heart and liver areas. The heat transformed to fever on the third day. All the above-mentioned complaints disappeared on the sixth day of the treatment. The sleep normalized, a fit of energy appeared, and blood pressure normalized. He has a natural gift providing a maximal blood supply to the heart, which results in maximal blood flow to organs and systems, and distal vessels. Consequentially, the overall body’s metabolism is promoted, in other words – a regeneration takes place. As a physician, I am just surprised that in the process of high-energy transfer to the patient’s organism Berik Zhangirbayev achieves incredible results within a very short time: dyspnoea and breathlessness disappearance, normalization of the heart, liver, kidney functions, and the endocrine systems' work, in a word, of all the internal organs and systems.

Yermek SULEYMENOV (Semey): My main diagnosis was liver fibrosis. I permanently felt unpleasant sensations in the right-sided ribs. In addition, I was concerned about chronic fatigue, discomfort, and insomnia. There was a feeling of muscle tension all over the body. It seemed as though I had a stiff body. In the course of the treatment, from the very first day, I began to feel the effect. My arms and legs were slightly numb and there was a nagging pain in my left arm, beginning from the shoulder. Throughout the body, there was heat then fever. Pain in the arm was gone on the third day, and numbness passed on the sixth day. The muscle tension throughout the body was completely gone. I had a deep sleep. Waking up in the morning, I had a good night’s rest and sleep. My health condition has considerably improved. A sensation of heaviness in the liver was gone, and I feel like I came alive again.

Sergei BALANDIKOV (50-year-old, Tobolsk, Russia): As soon as I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev, I immediately realized that it was about something over-sophisticated and unusual. It was interesting to experience this first-hand and then to send my relatives and friends with major health problems to Berik. On-treatment, I did not feel heat or fever, but I sensed the effect on the first day. Previously, I had some discomfort from excessive night sweating while sleeping. Not before I lay down on the sofa to watch TV, I had a sweat-soaked pillow already. Suddenly, after the first day of treatment by Berik, I awoke the next morning and found myself with no sweating anymore. I was very pleasantly surprised and happy. Now I sleep much better. Overall, I had a feeling of lightness, vitality, and good mood. I am very glad that I have had a chance to experience this treatment first-hand and to see the immediate result. It was really an instant gratification.

Marfuga ANAROVA (Almaty): The doctors diagnosed me with a mitral stenosis and aortic insufficiency. Two valves in my heart did not work well but at the same time, I never complained of the heart. The doctors were constantly warning me of the problems and referring to surgery. Back in 2013, a rheumatologist issued me a referral to the surgery, foreseeing that I expected major heart problems in the future. At that time, due to circumstances, I could not go under the knife, and four years later, in summer I suffered from severe dyspnea. I had severe bendopnea, as was not able even to bend over to put on shoes not to speak of a walk. I associated breathlessness with bronchitis but the doctors again confirmed the heart problems and insisted that I should undergo an operation. Over four months I still could not collect the documents to undergo a surgery as if something impeded it. Finally, one day my niece asked me why don't I visit Berik Zhangirbayev, as he specifically cures heart diseases. I knew about him for many years and thought about visiting him. Now, as chance would have it, I attended an appointment with him. Just over the first days of the treatment, severe dyspnea disappeared. Now I can safely do domestic chores, sometimes while walking and being out of line I force the pace but I am not breathless as before. This gave

me a boost of confidence that now I can go out to the city unaccompanied, without fearing for my life as before. Surprisingly, with all this in the course of treatment, I initially did not feel anything though I had obvious improvements in my condition. Only on the eighth day of treatment in the region of the heart, there was a fever. From time to time, I felt pain in the heart but only in the process and not so long. Gradually, I began to experience unusual sensations, like an overflow in the heart, literally feel the blood flow from one section to another. My spirits revived, and I am satisfied with the results. I realized that maybe the higher forces showed me the way to Berik Zhangirbayev.

Berik Zhangirbayev: "What makes me feel confident is that I know what I want and following the laws of nature I achieve my goals. The people think I am going against the current. In fact, I go with the flow. This is what allows me to maintain my health, strength and inner peace. Just those who create their own difficulties and eventually fall ill go against the flow. First, you need to keep a healthy state of awareness. This will ensure your overall well-being. A man should always strive for developmental growth. A man must be insatiable of spiritual and conscious forward development!”



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