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Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s donary is very individual phenomenon, belonging only to him. In the basis of his practice there is vivid constructive force, capable to wake up and transform the internal resources of the body and to recover the natural healthy condition of the whole body on the level of cells.

Victor INYUSHIN (well-known scientists-biophysician, Doctor of Biology Sciences, author of many scientific papers about Bioplasma, professor of Chair of Biophysics and Biomedicine in the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi): «Several years ago the researches, leaded by me, proved that Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV possesses really the specific structure of psy-bioplasma, and his donary is a great confirmation of that. In 70th of the past century there was developed the secret device, which permitted to make photos of bio-plasma cloud. Years after we started to use this device in our researches.

Everybody has his bio-plasma cloud, which determines his energetic potential. Dimensions of the cloud varied among the people. There are with radius of two meters, twenty, fifty and one hundred meters. The last example is very rare case and just this kind of people with very extended bio-plasma cloud represented by Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV.

Now we started big research work, with a result in shape of book, devoted to the theme of bio-plasma and, Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s bio-plasma cloud structure and properties, as certain unique example, will be studied. He will be the first man in the world who will be given plasma-graphical characteristics of the body – not atomic and molecular, but plasma one.

We actively work and cooperate with scientists –biophysicians from USA and India. Recently, last October we received the American delegation. They expressed their great interest. Researches will be realized within one year. Periodically we shall make the photos of Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s bio-plasma cloud and give the comments for results. The photos will be made in varied conditions: before rehabilitation, in a process and after rehabilitation, in premises, on street, when he is alone and with other people.

Regarding to his practice I don’t use a word “treatment”. More correct to tell just rehabilitation. Treatment assumes use of one tool for removal, infection kill or removal of any organs, different cancerous and noncancerous enlargements or medicament attack of the body.

With Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV we face something completely different, much closer to Nature and natural processes, happened in it. The direct use of bio-plasma happens for recovery targets. When human bio-plasma wears out, the membrane cells defects appear, permeability and circulation failed, мthe water structure in cells is also changed, brain is in a process of destruction etc. And Berik gives a possibility to obtain aid in a shape of structural bio-plasma, which has high degree of order. Ordinary people have constantly structural disorder. Any emotional flash, for example agitation, stress, violates an order surface.

Any infection does also lead to chaos. Bio-plasma give the body a possibility to obtain reserve. Order potential increases and organism itself starts to fight with infection. Same process will be for recovery. Everything is maximally natural, without artificial interference.

Researches on Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV will be performed not only on the basis of the Scientific Center of KazNU, but it is planned that Berik will visit Los Angeles (USA) at the beginning of 2018, where American bio-physicians prepare to conduct their analysis».

At the question, what is the target of these researches, professor answered, that every year, in spite of the fact, that life conditions improve, but quality of life is considerably decreased. People much more have depressions, seasonal affective disorder, undue fatigability, but it is inadmissible for the future civilization. Right due to this reason the scientists have a target to determine new approach to heal people, recreate new systems for supporting his energy field, and a s a result it will affect the physical condition.

Victor INYUSHIN: «As a result of the first photo, if you do surface decoding of indicators, then you can surely determine that emotional and physical condition of Berik Zhangirbayev comply with human condition with strong psycho component. It characterizes him as a confident man, who does not have any problems with health, which is in the condition spiritis. His internal force gives him this confident condition. More detailed decoding shall require more time».

Yermek SULEYMENOV (51, Semey): My main diagnosis is liver fibrosis. I constantly felt unpleasant sensations under the ribs on the right side. In addition, I was worried about chronic fatigue, malaise, insomnia. There was a feeling of tension in the muscles all over the body. The body was as if frozen.

During the treatment, from the very first day I began to feel the effect. My arms and legs were slightly numb and there was a aching pain in my left arm, starting from the shoulder. Throughout his body he could feel the warmth, then the heat. Pain in the arm stopped on the third day, and on the sixth there was numbness. The tension in the muscles throughout the body is completely gone. I had a deep sleep. Waking up in the morning, I began to feel rested and asleep. My state has improved a lot. The heaviness in the liver has disappeared and I feel like I came to life.

Sergei BALANDIKOV (50, Tobolsk, Russia): As soon as I heard about Berik Zhangirbayev, I immediately understood that it was something supernova and unusual. I was curious to experience this on myself and then to send to Berik my relatives and friends, who really have serious health problems. During the treatment, I did not feel heat, but the effect was felt on the first day. Previously, I was very uncomfortable with constant sweating during sleep. It was worth while even to lie down on the sofa to watch TV, the pillow became wet. And suddenly, after the first day of treatment Berik, waking up in the morning, I found that I had stopped sweating. I was very pleasantly surprised and happy. Now I sleep much better. Overall, there is a feeling of lightness, energy, good mood. I am very glad that I managed to experience this treatment on my own and immediately see the result. The effect is really instant!

Marfuga ANAROVA (63, Almaty): "The doctors diagnosed me mitral stenosis and aortic insufficiency. Two valves in my heart did not work well. At the same time, I never complained about the heart, doctors constantly warned me that I have problems and sent to surgery. Back in 2013, a rheumatologist gave me a direction for the operation, foreseeing that in the future I was expecting big heart problems. Then, due to circumstances, I could not get to the operation and after 4 years, in the summer I had severe shortness of breath. I could not but walk and even bend over to get a shoe. I associated shortness of breath with bronchitis, and doctors again confirmed heart problems and began to insist that I should have an operation. And within four months I still could not collect documents for the operation. All the time, as if something was interfering. Finally, one day, my niece asked me why not to go to Berik Zhangirbayev, he just heals the heart. I've known about him for many years, thought about the fact that I, too, should turn to him and now, I think, by chance, I came to him. I began to disappear in the first days of severe shortness of breath. I can safely attend to household chores, sometimes I forget walking and speed up the step and do not choke like before. This gave me confidence and now I can go to the city unaccompanied, without fear for my life as before. Surprisingly, with all this during the treatment, I initially felt nothing, although the improvements were obvious and only on the eighth day in the region of the heart there was a fever. From time to time there was a pain in the heart, but it's only in the process and not so long. Gradually, I began to experience unusual sensations, like a spillover in the heart, literally feel the blood pouring from one compartment to another. I became much happier and very satisfied with the results and I understand that maybe this higher forces sent me to Berik Zhangirbayev.

Berik Zhangirbayev: "I feel confident that I know what I want and following the laws of nature I achieve my goals. People think I'm going against the current. In fact, I go with the flow. This is what allows me to maintain my health, strength and inner peace. Against the current are just those who create their own difficulties and eventually fall ill. First of all, you need to monitor the health of your consciousness, this will ensure your overall well-being. A person should always strive for development. In man there must be insatiability with respect to spiritual and conscious development!



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