Broadsheet newspaper «VREMYA» dated 11.05.2017


Knockout of the century!!! EXPLOSION IN A HEART!



Berik Zhangirbayev’s creative phenomenon can be specified by the following words: REAL and VALID! That’s him who is capable to return a real health, established by Nature, to human body. His exclusive talent allows healing very serious and even incurable diseases in our generation.

Interestingly, Berik Zhangirbayev does not need your trust! No magic here! We’re facing the REAL Miracle right now, in REAL time!

Due to maximum growth of heart blood circulation, a patient’s body fills up a vital energy, causing appearance of maximal immunity and resistance inside the whole body.

Initially, a force concentration happens in the patient’s heart. Blood circulation in the heart is getting stronger, improving feed and upgrade thereof. The powerful blood flow, as a shock wave, spreads over the whole body, punching all the blood vessels and supplying a feed up to the smallest cells. Along with blood circulation, there is increased a feeling of internal strength in the body. This enlarging strength, gradually, achieves the maximum level. Such full internal condition activates resistance against other diseases, and the body can surely fight and overcome them independently. The mighty impulse provides a quick recovery and maintenance of the general condition. As a result, the “updated” heart keeps constantly the maximum productivity of all the rest organs. In short, the human body obtains the strongest stimulus for independent, natural and quick recovery. Everybody needs this procedure, which should be undergone once in a lifetime. After such upgrading a man is provided with new reserves to live further vigorously.

Healing practice of Berik Zhangirbayev lasts already 26 years. During these years the Doctor has treated tens of thousands patients from, so called, incurable diseases. His wonderful capacities just improve over time. Every time he’s managed to triumph the complex diseases faster and faster.

Serikbayev Ayazbek (doctor, 65 years old, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan): For 10 years I have been suffering from hypertensive disease. I always had high blood pressure, pain in the area of heart, weakness and dyspnea. As a result of this, November 26, 2016, my blood pressure increased and I got a stroke. My left leg and left arm stopped working. After that, for a month I was in the resuscitation department of the regional hospital in the city of Kyzylorda. After discharge, I found out about Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev. I immediately had the confidence that he could help me. I was aimed at this treatment and immediately signed up for an appointment. My hopes and goals were fully justified!
I felt the improvement immediately after the first appointment. My mood has risen. During the treatment, I felt a heat in the area of heart, in the area of the liver and how the blood flows to my legs. I even felt the blood flow through my veins into my left leg. In the first days of the treatment this fever in the body was felt stronger. I felt how my body was being rebuilt and how my body was being renewed. My leg began to move well. My movements became free, I began to walk confidently and hand movements improved. In the first days my hand swelled, I walked with a bandage, and now the swelling completely disappeared.
A weakness passed and I felt a fit of energy. Appetite appeared, and before that I almost did not eat for a month. My sleep was normalised. Every day I felt better and better.
Berik helped me to recover! He re-launched the work of my heart and my body. I again feel like a full-fledged person!
I did not think before that I could go back to my job. And now I have resumed my work. This is a miracle! Working all my life as a doctor, I did not even imagine that this could be possible.
He gives people invaluable help! He really has golden hands!

Snezhana (a niece): As my uncle lives in other city, I had no opportunity to know in which conditions he was at that moment. I was shocked when he came. He was slim-jim, you could see his bones on shoulders, with his sagging face and, the most important, and he could barely speak. I noticed that he lost weight so that he could wear the clothes 2-3 size less. My uncle was very active man before, but the disease made him shut-in. He does not speak with anybody. And right after the first admission by Berik Zhangirbayev the uncle started to speak better. Now his voice has been completely recovered as it was before the disease. As well he gained weight during 14 days of treatment. More over I noticed the wrinkles have been smoothed out on his face. He became positive and very communicative!

At the first day of the treatment my aunt had to care the uncle everywhere he was, e.g. she helped him dressing and keeping him during transportation. Now my uncle can do it himself, and additionally he started to care over my aunt. He recovered up to such level and he became more self-confident. He is OK now!

At the time before the treatment we thought that he would rehabilitate long after a heart attack. Now he is completely self-confident. Besides, he is the only doctor in his city, and people need him very much.

Farit Gaifullin (58 years old, Petropavlovsk City):

In 2014 my heart started to disturb me. It was difficult for me to work physically, I faced dyspnea, my blood pressure started to increase. Since that time I’ve undergone twice the complete medical examination. As a result of two examinations my problem was an Aortic valve, – it was much calcined. My diagnosis was Critical Stenosis of Aortic Valve, heart failure and hypertension. It’s getting worse this year, and physicians told me, that in a month I would have to make operation in order to replace the valve. I did not want to make the operation and I started to look for a way out of this situation. I found information materials about Berik Zhangirbayev in Internet. I understood that it was my chance and I called him to be admitted.

Right after the first admission I felt cheerfulness. Herewith the Doctor warned me that I could meet some exacerbations, which happened at the second day, when my body started to react in a shape of exacerbation. I continued the treatment and in a few days I started to feel progressing improvements.

During the first days of the treatment I felt just internal warm. But already at the fourth day I’ve felt that in the left part of my body, especially, in the hand, there is a hot, of such degree that my fingers trembled. Then at the 5th day the hot went into my left leg. And now I’m sure that this energy is fastened inside me at the sufficient level, because I feel healthy again! After ten-day treatment I’ve lost my dyspnea. It is much easier for me to go up in the mountains or stairways now. I feel so light that I always want to run! Now I feel good!

My wife underwent the treatment along with me in a shape of preventive measures. Comparing with me she faced a powerful explosion in her body from the first days. She felt an intense heat in her heart area, then over the whole body at the first day of the treatment. After that the heat started to decrease, it is very interesting. During the first days of the treatment we both wanted to sleep very much, probably, our bodies required a quiet in order to be treated without obstacles and faster. Also we had good appetite, and felt a burst of energy! We appreciate the Doctor for his help to us and, particularly, to me to avoid a serious operation on my heart.

Akerke (21 years old, Almaty City): I’ve had painful headaches from my childhood due to Congenital Intracranial Pressure. My immunity was sick; I had anemia, low hemoglobin and blood pressure 90/60, as well as fast fatigability. Since my teenage period it started to affect my emotional condition. I wanted very mush to live so actively as my peers, but it was very difficult for me and I did it by force. Recently I faced the pains in my right side. I underwent the medical examination and it is appeared that I have a problem with my liver. Physicians told me that small cysts started to form in my liver. After that we learned by chance about Berik Zhangirbayev. My mother has been interested in his treatment and she enrolled me to be admitted. At the first day of the treatment I felt immediately an intense heat over the whole body. Once upon a time, during the treatment, I chilled a kidney. Along with the rest diseases I had something wrong with my loin and I felt a nagging pain in kidney area. But the Doctor has healed me during two days.

I completely recovered. My blood pressure increased, hemoglobin increased up to 110, my liver stopped to be ill. More over, I worried about my female health but it also changed to the best.

Nails were fragile and broken before. Now they are strong. My hairs fell out, now they stopped to fall out. My hands were as wooden ones, now they are smooth and feminine. Extremities were always cold, now my body is warm. No constipation now. I was sick, but now I’m full of energy. I had always bad sleep before, but now I wake up with cheerfulness, which is sufficient for the whole day. It happened that Congenital Low Pressure in my body became a reason of a lot of my diseases, but now, when my blood pressure is in norm– I understand what is it, the REAL health. The Doctor changed me and my body up to the Maximum Level. Now I’m another person! I cannot believe it! But such Miracles happen always with all Doctor Zhangirbayev’s patients.

Edil (a Doctor, Almaty City): I’m 32 years old. 10 years ago I fell ill with prostatitis. I faced multiple infections, I was treated by Urologists, I took antibiotics, massage etc. During last 6 years I faced exacerbations every year, in autumn. I addressed specialists, but it did not help me. IN two last years exacerbations appeared every 4-5 months. It was a Hell for me! I started to despair. When I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev I decided to undergo his treatment. I started to feel excellently! I felt some changes in my body, which I cannot explain by words! I lost even allergy that I always had in spring due to flowers. I feel that my immunity has increased. I’d like to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for healing me! He is REALLY an envoy of God! He returned the condition, which I had before the disease – this is a condition of health and cheerfulness! That’s the most important thing! I’ve got a desire to live and to enjoy everything around us.

Berik Zhangirbayev: Only a man, who conquered himself, can win in this life. A man is given this life in order to realize himself completely. Human being uses his capacities, given by Nature, for not more than 6-10%. As for me, I want to realize my capacities up to the maximum. If everything I do is a Fairy tale for you, I can say that I’m living and progressing in this Fairy tale. And everything is REAL and VALID. Today we can see great changes in society and mankind, in a whole. Time is not stopped and nobody can stop it. Time is the most valuable thing in a life. You cannot buy it and return it back. But the base of my life is to return human being to his REAL life!

There is no anything impossible. That is a principle which I follow in my life. That’s why, in my healing practice I can manage in short time the explosive growth of cardiac circulation, causing explosive affect to the whole body, in a result of which we face RECHARGING, UPDATING and REJUVENATION OF THE ORGANISM. I will be able to wonder powerful civilizations with my achievements, though it is not a limit of my possibilities. Why I trust it and I’m so sure? Because I never stay at the achieved level and I cannot stop myself in it!