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Sensation of the century!!! BURST IN HEART!



Berik Zhangirbayev’s talent can be summed up in a single word: GENUINE! He is capable to recover the human health to its real state as nature has given. The extraordinary dower of Berik Zhangirbayev allows for curing diseases not amenable to modern medicine.

Interestingly, you do not have to believe in it. There is no place for magic here, as real miracles are happening here in real time!

The possibly highest level of blood circulation in the heart results in the organism feeding life energy, causing a maximal body resistance.

First of all the force concentrates on the patient’s heart. The increase in blood flow to the heart promotes its nourishing and renewal. The increased blood flow by a shock wave spreads over the whole body from the heart, breaking through all the blood vessels nourishing the minute cells. A strong sense of bodily well-being advances along with high level of blood circulation. This force increasing gradually achieves the maximum level. This intrinsic restoring force will activate resistance against other diseases to make the body steadily fight and overcome them independently. This mighty impulse provides a quick recovery and support of general condition. Because of treatment, the “rehabilitated” heart continually keeps all the rest organs at maximal capability. It comes that the human body receives a hefty boost for independent, natural and quick recovery. This is what everybody needs to do only one time. After this kind of rehabilitation, a man will have a new reserve for further active life.

Berik Zhangirbayev has been engaging in treatment practice for 26 years. In all these years the doctor has treated tens of thousands people of diseases considered incurable. His wonderful capabilities are just improving over time. Every time he manages to kill the complex diseases ever more rapidly.

Serikbayev Ayazbek (a physician, 65-year-old, Kyzylorda): I have been suffering from hypertensive disease for 10 years. I always had high blood pressure, pains in the area of heart, weakness and dyspnea. As a result, on November 26, 2016, my blood pressure increased and I got a stroke. My left leg and left arm stopped functioning. Following that, I had been in the

intensive care unit of the regional hospital in the city of Kyzylorda. I learned about Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev after discharge from the hospital. I immediately became convinced that it was he to help me. I aimed at this treatment and arranged an appointment right away. My hopes and goals have been fully justified!

I felt the improvement just after the first appointment. My mood lifted. On-treatment, I felt heat in the areas of heart and liver and the way the blood flowed to my legs. I even felt the blood flow over my veins into the left leg. In the first days of the treatment, I felt a sensible fever in the body. I felt the way my body reorganized and restored. My leg began to move well. My movements became free, I began to walk steadily, and arm movements improved. In the first days, I had my hand swollen, I walked with a bandage, and now the swelling completely disappeared.

The weakness passed and I felt a fit of energy. The appetite has grown, given that I almost had not eaten for a month earlier. My sleep normalized. With each day, I felt better and better. Berik helped me to recover! He relaunched the work of my heart and my body. I feel a full-fledged person again! I have not have thought before that I would go back to my job. Now I have resumed my work. This is a miracle! Having worked all my life as a physician, I had not even imagined that this could be possible. He gives the people invaluable help! He has really gifted hands!

Snezhana (niece): As my uncle lives in another city, I did not know what condition he was in at that moment when it happened to him. I was shocked when I saw him. He was nothing but skin and bones. His had outstanding bones on shoulders, drawn face, and the main thing he could barely speak. I noticed that he had reduced by 2-3 clothes sizes. My uncle was very active person earlier, owing to disease he became a loner. He practically did not speak to anybody. After the first appointment with Berik Zhangirbayev, the uncle improved his speaking skills. Now he completely restored the voice that he used to have before getting ill. In addition, he gained on weight in those 14 days of treatment. Besides, I noticed the wrinkles have smoothed out on his face. He became a positive and well-socialized person!

Back on the first day of treatment my aunt had to take care of the uncle, help him dress up, hold him while getting out of car. Now not only did he all this independently he also took care of the aunt. He reached the point of increased power that made him more self-confident. Everything normalized!

The uncle has gone to work already. Back in the time before the treatment, we thought he would be rehabilitating a long time after the stroke. Now he has a great self-confidence. Besides, he is the only physician in the city, and the people need him very much.

Farit Gaifullin (58-year-old, Petropavlovsk):

In 2014, my heart seemed to be my trouble. It was difficult for me to do a physical work, and I had dyspnea, blood pressure rate increased. Since that time, I have undergone a full medical examination for two times. The two examinations revealed the problem with aortic valve – it was calcific acquired aortic stenosis. I was diagnosed with a critical aortic valve stenosis, heart insufficiency, and hypertension. This year my condition deteriorated. The physicians said that I would need a valve replacement surgery in a month. I did not feel like making a surgery, and began looking for a way out of this situation. I researched for information about Berik Zhangirbayev online, and realized it was my chance and made an appointment with him.

I sensed high spirits upon the first treatment. Herewith the doctor warned me of possible minor exacerbations. The next day I had what he said - exacerbation of disease as body response. I continued the treatment procedures, and day after day, I felt progressing improvements.

For the initial few days of treatment, I felt just heat inside but on the fourth day, I have already sensed fever on the left side, particularly in the hand. The fever was as high as my fingers tremored. Then on the 5th day, I felt the fever in the left leg. Now I am sure I have secured sufficient level of this energy as I feel well again! After ten treatments, the dyspnea has passed. It is much easier for me to go uphill and upstairs now. I feel as light as I even tempt to run! Now I feel very good!

My wife underwent the course of treatment along with me for preventive measure. Unlike me, she had a powerful breakthrough in her organism from the first days. She felt an intense fever in the heart area, then over the whole body on the first day of treatment. Interestingly, the fever has gradually declined. In the first days of treatment both of us felt sleepy. Apparently, the organism required quietness in that way to make a smooth and fast body response. We both had increased appetite, and felt a feat of energy! We appreciate the doctor for his help, particularly to me for avoiding a complex heart surgery.

Akerke (21-year- old, Almaty): I have been suffering from headaches since childhood due to congenital intracranial pressure. I had low immunity, anemia, low hemoglobin and lower blood pressure at rate 90 by 60, as well as fast fatigability. Since my teenage years, my condition affected on my emotional

state. Much as I wanted to live in a very active manner as my peers, all my successes came by forcing myself. From recent time, I was worried about the pains on my right side. I had a medical examination, which revealed the problems with liver. The physicians told me that there were minor cysts formed in my liver. After that, we learned by chance about Berik Zhangirbayev. My mother has been interested in his treatment and she made me an appointment with him. On the first day of treatment, I immediately felt an intense fever over the whole body. At one time, while proceeding with the treatment, I caught a chill in kidney. Along with the rest diseases, I had lower back pains and a nagging pain in kidney area. The doctor has eased me of pains over the two days.

I completely recovered. My blood pressure increased, hemoglobin level increased up to 110, the liver cured. In addition, I was worried about my female health but it is also all over.

I used to have fragile nails earlier. Now they are strong. I also had a problem with hair loss before. Now my hair stopped falling out. My hands were as stiff as a board, now they are smooth and feminine. Feet and arms have been always cold, now I feel warmness in my body. The problem with constipation has been also resolved now. I used to be weak all the time, now I am full of energy. I always had bad sleep before, now I wake up with cheerfulness, which is sufficient for the whole day. It happened so that congenital low pressure in my organism resulted in many diseases, but now, when my blood pressure normalized – I realize what a REAL health is. The doctor has changed my body and me to a new revitalized state. Now I cannot believe it that I am another person! However, these miracles happen always with all the Doctor Zhangirbayev’s patients.

Edil (a physician, Almaty): I am 32 years old. Ten years ago, I fell ill with prostatitis. I had multiple infections, and taken treatments by urologists. I was taking antibiotics, massage etc. Over the last 6 years exacerbations of disease proceeded every year in fall. I had to apply for specialists, but nothing helped me. For the last two years, exacerbations have been appearing every 4-5 months. It was sheer hell! I were in despair. When I learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, I decided to undergo his treatment. I began to feel fine! There were changes in my body that I cannot just explain in words! I lost even allergy that I used to have in spring due to flowering. I feel that my immunity has increased. I would like to appreciate Berik Zhangirbayev for curing me of illness! He is REALLY a man with a God-given talent! He recovered my health condition that I had prior to illness, and he brought me back to a state of health and vigour. I have a wish to live and enjoy everything around me.

Berik Zhangirbayev: Who conquers one’s weaker self, wins over this life. Life is given to man for his maximal realization in life. The people use their capabilities given by nature by no more than 6-10%. As for me, I wish to realize my capacities up to a maximum level. If everything I do seems a fairy tale for you, then I am living and progressing in this fairy tale. Everything is happening in fact and in real time. Today is the time of great changes in the society and humankind. Time is never stopped and nobody can stop it. Time is the most valuable thing in life. You cannot buy it and bring it back. The basis for my life is to bring a man back to life!

Nothing is impossible. That is a basic principle I apply in my life. Therefore, while fulfilling my mission in life, every time I reach in short time the possibly highest level of cardiac blood circulation, causing burst effect overall body, which results in BODY RESET, ORGANISM REGENERATION and REJUVENATION. I will be able to wonder powerful civilizations with my achievements, though there is no limit to my capabilities. Why I believe in it and am firmly convinced is because I never stop at what has been already achieved, and it is impossible to stop me!


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