Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s talent can be specified by only one word - GENUINE! He is capable to recover the human body up to its real (genuine) health, initially given to everyone by Nature. Berik’s exclusive donary allow treating the unamenable diseases of our days. He makes something impossible, and this impossible happens within short period of time!

First what you feel is improvement of you cardiac activity, provided by maximal inflow of blood into your heart. It promotes supporting the heart muscle and recovering elasticity of valves and vessels. At this stage of treating a lot of cardiac diseases can be healed: cardiac distress, valvular insufficiency, stenocardia, Ischemic heart disease, and many others. You face, factually, real regeneration of the heart.

Regenerated heart operates with higher systolic discharge, dispersing the maximal blood flow upon all the vessels in your body. As soon as the blood penetrate all the vessels, rejuvenation is happened on cell level, and it guarantees feeding the rest organs, and this, in its turn, leads to general reset, i.e. regeneration of the whole body.

The organ system is reconstructed on the maximum productive rhythm, the body resistance is increased and the protecting function is supported.

Your body shall be filled up with internal force, such powerful and capable to heal independently the complicated failures and diseases. Organism resources, providing correct energy take within a day, are getting stronger, making human being alert and active constantly. The physical opportunities of people extend, their work qualification and fitness are getting better.

Maria Akhmetova (62year, Baikonur): When I was 15, I contracted myocarditis, which led to unpleasant consequences. For today I had a bouquet of various diseases: chronic pyelonephritis, fatty hypotension, progressive polyarthrosis, nodal goiter, heart problems and high blood pressure at a weak pulse - 45 beats per minute. I was worried if Berik Zhangirbayev would take my treatment for me and was very happy when he agreed. After the first reception, I felt the changes. It was a feeling of incredible lightness, vivacity. Then exacerbations began to appear. I noticed that exacerbations occur precisely where the diseased organ is. It does not take long and then everything stops suddenly. And during the treatment, I felt a growing or diminishing feeling of heat all over my body, a wavy character. On the 7th day during the treatment, I felt some kind of burning sensation in my heart and after that the next day there was an exacerbation in my heart. I could not fall asleep all night, and by morning everything had passed and this state did not happen again. After that, the pulse completely normalized, it became 75 beats per minute. The pressure was normalized, there was shortness of breath. Previously, I always had a fever in my legs - in the heel. After treatment, it also stopped and I began to feel much calmer.

Baurzhan Akhmetov (62, Baikonur): I, unlike my wife, treated more smoothly. Before, I was disturbed by insomnia. And now, on the contrary, I always tend to sleep. Apparently, my body regains its strength. In general, I turned to Berik, like my wife because of my heart. After the examination, the doctors said that I have a weak heart. And recently I suffered a microstroke. I was worried about headaches, pains in the heart, shortness of breath, I could not sleep lying on my back, I had to sleep almost sitting, otherwise I was choking. Because of problems with the heart, my left arm was numb, and I did not feel three fingers on it at all.

I went through Berik Zhangirbayev full course of treatment. Seven consecutive days during the treatment, I felt a fever that arose in my heart and then spread all over my body. After that another 4 days the heat did not arise any more, there was only a moderate heat. All these sensations are very unusual. It's amazing how all these restoration processes take place in the body.

After treatment, I completely improved the general condition. First there was shortness of breath, the feeling of heaviness on the heart disappeared, the dream improved, now I calmly sleep lying on my back and on my side, I no longer suffocate. The hands and feet became warm again, and numbness passed. And the mobility of the fingers was restored already in the first days. There was a headache. Moreover, I even had warts on my skin. I now feel full of strength, I want to walk more, which I could not do because of weakness.

My wife and I are very pleased with the results of the treatment. We got more than expected!

Meruert Rakhatova (43, Astana): Two weeks ago, on September 12, I suddenly felt bad. Having come home from work, I suddenly realized that I did not have enough air. I began to have shortness of breath and cough. I had to call an ambulance, and the next day I entered cardiosurgery. It turned out that I had a heart attack, which led to an increase in the heart and it began to work only 35%. The pressure rose to 147/120 at a pulse of 120 beats per minute. They said it was urgent to put a pacemaker. I was prescribed medicine, said that I can not move much. But I was very weak without it. My heart ached so much that I could not even lie down properly, I almost had to sleep almost sitting. on treatment to Berik Zhangirbayev we arrived urgently. I was frightened by the thought of the forthcoming operation.

And when I just went through the first reception, I was delighted. I had shortness of breath, my heart ceased to hurt, and a feeling of lightness appeared. from the influx of blood into the brain, there was a slight but pleasant dizziness. As soon as he started the treatment, I felt a warm feeling in my heart, then it turned into tingling and then I felt a completely enveloping glow around my heart and liver. The heat was slightly delayed at this level, and then completely spread throughout the body. Before the treatment, I barely crossed my legs. Every 2 minutes I had to stop to rest. My dyspnea was so strong. And after 40 minutes of reception, I literally fled out of his office.

Anna Sokolova (36, Astana): I have been sick since I was 17 years old. I have vegetative-vascular dystonia, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, narrowing of the cerebral vessels on the right side, because of what cerebral blood circulation is disturbed. I often had a headache, and for all this time, no matter how I was treated, nothing helped me. The doctors said that in my case this is chronic and is not treated, that I can only rely on relief.

Having learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, about the method of his treatment, I immediately realized that this is exactly what I need. I did not get to the reception at once, I had to wait my turn. And as soon as I was on treatment, from the first minute I experienced a real miracle! Immediately there was a fever in my heart, then it went into my head. I felt, how my blood vessels expand, my face began to burn and along with this, a tingling appeared in the liver. Blood pressure rose to 129/80. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that I usually have a low blood pressure of 100/70 and when the pressure rises to 120, I get sick, my head hurts. And here I did not even feel such changes. As soon as I left his office, I realized that my neck was stiff. It became very easy for me to turn my head in different directions, look back. Suddenly, I stopped what had been tormenting me for years. This is an incredible effect and unexpected!

On the third day, my pressure stabilized by 120/80. At me after 3 days of treatment now such relaxation and ease. What I got from Berik Zhangirbayev is a chance to start a normal, full life and it's priceless!