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Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s talent can be summed up in a single word: GENUINE! He is capable to recover the human health to its real state as nature has given. The extraordinary dower of Berik Zhangirbayev allows curing diseases not amenable to modern medicine. He is doing the impossible in a very short time!

First, the improvement of heart function ensues from the maximal blood flow to the heart. It promotes the strengthening of heart muscle and recovery of valves and vessel walls elasticity. He can treat many cardiac diseases at this stage: heart insufficiency, valve insufficiency, stenocardia, ischemic heart disease, and many others. Literally, heart regeneration takes place.

The regenerated heart functions at a higher stroke volume, dispersing the maximal blood flow to all the vessels in the organism. Cellular regeneration will happen as the blood breaks through all the vessels. This will guarantee the supply of all the other organs, and result in general body reset, i.e. regeneration of the whole organism.

The whole organ system reorganizes to the maximal productive cycle. The body resistance expands, and the immune function strengthens. The intrinsic restoring force will fill the organism. It is as powerful and as able to fight against complex disorders and diseases.

The body’s resources increase, providing a balanced energy expenditure all through the day, to make a man feel permanent vigor and activity. The physical human capabilities enhance. The energy and vitality level of people advances, and capacity for work and stamina increases.

Baurzhan Akhmetov (Baikonur): My treatment procedure unlike my wife’s treatment the doctor conducted in a smoother mode. Earlier I suffered from insomnia, and now after treatment, on the contrary, I always tend to sleep. Perhaps this is how my body regains its strength. In general, I applied to Berik, like my wife because of my heart problem. After I have had the examination, the doctors said that I had a weak heart. Recently, I had a micro-stroke. I was worried about headaches, pains in the heart, shortness of breath, I could not sleep on my back, and had to sleep almost in a sitting position otherwise I was choking. Because of heart problems, I felt numbness of three fingers in my left arm.

I completed the full treatment course by Berik Zhangirbayev. Over seven consecutive days on treatment, I felt a fever that arose in my heart and then spread all over my body. Over the following four days, I did not feel any fever but a moderate heat. All these sensations were very unusual. It is amazing to see how all these rehabilitation processes take place in the body.

After undergoing the treatment course, I completely improved the general condition. First, the breathlessness and the heavyweight on the chest disappeared, the sleep improved. Now I sleep well on my back and on the side, I do not feel suffocated any more. The arms and feet got warm again, and numbness passed. The mobility of the fingers have restored already in the first days. The headache was gone. In addition, even the warts on my skin disappeared. Now I am full of energy, I want to walk more, which I could not have afforded before due to weakness.

My wife and I are very pleased with the treatment results. We have received more than expected!

Dina Bisalieva (Atyrau): I had problems with my heart –stenocardia, ischemic heart disease. A year earlier, I suffered a heart attack after which the doctors made a stenting. They also offered me a shunting procedure but I refused. I was concerned about heart pains, short breathing, heart heaviness, I felt as if something was being strained against the heart muscle. All the time I got along by medicine to relieve my condition. From the very first day of the treatment by Berik Zhangirbayev I sensed lightness, had dyspnea at rest. Breakthrough symptoms began on the fifth day of treatment but only during attendance time. It took place in a short time. Now on the tenth day of the treatment, the acute condition discontinued, and I feel much better. Earlier before, I had headache pains due to hypertension, which are also gone, and blood pressure has normalized.

Albina Totaeva (Almaty): We applied to Berik Zhangirbayev at a critical moment. I suffered from hard headache pains, dizziness, which resulted in feeling as if I am falling through. I did not sleep well because the heart was strained. In relation to this, I received treatment by neurologists and

cardiologists. As followed from the analysis, the doctors had revealed one coronary artery occlusion by 60%, and two other arteries occlusion by 30% each. That treatment did not bring any results. On the very first day of the treatment by Berik Zhangirbaev dizziness reduced. Then day after day, I felt the improvement of condition, had high spirits back, headaches stopped. A breakthrough symptom of a fast heartbeat happened on the seventh’s day of treatment. Berik said that intensification testifies for the body’s fight against the disease. Soon it was really gone. All in all, I received 12 days of treatment, and I feel literally rejuvenated in such a short time. Dizziness ceased completely, it became much easier for me to turn my head, the sense of a stiff neck disappeared. A visible change that my relatives noticed in me was that my arms and feet stopped freezing, and hand veins smoothed. Earlier I had bulging veins as of tension, now they are in normal condition. The most important thing for me is that I stopped taking medicine at last, that I have a feeling of joy and lightness.

Meruert Rakhatova (Astana): Two weeks ago, on September 12, I suddenly felt bad. Coming home from work, I realized that I was out of breath. Then, I had a shortness of breath and a cough. I called the ambulance, and the next day they checked me into the hospital for cardiological surgery. It turned out that I had a heart attack, which led to cardiac enlargement, and the heart worked only by 35%. The blood pressure rose up to 147 by 120 with the pulse striking 120 beats per minute. They said it needed an immediate cardiac pacemaker, prescribed medicine, and prohibited me from active movements. My heart ached so bad that I was not able to get into bed. I had to sleep almost in a sitting position.

We came to Berik Zhangirbayev for treatment in an extra hurry. The very thought of surgery frightened me. I had scarcely undergone the first treatment procedure when I was just delighted. Breathlessness disappeared, my heart stopped aching, and I felt lightness. Due to the rush of blood to the head, I felt a small but a pleasant head rush. As soon as he began the treatment, I felt the heat in the heart area, then it turned into a tingling, and then I felt a complete coating fever around my heart and liver. The heat continued a little at this level, and then fully spread over the whole body.

Before the treatment, I barely walked a few steps. The dyspnea used to be so hard that I had to stop every two minutes to have a rest. Now, after 40 minutes of seeing a doctor, I literally flew out of his office.

Anna Sokolova (Astana): I had health problems since I was 17 years old. I suffer from vegetovascular dystonia, cervical vertebral osteochondrosis, and cerebral vascular constriction on the right side, which resulted in a disorder of cerebral circulation. I often had headaches, and for all this time, no matter how I was treated, nothing helped me. The doctors said that it was a chronic case without cure and that I can only rely on relief.

Having learned about Berik Zhangirbayev, about his method of treatment, I immediately realized that it was exactly what I needed. I failed to attend an appointment at once and waited my turn. As soon as I came to treatment, from the very first minute I experienced a real miracle! Immediately I felt fever in my heart, then it transferred into my head. I was feeling blood vessels delating, my face burning, and along with that, I had a tingling in the liver. Blood pressure rose to 129 by 80. It should be noted that usually, I had lower blood pressure at 100 by 70, and when the pressure rate rises to 120, I get sick and have headaches. Now, I did not even sense these changes. As soon as I left his office, I realized that my stiff neck was gone. It was easier for me to turn my head in different directions, and to look back. It suddenly struck me that whatever I have been tortured with for years had stopped. This is an incredible and unexpected effect!

On the third day, my blood pressure stabilized up to 120 by 80. After receiving three days of treatment, I gained advanced relaxation and calmness. A chance to start a normal and fulfilling life is what I received from Berik Zhangirbayev, and it is priceless!



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