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Dr. INYUSHIN Victor Mikhailovich (renowned academic Professor of Biophysics and Biomedicine, Chair of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, said: “Berik Zhangirbayev has a natural remarkable gift. He combines two exceptional phenomena: a special bioplasm structure and a very high-energy activity. I’ve never met a healer like him”.

Professor Shakenov Duisen Iskendirovich, a Doctor of Medical Science, a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the European Natural Sciences Academy, a member of the New-York Academy of Sciences said: “Berik Zhangirbayev is a remarkably literate man. His treatment option is a unique method because he has a rare dower of high-intensity energy, a remarkable natural gift for influencing on the affected area of the body and having an effective impact on illness management and recovery. The basis of his treatment is on his own reasonable scientific knowledge of the causal relationship between diseases and specific characteristic of disease progression. From the viewpoint of evidence-based medicine, his scientific knowledge of disease aetiopathogenesis makes it possible for pathogenetic (appropriate) management of various diseases. At the present stage of medicine development, we have limited to symptomatic methods of treatment only, i.e. to the symptoms (effects and complications) of diseases, while we need the appropriate medical management of diseases. I have been working and dedicating more than 45 years to medicine, particularly to surgery, but I had to seek help from Berik Zhangirbayev with a problem of an ischemic cardiac event. The result of his treatment was fantastically positive. During the period of treatment, I have had a pleasure of communication with Berik Zhangirbayev and been impressed with his world outlook in the field of medicine and human physiology. I enjoyed his scientifically well-grounded opinion checked and tested through his own treatment practice of thousands of patients. Berik has a special communicational culture: we had our discussions in the atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual understanding. I noted his ability for listening, being specific. He is a reasonable and easily understandable person”.

Dominique Paret, France: “When I arrived in Kazakhstan on a working visit, I was lucky to get an appointment with Doctor Zhangirbayev. On-treatment, I felt a fit of high energy over the whole body. It is hard to express in words; it was a heat flow in my body. Earlier, I used to suffer from headaches and weakness. After ten days of treatment by Berik, I were free from headache and gained a maximized energy boost. That was fantastic!”

Berik Zhangirbayev: I have been engaged in treatment practice for a quarter-century already. All the things in this life ripen. Food, fruits, thoughts, men, and time. Therefore, my time has come. Time takes its course. I am able to easily restore blood circulation in the human organism and level it up to the highest possible level. Further, the body renewal takes place, i.e. the full rehabilitation of the organism for young and middle-aged people but I can promise significant improvements only for people in the adult stage.

What I give to people is the highest possible blood circulation given to them by nature. I mean blood circulation in your heart. Many people have a congenital circulatory deficiency or they acquired it. Circulatory deficiency will result in various diseases. You cannot cope with it, and that is natural because you are not able to level up blood circulation in your heart. Recently, a masseur told me that they might also improve blood circulation. I said, “You are right but you can improve the heart function at a low level of blood circulation. If the heart functions by 60 percent of blood circulation you will not be able to do anything more. I will make the heart work by 100 percent. Further, everything happens in accordance with the course of nature, a BODY RESET. It is a natural revival of the human body. I can do it easily. You will not get this anywhere else. Lately, I achieve great results of my treatment by giving the first touch. You might say that is not possible but it is possible, it exists. There is no denying that it is an obvious thing.

Recently, a young woman had nearly had a miscarriage. She had threatened miscarriage, severe abdominal pains, and heavy discharge. I managed to fix up the fetus over a short period. I do my job consciously with great certainty.

Any disease is a result of blood circulatory deficiency. The organism gets cellular nourishing through blood. All the organs get nourishing through blood as well. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also a result of lower blood circulation in the heart. Low immunity ensues from blood circulatory deficiency in the organism. Headaches are also an effect of blood circulatory deficiency in the head. All diseases associated with the metabolic disorder (bronchocele, any allergic diseases, psoriasis, dermatitis, Quincke’s edema, xeroderma, immune system impairment, fatigability, slaggy state of the body, hormonal disorder …) ensue from blood circulatory deficiency in the liver. Intracranial pressure with convulsive readiness is similarly a cause of blood circulatory deficiency in the cerebrum. Circulatory deficiency causes cerebrum oxygen deficiency. Oxygen comes through blood. The human body and cells get all the required oxygen and nutrient enrichment through blood. Only a strong heart is able to provide it, and I am doing it. This is elementary for me. If it is elementary, there is no point in making it tough.

Is it not a high time for humanity to seek another way? For example, many people get sick because of hypotension. At the time, I called hypotension a time bomb. Nowadays, most of the world population bear and live with hypotension. Even today, the children are born often with hypotension, and this causes major illnesses. It is like a plant if you do not water it, the plant dies. Therefore, the human body needs it too. Why should we seek all this from the exterior? Why do we shut the door on humanity? Everything in the world depends on nature and everything is subjected to the laws of nature. Why does the man not recognize that he is also a particle of nature? Why do the people destroy everything around, nature, while it gives us everything? Why do some people get sick suffering from hunger, others fall sick because of over-nutrition? It is hard to understand for me personally.

The heart is the basic organ of the human body. I am able to rehabilitate it very quickly, and through the heart, I achieve rehabilitation of the entire body. I feel every patient’s heart work. It is the organ ensuring the entire vital activity in the body. Nowadays, many people die just of cardiac insufficiency. It is my concern. I can rehabilitate the heart easily. During this time, I cured tens of thousands of people having different complicated diseases. Over 25 years of my practice, I learned much by experience that was considered impossible in the field of medicine. I firmly and confidently tell that no one is able to do what I do, and my results have no equals.

The mainstream medicine states that metabolic disorder in the human body causes all the health problems. It is true, but modern medicine is not able to improve this situation because of full organ failure in the body. Conventional medicine treats certain selected areas but not throughout the body. I rehabilitate the organism fully and do it easily, and that is my natural power capabilities. While treating the patients I am always feeling this complicated and understandable to me machine. I sense all the processes occurring in the body. Sometimes it seems to me that a disease is an unsolvable task. And on-treatment, I make arithmetic calculations, I often see and sense in advance the whole picture of happening inside the body, as should be the case, and as it really stands.

I always feel like an artist painting a picture. I often use the expression “art of healing”. I think that my activity is closer to art than to medicine. I treat my office as a creative workshop, where I paint wonderful pictures titled HEALTH.

It will be hard for you to understand me if I tell that I sense not only your soul on-treatment but also the cells your soul consists of. All the major problems comprise of minor problems. It is impossible to solve the major problems without tackling minor problems. Problem solution is behind minor problems. The expert who addresses only major problems ignoring minor tasks will not solve the problems.

Every man has his own way. At the end of each passage, there are treasures awaiting him. One needs to pass this way from the beginning to an end in order to find the treasure. When the man finds the treasure, he realizes then that the most valuable thing was not the treasure but the way that lead him to these treasures. It is life.



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