Broadsheet newspaper «VREMYA» dated 31.03.2016



Berik Zhangirbayev was awarded the International Socrates Prize by the Europe Business Assembly (Oxford, UK, 2009) in the area of Human Medicine and Healthcare. This prize is a highest degree sign of international recognition of his achievements in the professional sphere.

On the Malta Medical Tourism Summit (St Julians, Malta, 2010) Socrates Nomination Committee of the Europe Business Assembly jointly with the Academic Board of the Vienna International University recommended Berik Zhangirbayev for a title “Emeritus Professor of the Vienna International University”, highly appreciating his professional and social activity.

Being an Academician of Tchizhevsky Academy, Berik Zhangirbayev was awarded the Zoroastrian College Diploma “For Merit to the Mankind” (Mumbai, India), the Medal of the International Charity Fund “Business angel of a century” in nomination «Reputation and Benefit».


Professor Inyushin, Viktor Mikhailovich, Head of Biophysics Department in the Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi says: «Berik Zhangirbayev has a strongly marked dower. He is a man who combines two rare phenomena: the special bioplasm structure and very high energy activity. I’ve never seen a healer like him.»


Professor Shakenov, Duisen Iskendirovich, a Doctor of Medicine, an Academician of the Natural Sciences Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the European natural Sciences Academy, Academician of New-York Academy, says: «Berik Zhangirbayev is a highly erudite intellectual. His treatment method is unique with no analogues in the world, by virtue of his rare dower that is a powerful and strong energy, affecting on certain diseased human organ, and moreover, effectively influencing human rehabilitation. The treatment is based on his own deeply founded scientific knowledge of cause-and-effect relationship of diseases and specific features of development of diseases. In terms of Evidence-Based Medicine his scientific knowledge on development of disease aetiopathogenesis makes possible pathogenetic correction of the different forms of diseases. At the present stage of medicine we have only limited symptomatic methods of treatment, e.g. the symptoms (manifestations and complications) of diseases, while we need the appropriate correction of the disease. I’ve been working in surgery medicine during 45 years, but I had to address to Berik Zhangirbayev with my Cardiac Pathology. The result of his treatment was fantastically positive. During the treatment course I had a pleasure to discuss with Berik Zhangirbayev a wide range of his opinions regarding to medicine and human physiology: scientifically founded, concretely approved by practice thank to thousands of his satisfied patients. Berik has a special type of communication standards: our discussions were hold in atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, listening skills, concreteness, reasonableness and clarity of expression».

Dominique Paret, France: «When I was in mission in Kazakhstan, I was lucky to get an appointment with doctor Zhangirbayev. During of treatment procedure I felt a powerful revitalization across my whole body. It is difficult to explain it by words; there was a heat flow in my body. Earlier I had sometimes my head wrong and luck of energy. After ten days of treatment I was free of a headache and maximal vivacity appeared. That is fantastic!»

Berik Zhangirbayev: I’ve been engaged in treatment practice already quarter-century. Everything in the world achieves its maturity: food, fruit, ideas, mankind and time. That’s my time today. Time takes its own opportunities. I can easily rehabilitate body circulation up to the maximum level. And updating of the body runs further, e.g. the complete rehabilitation of the body for young and middle aged people. But for old aged people I can promise only serious mends.

I give people the maximum circulation, given to them by nature. I mean circulation of your heart. Many patients have the circulation defect since their birthday or as acquired one. Varied diseases can appear owing to a lack of blood circulation. You cannot correct this – that’s natural, as you cannot improve blood circulation of your heart. Recently I was told from a massage therapist that they also can improve blood circulation. I said that they were right. But you can improve the hearts with hypo blood circulation. If the blood circulation runs 60 percent of maximum you won’t be able to do anything more. I’ll make this heart work for 100 percent and run further as per the nature. It means BODY RESET. It is natural recover of the body. I can do it easily. You won’t get this anywhere else. In recent times my results come since the first touches. Surely, you can say that it is impossible, but it exists. You cannot reject the obvious things. Not long ago a girl faced a pre-abortus situation. There was a threat of miscarriage; she had severe pain in stomach and bad production. I fixed fetus during short time. I do my operations consciously and certainly.

Disease is a lack of blood circulation. All cells in the body are powered by blood. All organs are powered through blood. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also diminution of the Cordis circulation. Hypo Immunity happens also owing to a lack of blood circulation in the body. Headaches are the result of a blood circulation lack in a head. All diseases, associated with metabolic disorder (bronchocele, any allergic diseases, psoriasis, dermatitis, Quincke’s edema, xeroderma, immune system impairment, fatigability, slaggy state of the body, hormonal disorder …), happen owing to a lack of blood circulation in liver. Intracranial pressure with readiness for convulsions is also a lack of blood circulation in cerebrum. That’s why we face cerebrum oxygen corporal. Oxygen comes through blood. Everything what patient, his body and cells need of can be taken through blood. This can be provided only by strong heart. I can do it. That’s elementary for me. If it is elementary, why we need to complicate everything. And maybe it is time for mankind to find another way. For example, many people can become ill owing to hypotension. In due course I called hypotension a time bomb. Recently we have got in the world the most part of population with hypotension. Even now the children come to birth with hypotension, and as the result of this they have serious diseases. It is like a plant, if you do not water it the plant can die. Same for the human body. Why you try to find all this in exterior? Why we shut the door on mankind? Everything in the world depends on nature and everything in the world is subject to the natural law. Why people do not want to recognize that they are a part of nature. Why people destroy everything around? Nature..? But nature gives us everything. Why some people are ill owing to a hunger, but another owing to hyperalimentation? It is difficult to understand it for me, personally.

Heart is the principal organ of human body. It can be quickly rehabilitated in my hands, and through the heart I achieve rehabilitation of entire body. I feel heart operation of every patient. It is the organ which provides all life activity in the body. In our times many people die owing to the cardiac distress. That is my care. I can rehabilitate the heart easily. For my carrier I cured thousands of patients with different difficult diseases. For 25 years of my practice I learned many things which considered as impossible in our medicine. I can solidly and surely tell you that my treatment practice is unique all over the world and my results cannot be repeated.

Official medicine confirms that all the medical problems appear right of metabolic disorder in human body. It is true, but they cannot correct this situation in the modern medicine, because the complete failure happens in the body, and medicine can treat only apart, not in a whole. I rehabilitate the body completely, and I make it easily, and that is my natural capabilities. Treating the patients I always feel this complicated machine, really understandable for me. I feel all the processes, occuring in the body. Sometimes it seems to me that a disease is unsolvable task for me. And I use arithmetic calculations during a treatment. And often I see and feel in advance the whole state of the body, what have to be with it and what is it in reality. I always feel myself an artist painting a picture. I often use an expression “art of treatment”. I think that my activity is closer to the arts than to the medicine. My office is for me like a creative workshop, where the amazing pictures named HEALTH. It is difficult for you to understand when I’m saying that I feel not your soul but the cells your soul is consisted of. All the big problems contain the small ones. If you do not resolve the small problems you won’t be able to solve the big ones. The answer or resolution hides out right behind the small problems. That’s why an expert who sees only big problems cannot get an answer for his tasks.

Everyone goes through his own pass. At the end of every pass he can find a treasure. But you need to pass this way from the beginning to the end in order to achieve and to find the treasure. When a man finds the treasure then he will understand that the most valuable thing was not the treasure, but a way pass which led to it. It means a life.


Steve Jobs: «I’ve managed to achieve a top of success in business. Many people consider that my life is a synonym for success. But frankly speaking, I have no a lot of joys besides my job. Generally, wealth is only a fact of my life that I got used. Recently, I’m in a hospital bed and try to remind my whole life. Now I’ve understood that wealth and honor, which I was so proud of, lost their importance in front of the coming death. When I’m watching the green light in the dark, coming from life-supporting appliance, and I’m hearing a specific mechanical sound, I feel death oncoming and breath of God. Now when we have got enough money, it is time to think over completely different issues in life, not associated with wealth... The constant race for profit transforms a human being into a puppet. That is what happens with me. I cannot take my wealth that I accumulated during my life to heaven. The things which I can take with me – it is only souvenirs associated with love. That is real wealth, which must follow you, assist you, gives you the forces to go further. It is possible to find and to gain in future the material things which we have let slip. But there is one thing which you never find, if you have lost it. It is a life.»