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Victor Mikhailovich INYUSHIN, a Doctor of Biological Sciences, academic Professor of Biophysics and Biomedicine of the Chair of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, said: “Berik Zhangirbayev has a natural remarkable gift. He combines two exceptional phenomenas: a special bioplasm structure and a very high-energy activity. There is no other healer like him”.

Gabit ALIPOV, Ph.D. in Medical Science, from Nagasaki University speaks well of his treatment: “I have been familiar with the treatment practice of Berik Zhangirbayev for several years from the time of my work at a medical faculty of the Japanese University. I introduced the Japanese professors from that university when they visited Kazakhstan with Zhangirbayev as a man having a rare natural gift. His treatment method and results startled the foreign guests. They were so deeply interested in it that one of the professors, Mr. Sekine Igiro had undertaken a treatment course by Zhangirbayev, and was shocked at the results: I would like to say that Berik is preeminent in his profession. For several times I witnessed his successful treatment of the thyroid, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. His natural force recovers blood circulation, metabolism, stimulating the immune system of the body.


- “The heart is the basic organ of the human body. It recovers quickly in my hands, and through the heart, I achieve rehabilitation of the entire body. I feel every patient’s heart work. It is the organ ensuring the entire vital activity in the body. Nowadays, many people die just of cardiac insufficiency. It is my concern. I can easily rehabilitate the heart. During this time, I cured tens of thousands of people having different complicated diseases. Over my practice, I learned much by experience that was considered impossible in the field of medicine. I confidently and firmly can tell that no one is able to do what I do, and my results have no equals.

How is the treatment given? When I set a hand in the region of the heart, its blood circulation increases up to a maximal level. For example, a fast recovery takes place in heart failure and mitral valve insufficiency. Those who had shortness of breath, throw off it even after the first day of treatment. Further, the heart begins functioning at the possibly highest level, as blood circulation in heart restores up to the maximum. At hypotension, it happens immediately on the first day in 90 percent of the cases. At first, the heat appears in the region of heart then it transfers into a fever, which spreads over the whole body. The appearance of heat or fever, in this case, means blood circulation deficiency in the organism. It is because your heart never functioned at a high blood circulation, and your undernourished organism resulted in many deficiency diseases. We can totally release from the diseases only if we supply the organism with the maximal level of blood circulation. For example, headaches appear because of cerebral circulation deficiency. As cerebral blood supply is low, so cerebral oxygen supply is insufficient. The headaches permanently disappear when I provide with maximal cerebral blood circulation.

Why I use just hypotension as an example? Because on this example I can easily demonstrate and prove what powerful natural energy I possess. Blood circulation deficiency doesn't only cause headaches. The other organs begin to suffer as well. For example, such diseases as asthma, various types of allergy, bronchocele, Quincke’s disease, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and many other diseases ensue from blood circulatory deficiency in the liver. Metabolic disorder appears. The mainstream medicine states that a metabolic disorder in the human body causes all the health problems. It is true, but modern medicine is not able to improve this situation because of full organ failure in the body. Conventional medicine treats certain selected areas but not throughout the body. I rehabilitate the organism fully and make it easily, and that is my natural power capabilities. I conduct the treatment without any psychoemotional prearrangement, and without any direct suggestion under hypnosis. That is, I do not make any impact on the subconscious mind of a person. That treatment mode is referred to as extrasensory. However extrasensory healers lead to poor results by making an impact on the subconscious mind of man and by hypnotic suggestion. As for me, I always reiterate to my patients: I do not need your faith. While treating the patients I always feel this complicated and understandable machine. I sense all the processes occurring in the body. Sometimes it seems to me that a disease is an unsolvable task. And on-treatment, I make

arithmetic calculations, I often see and sense the whole picture of happening inside the body, as should be the case, and as it really stands in advance. I always feel like an artist painting a picture. I often use the expression “art of healing”. My activity is closer to art than to medicine. I treat my office as a creative workshop, where I paint wonderful a wonderful picture titled HEALTH. It will be hard for you to understand me if I say that I don't only sense your soul on-treatment but also the cells your soul consists of. All the major problems comprise of minor problems. It is impossible to solve major problems without tackling minor problems. The problem solution is behind minor problems. Therefore, an expert who addresses only major problems ignoring many minor problems (the ability to see not the full organism but every cell) will not solve the task.

Nurlan SABIROV, Almaty:

I am 55 years old, and I have survived three heart attacks that happened one after another. I was almost confined to hospitals but the treatment did not help. After a full examination, the doctors revealed hepatitis C, strained pancreas and gallbladder, heart trouble, and a primary stage of liver cirrhosis. My health was undermined. Then I decided to apply to Dr. Berik. I have undergone a treatment course and felt a great deal easier. After the second course of the treatment, the liver and heart restored at a maximum. The pancreas and gallbladder have reduced by one half. It was a striking treatment effect by Berik Zhangirbayev! I give regards to God who made me meet the doctor, and for remaining alive, and that my health has improved. Sometime later, my relative’s breastfeeding child became seriously ill: one kidney did not practically work. The physicians said it needed to be removed. The parents suffered very much and were helpless with grief. When I learned about their disaster, I suggested that they immediately see Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev. The child has undergone only five treatment sessions, and then real wonder happened: the kidney was saved and was fully restored. The girl is three years old now. She is a very lively, clever, joyous and a fast child!

Dominique Paret, France:

When I was in Kazakhstan on a working visit, I was lucky to see Doctor Zhangirbayev. On-treatment, I felt a fit of high energy all over the body. It is hard to express in words; it was a heat flow in my body. Earlier, I used to suffer from headaches and weaknesses. After ten days of treatment by Berik, I were free from headaches and gained a maximized energy boost. That was fantastic!

Ainur Ibrayeva, Almaty oblast:

- I have been suffering from grave diseases as rheumatism and mitral valve insufficiency. Lately, the heart condition has sharply deteriorated. I had serious heart seizures. We often called the ambulance. I got along with shots, resulting in temporary improvement. Recently I had a grave attack. They said I urgently needed hospitalization. It was too risky to stay at home. The doctors warned that I could pass away at any moment. Then at the recommendation of my acquaintance (though I heard a lot and read about Berik Zhangirbayev) came to see Berik. Just on the first day, I felt the improvement of my condition. My arms and feet always used to ache hard due to rheumatism. Berik promised me: “Rheumatism will pass off your body when I rehabilitate your heart, make blood flow in your limbs when arms and feet become warm.” Amazing that he was so confident on the very first day of the treatment to promise full recovery. Moreover, he was able to explain how the treatment proceeded. The doctor wields great power, a real natural dower. I have recently completed the treatment course, and I am fully free of diseases. The heart does not trouble me at all. I forgot about rheumatism. Such a lightness. I really feel free of illnesses. That is such a mercy to be healthy!

Karlygash, Astana:

I applied to Berik Zhangirbayev with a diagnosis of goiter and spinal disk herniation. I had bad fatigue and excessive appetite. Just after the first day of treatment, I had an acute result. Suffocation related to goiter was passing with each day. By end of the treatment course, the back pains have gone off, a great energy boost appeared, I breathed freely, and the excessive appetite disappeared. All this happened in ten days. Berik promised me all those improvements on the very first day. I never doubted his abilities as I read

about him in newspaper articles and watched TV programs with his participation. I was amazed at his confidence.

Tatyana Petrova, Stepnogorsk

My son was diagnosed with intracranial pressure with readiness for convulsions. In other words – cerebral vascular constriction. He also suffered from frequent headaches and faintnesses. They were serious diseases. Now after treatment by Dr. Zhangirbayev he began to forget about headaches. Earlier symptoms of permanent weakness, palmar perspiration, dizziness stopped troubling. My son feels much easier.


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