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Mr. Inyushin, Viktor Mikhailovich, Professor of Biophysics and Biomedicine Department in the Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi, Doctor of Biological Sciences says: «Berik Zhangirbayev has a strongly marked dower. He is a man who combines two rare phenomena: the special bioplasm structure and very high energy activity. Within these two phenomena affecting to the human body the plasma charging waves shall appear. A man feels inflow of warm, sometimes rigor. The blood circulation sharply increases at this time. We studied Zhangirbayev’s patients: the results were very good. The growthes of many people resolved under the influence of Berik Zhangirbayev’s bioplasma field. Cardio-vascular diseases of many patients disappeared and their general body tonus increased. I’ve never seen a healer like him».

Professor Shakenov, Duisen Iskendirovich, a Doctor of Medicine, an Academician of the Natural Sciences Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the European natural Sciences Academy, Academician of New-York Academy, says: «Berik Zhangirbayev is a highly erudite intellectual. His treatment method is unique with no analogues in the world, by virtue of his rare dower that is a powerful and strong energy, affecting on certain diseased human organ, and moreover, effectively influencing human rehabilitation.

I’ve been working in surgery medicine during 45 years, but I had to address to Berik Zhangirbayev with my Cardiac Pathology. The result of his treatment was fantastically positive. During the treatment course I had a pleasure to discuss with Berik Zhangirbayev a wide range of his opinions regarding to medicine and human physiology: scientifically founded, concretely approved by practice thank to thousands of his satisfied patients».

— I know Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment practice during several years, since my work at the Medical Department of the University in Japan, — Gabit ALIPOV, PhD in Medicine of Nagasaki University reports on the treatment. — When the Japanese professors were in Kazakhstan I acquainted them with Mr. Zhangirbayev, presenting him as a person with rare natural dower. The foreign guests were very surprised after acquaintance with his treatment mode and results. They were so interested in it that one of professors – Mr. Sekine IGIRO– has got a treatment course of Berik Zhangirbayev and he was shocked with the result. “I’d like to tell that Berik is the real professional” – he said.


- Heart is the principal organ of human body. It can be quickly rehabilitated in my hands, and through the heart I achieve rehabilitation of entire body. I feel heart operation of every patient. It is the organ which provides all life activity in the body. In our times many people die owing to the cardiac distress. That is my care. I can rehabilitate the heart easily. For my carrier I cured thousands of patients with different difficult diseases. For the years of my practice I learned many things which considered as impossible in our medicine. I can solidly and surely tell you that my treatment practice is unique all over the world and my results cannot be repeated. How does the treatment happen? When I put my hand to the area of heart the patient’s circulation starts to increase up to maximal level. For example, in case of cardiac distress and mitral incompetence we have quick rehabilitation. The patients with asphyxia can get rid of it even from the first day of treatment. Then the heart starts to work on maximum level, as the blood circulation rehabilitates up the maximum. In case of hypotention pressure it happens in 90 percent of cases instantly, at the first day. At the beginning a warm appears in the area of heart, then it transforms to a fever, after that it starts to distribute over the whole body. Warm or fever in this case mean the unsatisfied blood circulation in the body. Just your heart never runs with such blood circulation, and your organism hasn't received enoughfood ’ and as result of it many types of diseases appear. Only after providing of the body by maximal blood circulation we completely get rid of the problems.

Sometimes it seems to me that a disease is unsolvable task for me. And I use arithmetic calculations during a treatment. And often I see and feel in advance the whole state of the body, what have to be with it and what is it in reality».

Dominique Paret (France):

- When I was in mission to Kazakhstan, I was lucky to get an appointment with doctor Zhangirbayev. During of treatment procedure I felt a powerful revitalization across my whole body. It is difficult to explain it by words; there was a heat flow in my body. Earlier I had sometimes my head wrong and luck of energy. After ten day of treatment I was free of a headache and maximal vivacity appeared. That is fantastic!

Alma SHIGANAKOVA, Khaknazar’s Mother (6 months, Kazakhstan, Atyrau City):

- When my son was born the physicians diagnosed him as «Ebstein’s disease». It is very rare congenital heart disease, when one of the valves is not developed sufficiently. The physicians said that we needed to wait for a little before the child grows, becomes stronger, in order to send him to the operation. We worried a lot for our son. We were afraid that he had to have a very complicated operation.

At the time when we visited Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev my son was 4 months. Simultaneously with his treatment we passed medical examination in the Cardiological Center. Just after the second admission by Berik Zhangirbayev, the physicians have changed their diagnosis for tricuspid valve dysplasia. They were shocked. As we were told the situation was not so dangerous and we had a great possibility for improvement. My child’s heart started to work better; it was proved by ECG records. He became calm and his sleep became longer and quiet. After the eighth admission we have passed the medical examination once more, and they noted the positive dynamic of child’s body progress. We were happy! Now my son is six months. He is growing actively and he likes to play with his elder brother and sister. We are very glad of the results of recent medical examination. The physicians said that state of our son is very good, and his valves have been completely recovered.”

Bagashar TOKMOLDAYEV (69 years old, Kazakhstan, Almaty City):

He faced apoplectic attack six years ago. His wife, Kulgaisha DAINOVA told a story about their acquaintance with Doctor Berik Zhangirbayev: «Just after my husband’s heart attacks, his speech has been destroyed a lot and we observed partial numbness of his left hand. He could lift his fingers, but he could not make precise movements and strongly keep the subjects.

Being dissappointed in the multiple efforts to cure my husband by varied methods of treatment we addressed Berik Zhangirbayev, following recommendations of our friends. Right after the first admission we could not believe our eyes, when he woke up he found that his forces came back to him and now he could strongly clench and unclench the fingers of his left hand, he also could keep the heavy subjects and make precise movements. Moreover, he told that his tension in cheekbones disappeared a little and even his hands and feet which used to often froze, got warmer. And all that was achieved just after the first admission. Without any interruption he passed the complete treatment course. i.e. 10 days. Already after the seventh day of the treatment he has been able to play dombra and to sing».

Galina Shkarina (50 years old, Kazakhstan, Almaty City): «I had mitral valve incompetence. Once upon a time I faced the stroke and I addressed a hospital. Physicians were scared when they saw state of my health. I had breathlessness and strong tachycardia. Herewith I did not feel any pain, only immediate loss of strength. It was difficult for me to move because of fluid accumulation in legs, lungs and abdomen. My stomach became of such dimensions that it seemed like I was pregnant in the latest stages. I was scared very much Cardiac distress caused a malfunction in all the organs, especially in liver. As a result, physicians said that in my case I had a very small chance even if I permit to make surgical intervention. I did not want to think about operation. I was filled with despair and I thought if it is the end.

Berik was my last hope. Once he touched my heart by his hand I was very scared. I felt very strong fever inside my body. In some minutes I felt insupportable pain in the area of my heart, especially from back side and Berik warned me about it in advance, explaining that these pains appear of maximal resistivity of the body, which happens naturally during his treatment.

The same was during a few days. At the first days of treatment I could hardly move my legs in order to come to Berik’s office. After every day of treatment I felt obviously how tension is going down in my body and I did not believe my eyes when my hydrops disappeared and I came to back to normal life».

John Alexander Gueizelar (49 years old, India):

“I had two heart attacks. First of them happened in December, 2011 and three months later the second one. I’ve been using drugs every day, in order to keep a normal level of my pressure. If pressure increased I had a pain in my heart. I had to use drugs in determined time, but I’m a musician and due to my way of life it is very difficult to follow this schedule.

Recently I’ve noted that I’m getting tired very quickly. Breathlessness appeared and every time, going up stairs, I had to stop several times to take a breath. Once I met Berik. When I learned about his capabilities I decided to be admitted by him. I felt a warm inside me during his treatment mode, especially in the area of my thorax. Right after the first day of treatment a state of my health became better. At the same day I easily went upstairs to the fourth floor. I was shocked – no breathlessness! Just after two days of a treatment I started to feel much better, and I paid my attention that I’ve lost excessive appetite. After every day of treatment I felt positive result. This is amazing! I tested Nature Force on me! Because Berik’s capabilities were given to him by Nature!».

By his touch he can set fire inside people – fire of their life. And if you can imagine a treatment as an art, then a heart in his arms is a musical instrument. Tuned to the correct sound it immediately makes a rhythm for the rest organs and soon the whole body starts sound with fascinating, incomparable melody of HEALTH …

During 25 years of the constant healing practice Berik Zhangirbayev has achieved impossible results. His unbelievable capabilities are recognized in the society on the maximal level. Zhangirbayev’s phenomenon is the unique case in the history of mankind. His possibilities are the people’s valuable capital and the subject of worldwide researches.


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