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Over 25 years of continuous healing practice, Berik Zhangirbayev achieved impossible results. His uncanny abilities are highly esteemed by society. Zhangirbayev’s phenomenon is a special case in history. His abilities are the people’s national asset and world survey target.

The value of Berik Zhangirbayev’s treatment is that he has no equals in the world. His unique capabilities promote a powerful while also a natural stimulation of the heart, the most important human body organ. Heart function intensifies at maximum due to a powerful energy impulse caused by Berik’s hand's touch. As a result, it helps to recover blood circulation deficiency in the body at a cellular level. A general revival of the body takes place because of maximal blood flow to all organs. The body’s immune system starts to recover owing to improvement of all the inner parts of the human body, then, the body rejuvenation process begins. In other words, Berik Zhangirbayev sustains the life of his patients by launching the mechanisms of the heart function in a new way.

By the virtue of his high mental and moral qualities, he could achieve success in any area of activities, but he chose to heal people as his mission.

No treatment methods in the world can equal the unique capabilities of Berik Zhangirbayev.

No one yet managed to change low blood pressure to a full healthy arterial pressure just in one hour. It is proof that there are no limits for human opportunities, and Berik Zhangirbayev continues to improve in impossible phenomena.

While observing his work you get a sense that he is not just sharing his energy, but targets certain organs, dosing his “healing power” with mathematical precision. Attending his patients, he usually asks them a question: “At how many percent do you estimate your body functioning?”, and so, he brings up the tens of percent estimated by people to hundred p.c.

Self-discipline and continual self-enhancement are the main conditions for achieving success. Berik Zhangirbayev always wins conforming to these conditions. With his help, people get freedom from diseases.

The people become convinced he is a preeminent figure after having talked to him personally. He strongly believes in one statement: “Be the change you want to see the world”. Following this rule, he is never satisfied with what has already been achieved, and he sticks to the order everywhere: in the environment, in actions and, in thoughts. In addition, the order is directly associated with the treatment process. The doctor often compares the human body with a complicated mechanism – the slightest disorder leads to a chain reaction. Thanks to his talent, Berik Zhangirbayev restores the functions of the whole patient’s organ system.

The various people admitted by Doctor Zhangirbaev come to him with similar hopes and a common goal to recover from sickness. When once they meet the doctor, their hope turns to certainty. They note that even the working environment has an aura of vigor and positive energy.

On-treatment many people pay attention to fast body response. The sensation of fever spreading over the body is the most striking instance. In order to explain this process, the doctor introduced a notion “burst in heart”. The doctor’s touch causes heat in the heart area, which transforms into a fever, and then it spreads over abdominal space, going into the limbs like a burst wave. In his body, a patient feels the earlier blood flow deficiency. Literally, a “breakthrough” in the constricted blood vessels takes place, which results in “reset” of body functions and major body revival.

The full maximal blood circulation comes with high physical and intellectual work capacity. Systematic approach promotes the abolition of chronic cureless diseases. In a short time, the body literally rejuvenates and starts functioning in a new way - a body reset occurs.

The people see with their own eyes the authenticity of his natural gift, which does not require better evidence. Doctor Zhangirbayev’s patients are united in the certainty that higher forces made their meeting possible.

“When nature opens doors the mankind is not able to hinder in it”, the Doctor gives a response.

The patients of Dr. Zhangirbaev, desperate in many efforts to recover, very quickly forget about old devastating pains. Light in their eyes and a new joy of living emerge.

Seemingly, there is nothing impossible for Doctor Zhangirbayev. He unhesitatingly cures ailments considered incurable in the world medical practice. Herewith, he cures not only certain affected organs but affects the whole body. Man gets a chance to start an absolute new healthy life.

Galina Shkarina (50-year-old, Almaty) is one of the patients, “was put on her legs” by Berik Zhangirbayev. With a shudder, she recalls how her life was on the edge two months ago, scared to suppose what may happen to her the next day. Galina’s main diagnosis, leading to hard complications was mitral valve incompetence.

- “As soon as I had a stroke, I applied to the hospital. When admitted to the hospital, the physicians were scared to have realized my state of health. I had breathlessness and strong tachycardia. Herewith I did not feel any pain, only immediate loss of strength. Fluid accumulation in legs, lungs and abdominal space prevented me from moving. My belly was as big as one could have thought I had late pregnancy. I was scared very much. Cardiac distress resulted in failures in all the main internal organs, particularly in the liver. Finally, physicians said that in my case I had a slim chance even if I permitted for surgery. I would not have looked at the proposal of surgery. I was filled with despair and thought if that really was the end”, Galina told.

Without losing time, she decided to address doctor Zhangirbayev, who once saved her life 10 years before. Back then, she also had a heart disorder. It seemed that her heart “was declining down”. She had a very weak pulse, the world went dark before her eyes, and it made her feel like she was about to lose her consciousness. At the time, Berik Zhangirbayev recovered her heart functioning over one week, and she forgot about the problem but this time she faced extremely critical case.

- “Berik was my last resort. Once he touched the area of my heart by his hand, I got a scare. I had a very high fever sensation inside my body. In some time, I felt insupportable pain in the area of my heart, particularly from the backside, and Berik warned me about it in advance, explaining that these pains appear of maximal body resistance, which happens naturally during his treatment.

Things proceeded in this way for several days. For the first days of treatment, I hardly moved my legs to reach Berik’s office.

With each day of treatment by Doctor Zhangirbayev, I sensed stress decay in the body, and could scarcely believe my eyes when swellings kept going down. The pain emerged during treatment was gradually remitting and passing off. I observed my power was coming back to me. At last, it was

easier for me to move. In addition, I was noticing long before that my hands used to freeze up of a minor cold, now my palms were regularly hot.

I simply cannot call it other than “miracle” a difference between what happened to me before treatment and what kind of improvements I had in the process of treatment. No one could imagine my state, my joy of realizing how I was lucky that I just applied to Berik. Because he alone was able to help me, and I came back to my life”.

John Alexander Gueizelar (49 years old, India):

“I suffered from two heart attacks. The first one happened to me in December 2011, and three months later, I had a second heart attack. Since then, I had been taking drugs every day to keep normal blood pressure. In case if pressure increased, my heart ached. I had to take drugs at a certain time, but I am a musician and owing to my way of life, it is very difficult to follow this schedule.

Lately, I have noted that I am getting tired very quickly. I had breathlessness and each time, when going upstairs, I had to stop several times to take a breath.

On-treatment, I felt the heat inside especially in the thorax area. It is amazing but right after the first day of treatment, I felt noticeably better. The same day, I easily went upstairs to the fourth floor. I was shocked because of no breathlessness! Just in two days of treatment, I began to feel better, and I noticed that I had lost excessive appetite. With each day of treatment, I was getting results that are more successful. It is incredible! Berik really has a natural gift. I assured myself again that whatever nature gives to humankind, everything has its price. Nature has endowed us with air to breathe and live, water and food to eat and be strong. Berik’s great talents are similarly a resource of nature. I tested the Nature Force on me! Because Berik’s capabilities were given to him by Nature and it is real and natural! I saw a lot in my life but such a phenomenon I’ve met for the first time! He would be a Buddha in India with his dower!”

Every patient becomes the most important person to Berik Zhangirbaev. He dedicates all his power and energy to heal the people miraculously. By touching mode, he seems to start-up inner fire – to launch a new life. He literally passes the strongest charge over to you holding your heart in his hands. In other words, he holds your heart in his hands as a musical instrument. Patterned to the right tone it gives a rhythm to all the organs, and very soon the full human body begins to sound like a beautiful incomparable melody of good HEALTH…


No one yet managed to change hypotension into full healthy tension literally in an hour. It is proof that there are no limits for human opportunities, and Berik Zhangirbayev continues to improve in impossible phenomena.


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