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Dr. Victor INYUSHIN (renowned academic Professor of Biophysics and Biomedicine, Chair of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, the author of many scientific papers on bioplasm matters): ”In my time I were in charge of biophysical research which proved that Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV had been specially structured around a Psi-bioplasm, that was confirmed by his dower.

Everyone has a bioplasm cloud determining his energy potential. The cloud dimensions differ: of 2 m radius, of 20 or 50 m radius, and of 100 m radius in very rare cases. Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV is among those amazing people who has a large bioplasm cloud.

Today we have embarked upon a major research work, which will result in publication of a book on bioplasm matters. The survey will consider Berik’s bioplasm cloud structural features as special unique example and research target. He will be the first man in the world to get plasmographic body characteristics - a plasmic one not atomic and molecular.

The work in progress now. We cooperate with academic biophysicists from the USA and India. Recently, in October 2017 we received an American delegation. They also expressed their great interest in cooperation. We will conduct investigations during one year. At times, we will be making pictures of Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s bioplasm cloud and comments on the ongoing investigation in a gradual mode. We will make the pictures under varying conditions: before rehabilitation, in a process of and after rehabilitation, in and out of premises, while he is alone and with other people by side. In addition, we will make similar pictures of his patients.

I do not use a term “treatment” with regard to his practice. The word “Rehabilitation” will be the term that is more accurate.

Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s case is somewhat else entirely, much closer to nature and natural processes happening in it. It is a direct employment of bioplasm for rehabilitation goals. Bioplasm wearing out will result in one’s defected membrane cells, anomalous permeability, violation of substance circulation, change of water structure in cells, decerebration, etc. Berik gives a chance to get aid by means of structural bioplasm that has a high degree of

order. Ordinary people always have the structural disorder. Any emotional outburst like agitation, stress, destroys surface of order. Any infection also leads to chaos. Bioplasm gives a chance for the organism to get reserves. The order potential is getting higher and the body itself begins to fight infection. That is a way that the rehabilitation takes place. Everything is performed in unrestrained and natural manner at maximum without artificial intervention”.

Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV possesses a powerful dower. This power is able to make unimaginable things. It goes into the human organism and launches the powerful blood flow over the whole body. The first flow-up always starts from the heart. Heart is a basic body organ. Blood flow begins from the heart and goes into all the other organs further on. Everybody can say that it is impossible. They must have got a point there. Because it is incredible. That is the real natural capabilities of Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV. His powerful natural energy levels blood circulation as high as possible up to as be considered a normal level in nature. It should be noted that it is not a temporary effect. After securing maximal blood circulation, cells revival process begins. It is on a fine-structure level effect. Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’s dower is a unique and the only one chance that is impossible to get anywhere else. This exclusive way of treatment has its own unexplainable mysteries through seemingly straightforward but one should give him credit: the people get the maximal result. In the process of work, Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV always knows in advance how rehabilitation will proceed, what patient’s reactions can be depending on diseases. Rehabilitation proceeds in unconstrained and harmonious manner.

The treatment gives powerful support to the immune system. The human body is able to fight independently with disorders owing to organs’ nutritional sufficiency.

With each day, the man is increasingly reviving.

The doctor is being at a premium, earnest, and efficient. To date, there is no other restoring method of leveling up blood circulation than Berik ZHANGIRBAEV’s one all the more so as within a very short time.

His treatment is a key to the kingdom. He recovers the most treasured thing for a man – a good health. In that event, the people throw open the doors for new life and new opportunities.

Ablikim BAKIYEV (69 years old, Almaty): In 1979, I had been in a bad car accident, after which the whole right side of my body was in fractures from head to legs. Since that time, every year, I had been going into hospital. I was receiving temporary improvement over there. Last year I felt rapid deterioration in my state: bad headaches and dizziness. All possible treatment

options were ineffective. The doctors were experimenting with me uselessly as best they could. Frankly speaking, I thought ‘there we have it, my way is over’. I turned face to the wall, and wished there were a button to turn me off. That was my condition at that time. I felt very bad. I went up the wall with frustration. I tired myself out, and exhausted all my relatives. I required constant care. I was not able to rise or keep seat independently. There was no any painkillers to bring me a slight relief. At hospital, they said nothing would help me and as if dismissed me. Then my sister learned about Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV and she recommended me to apply to him. I called and made an appointment.

I immediately felt relieved after the first and second visits.

For the first time in a long period, I slept well at night and woke up in the morning without dizziness and useless pills. I dropped the injections and intravenous infusors, broke into Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV’ treatment, and had not regretted about it. When he set his hand over my heart, I was telling him that there was heat, and there was cooler, he would say that it should be so. All the time in the process, he accompanied his treatment with explanations. He is a highly qualified specialist and I considered myself a happy man and blessed with meeting Berik, who gave me a new lease of life. I am grateful to him for that. He put me on my legs and I finally revived. Continual dizziness, headaches have stopped. I finally can sleep well. Berik reanimated me!

As part of survey, Alnur OSHIBAYEV, a specialist under the guidance of Dr. Victor INYUSHIN, presented the following commentary regarding the case with Ablikim BAKIYEV: “We have made two pictures of his bioplasm cloud before and after treatment. The first picture indicated extreme fatigue, tension in all physiological systems and organs, a lack of strength and energy for any emotional expressions, and consequently the general state was very bad and complicated according to the patient. Sometimes, he was thinking about ending his life because of complete exhaustion. Following the results of the check-up film after completion of treatment we can say that his state relieved and stabilized. In this case, he found empowerment in emotional expressions. This goes to prove that he had a positive shift. The central and autonomic nervous systems gained stable condition. The first picture shows that all the physiological reserves of the organism have been involved at maximum to provide the whole life activity. Up to date, we can see that the following psychologically crucial qualities as activity, ambitions, mental self-control and stress resistance have already been involved. Before, his health condition was bad for his emotional stress that is why he had highly strung emotional sphere.

As an observer, I was impressed with the results of the treatment. Previously I found him a tired, distressed person with low emotional background, unable

to live a full-fledged life. Now it is quite a different finding. He became brisker. His emotional background switched to positive condition from negative. I would like to note that his state of mind considerably improved after upgrading his physical state.

Alexander Winer (50-year-old, Ukraine): I regularly suffered from heart pains, and came to Berik just with this problem. His treatment is very unusual. As soon as he set his hand on the heart area, I felt as if my chest was leaned against furnace – I felt heat at once. From the first day, I experienced very interesting sensations. I felt some process, heat in chest in the heart area, and later in the evening, I felt like I got shivers up my head. It was highly unusual. The most interesting thing is that on the seventh day of the treatment I had dreams at last. I cannot remember when I slept so well last time to have dreams. Above all – my energy level has been elevated. It might be the main thing for me why I came here, because earlier I had not wished to live now I feel much better. I am very thankful to Dr. Berik.

Ruslan Yerkeshev (40 years old, Atyrau): A year ago in April I suffered from a stroke, which followed with left side body paralysis: a face, hand and leg. I could hardly move. I had bad swelling in legs, asthenia and breathlessness. I began treatment by Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV last fall. In November I underwent the first course of treatment, which resulted in loss of breathlessness, swelling, snoring, I began to walk easier, sleep much better. I became able to stand up from a chair independently, earlier I had to do it with somebody else’s help. In one month, I came for the second course, at the end of which the physicians found my vessels fully purified. The ultrasound examination of my heart also revealed a considerable improvement. Previously I had problems with vascular permeability in my heart and valve insufficiency. After the treatment, the heart strengthened its function. In addition, the hands and legs muscles strengthened and became noticeably better as my left hand stopped dropping as before. I assured myself once again that Berik is a wonder worker.

Dinara Mukhamedova (Almaty): In August 2017, Berik ZHANGIRBAYEV treated my daughter, Zhamilya, for psoriasis, she is 14 years old. She had sores on her legs and in thoracic region. No treatment methods and creams could help us, and so we addressed Berik. At that time, under some circumstances we managed to undergo only 6 days of treatment. We thought in some time we would undergo additional treatment course but fortunately, for us it was enough for my daughter to recover completely from illness. Soon after the treatment, we noticed that her skin was getting purified and smooth. Her itching relieved. She also stopped complaining for frequent headaches. The general condition was getting considerably better. She had a damaged vestibular system and used to feel sick while riding a car. After the treatment,

she stopped getting car sick, and feeling sick upon eating. Her appetite and sleep have normalized. Previously she had been a “night owl” and used to go to bed very late and wake up with difficulty. Now she has a healthy sleep mode. She easily goes to bed at 10 p.m. and wakes up cheerfully and freshly at 8 a.m. Half a year passed since then and Zhamilya is fine in all respects.



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