'I love my work only because I provide true goodness to people', - these are the words of Doctor Berik Zhangirbaev about himself. He is blessed with the natural gift of healing. "This is a person who combines two extremely rare phenomena – a unique structure of bioplasm and exceedingly high energy intensity. When applied on the body, they create plasmic charge energy waves which intensifies blood circulation, - comments the Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Professor of Biophysics of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Victor Iniushin.


Berik Zhangirbaev: 'When my patients recover it makes me the happiest'


Berik Zhangirbaev - Associate Member of the Academy of n.a. Chizhevskiy, distinguished by a Certificate of Merit from the Zoroastrian College (Bombay, India) for his service to humanity, Awarded a medal, 'Philanthropists of the Century' in the nomination 'The benefits to humanity' by the International Charity Fund. He is a holder of the State Perpetual License for Medical Practice in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Here is what his patients say:

Asyl Kadyrov, 29 yrs:

- I approached Berik Zhangirbaev with a diagnosis 'intervertebral hernia'. It was the result of an accident which I had five years ago. I tried everything, every treatment available... I went through laser therapy for removal of the hernia, but it had no effect whatsoever. On the whole, the medical professionals failed to cure me. I was in despair. The back pain was so bad, at times I would lose the will to live. The frustration was so great that I found myself in the religious sect. It was my wife who suggested I approached Doctor Berik Zhangirbaev. I did not believe the stories about his method of healing, as it all sounded too weird, too implausible. Nevertheless I went to him as I had nothing to lose. Berik commenced a miracle. Immediately after the first session I felt relief, vivacity. After the third the pain whilst walking had disappeared. By the time the whole course was over I felt like a new man. I enjoy life, I work! The back pain is long forgotten.


Marat Mamedali, father of 11 years old Dauren:

- My son had suffered with eczema for three years. With time it got worse. In winter he was not able to wear gloves as his skin would chap so badly; it would hurt him to touch anything. He was so conscious of the condition of his hands he couldn't face shaking hands with people. Countless doctors prescribed countless medications, ointments, but nothing worked. We didn't know who else to approach. And then my wife remembered the TV programme '10 minutes with Berik Zhangirbaev'. She found his phone number, phoned and made an appointment. To be honest, I didn't have much faith in this doctor. I kept thinking: what kind of treatment is done by hands? But I was reassured with his confidence when he said: 'I will cure your son'. Already on the forth day the dry skin on my son's hands began to come off and was replaced with new. Also, my son's metabolism was restored, and because of which his appetite had normalised and he began to eat less. Previously he used to eat as much as me, now he eats half as much. Dauren lost weight and grew taller. After 15 sessions the eczema had totally gone without a trace.


Tatyana Korobeinikova, 60 yrs:

- For several years I was suffering with bronchitis and hypertension. A year ago I read a feature on Berik Zhangirbaev in the newspaper. I traveled to him from Temirtau town. After the first session I experienced lightness and was drowsy. Unfortunately I had only five sessions, because I had to return back home

However, back home I was feeling like something had changed in me: I became calmer, and the most amazing thing – I had totally stopped coughing.


Marat, father of 10 y.o. Askhar:

- My son has been suffering from asthma for about seven years. We took him to see various doctors, and tried all sorts of folk medicine, but nothing helped. The boy lost sleep over his constant coughing. Things got so bad, he would nigh on suffocate, and couldn't manage without the inhaler. After watching a programme about Doctor Berik Zhangirbaev we decided to make an appointment.

- When I was waiting for my appointment I was discomforted by the phlegm which stuck in my wind pipe and I couldn't cough it out, - tells Askhar, - During the session I had been feeling a warmth, and it felt better every time. And after the session the phlegm would come out in lumps. Already after the third session I was able to manage without an inhaler. And I could sleep soundly. Before I was not able to run, and even a laugh would cause breathlessness, but in a matter of several sessions it disappeared. Now I have completed the course of treatment. The breathlessness is gone, I almost never cough, and generally, I have forgotten that I ever had asthma. Also, previously the doctors had prohibited me from playing football which I love, now I am going to kick the ball again!


Valeria, 22 yrs:

- Berik saved my life. Ever since my childhood I suffered with asthma, because of which I was almost unable to breathe. Now I am healthy! And it is all thanks to Berik! But another disaster struck: my two year old little girl fell ill. First she had a slight sniffle, then a mild cough. Because of her low immunity she wouldn't get better. Her sleep became disturbed, and appetite disappeared. Then, suddenly, she was covered in a rash. We ran to the doctor, who diagnosed 'allergic dermatitis' and prescribed cough mixtures and antibiotics. In other words she became dependant on medication just like me in my childhood. Her diet comprised only of mashed food made with water. However my baby, just like I had been, would not get any better. Moreover, the rash had increased. I came to realise, that the only person who could help us was Berik! I phoned him and asked him to see us without an appointment and the doctor received us straight away. Already after the first session my daughter fell soundly asleep and in the evening was lively and agile. During that day she ate a proper meal. To our delight Berik had enabled her to eat everything, except citrus fruits, honey and eggs. She slept soundly all through the night. I was pleasantly surprised: such drastic change and so soon. Next morning our child asked to go to uncle Berik herself. The results are staggering: restored immunity, the rash totally gone, yet the most important thing is that she doesn't have any allergy whatsoever!

Indeed, the effect of his healing is staggering. Something amazing begins already in his office. The phone rings constantly, moreover the calls are from all over the country - Karaganda, Korshetay, Astana, while the appointment book is filled several months ahead. Most of his patients are people whose conditions are beyond the ability of modern orthodox medicine. Medications, drips, injections, treatments with healers, witchdoctors, eclectic herbalists... They come to Berik hoping for a miracle. And the miracle, indeed, does happen.

'There is no need to understand me, the main thing is to see my results' - Berik usually says to his patients.


- Yet, it would be nice to understand to be honest with you, - I start the conversation with the doctor.- As the results of your treatment are really staggering, all ailments you cure by one method, your miraculous powers...

- The thing is that almost all health problems are caused by body intoxication. Take for example such complicated conditions as food allergy, edema disease, psoriasis, neuro-dermatitis. Their cause - toxins, accumulated in the body. In cardiovascular diseases the toxins block the vessels. Tophus (sodium urate) is the toxin which accumulates in the spine and forms a hernia. Goiter is also the consequence of toxins.


- And how does intoxication cause health problems?

- Intoxication of the body leads to the disturbance of the metabolic function, and the latter causes damage of the immune system. Therefore the metabolic function is the most crucial process in the body. The main role in this process is played by the liver. And the weaker the metabolism, the more inferior is the liver condition. I acquired such deep knowledge of the human body that when working on my patients I always sense all of the processes within this sophisticated, yet thoroughly transparent, for me, mechanism. I cure such complicated conditions as asthma, goiter, psoriasis, intracranial pressure, disbacteriosis, as well as cardiovascular diseases, gynecological conditions and conditions of visceral organs.


- So, by restoring the immune system you eradicate the main cause of the problem?

- The core of my method is in that I restore the metabolic function and blood circulation the consequence of which increases the immunity enabling the body to fight the ailments by itself. My method is incomparable with anything else. And I never make any comparisons, since my method is achieved by some enigmatic phenomenon. The human being achieved great progress, but did not thoroughly perceive the functions of it's own body. Taking various medications, including hormonal agents and antibiotics, we do not remove the problems, but drive ourselves into a dead end. And practically all of our ailments have a chronic form. Moreover, we constantly increase the doses of medication, which eventually leads us to a pitiable state. We treat the ailment separately, instead of holistically, we deal with the consequences of the problem, but not with its cause.

I eliminate both, consequences as well as the seeds of the disease. By doing so, I also achieve 100% rehabilitation of the immune system. Please note, not invigoration but rehabilitation of the body. In the course of my treatment I always lay emphasis on the heart. It means I maximally improve the function of the main human's organ. If the heart is working to its full potential, it is able to fully provide the body with the required amount of blood. If we are to make comparisons with the four seasons, my method would be spring, when everything around revives. The duration of the treatment is varied for every condition. It depends on the degree of the condition, its length, consequences, scope of work, the person’s immunity state, blood circulation and metabolism.

Also one has to take into consideration that besides the condition which the patient approached me with, there could be other problems. Not an insignificant factor is the way the person took care of himself knowing his problems. Indeed, many people can aggravate their ailments all by themselves. For example, people who have a disturbed metabolism do not keep to their diets. Or, say, instead of throwing oneself into improving health, the person puts all effort in dealing with daily problems, depriving oneself of rest and sleep.


- But the previous generation was healthier than the current...

- It's not entirely true. The Soviet School of Medicine’s practiced a wide use antibiotics in large quantities. Consequently, the succeeding generation would be born with a weakened immune system, as antibiotics reduce immunity. The poor environment also has an effect on health. Although compared with the 90's, the decade when my medical career began, people take health issues much more seriously nowadays. Naturally, I, as a physician wish that people took much better care of their health. One should take good care of one's health not only when it fails him, but throughout life. A person has to keep developing, both spiritually and intellectually.


- Many of your patients lose extra weight...

- When the metabolic function is disturbed, very often it impacts in escalation of appetite. Put it simply, the body doesn't know how much food it needs. Therefore, extra weight is also the result of body intoxication. During the course of my treatment the appetite normalises and the person begins to eat the exact amount his body needs. Most of my patients reduce their appetites by half. As well as in life...


- What do you mean?

- You know, people contracted a disease which I call 'corruption of the mind'. The material values prevail over the spiritual values.

One is striving to consume more and more, losing the sense of stability and equilibrium. This race for material benefits drive people to many mistakes. When the human senses recover, the person will take just enough.


- You have been practicing for 17 years...

- And now I have become the person I once dreamt of seeing myself: strong, confident, knowledgeable, able to achieve goals. I often use the phrase 'art of healing'. I consider my office to be my workshop where I create wonderful masterpieces called 'Health'. And the biggest reward for me is the health of my patients.