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The Europe Business Assembly awarded Dr. Berik Zhangirbayev with the International Socrates Award in the Medicine and Pharmacy nomination (Oxford, UK, 2009). This award is a highest mark of international recognition of his professional achievements.

On the Malta Medical Tourism Summit (St. Julian’s, Malta, 2010), the nomination committee of the Europe Business Assembly jointly with the Academic Board of the Vienna International University submitted nomination of Berik Zhangirbayev for a title “Honorary Professor of the Vienna International University”, having highly appreciated his professional and social activity.

Berik Zhangirbayev is a member of the Tchizhevsky Academy; the Zoroastrian College honored him with a Certificate “For Merit to the Humanity” (Mumbai, India), and the International Charity Fund awarded him with a Medal of “Benefactor of the Century” in nomination “For Honour and Good of Service”.

Professor Shakenov Duisen Iskendirovich, a Doctor of Medical Science, a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the European Natural Sciences Academy, a member of the New-York Academy of Sciences said: “Berik Zhangirbayev is a remarkably literate man. His treatment option is a unique method because he has a rare dower, a remarkable natural gift for influencing on affected area of the body and having an effective impact on illness management and recovery with help of his high-intensity energy. The basis of his treatment is on his own reasonable scientific knowledge of causal relationship between diseases and specific characteristic of disease progression. From the viewpoint of evidence-based medicine, his scientific knowledge of disease aetiopathogenesis makes it possible for pathogenetic (appropriate) management of various diseases. At the present stage of medicine development, we have limited to symptomatic methods of treatment only, i.e. to the symptoms (effects and complications) of diseases, while we need the appropriate medical management of diseases. I have been working and dedicating more than 45 years to medicine, particularly to surgery, but I had to seek help from Berik Zhangirbayev with a problem of ischemic cardiac event. The result of his treatment was fantastically positive. During the period of treatment, I have had a pleasure of communication with Berik Zhangirbayev, and been impressed with his world outlook in the field of medicine and human physiology. I enjoyed his scientifically well-grounded opinion checked and tested through his own treatment practice of thousands of patients. Berik has a special communicational culture: we had our discussions in the atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual understanding. I noted his ability for listening, being specific, he is a reasonable and easily understandable person.”

Berik Zhangirbayev began his treatment practice on June 22, 1991.

The print and internet media regularly publish in the press and online many materials about incredible abilities of Dr. Zhangirbayev. He participated many times in various TV broadcasts. From 2000 to 2007, he broadcasted his own weekly TV programme on national TV channels: “10 minutes with Berik Zhangirbayev”. The doctor made video recordings in his own office. TV viewers witnessed fantastic treatment success stories by Berik Zhangirbayev.